My letter to miguel-kud

© Adûnâi

I discovered miguel-kud from the praise bestowed upon you by Sofa Legion Strategist, but specifically across this article I have across thanks to bartini-robert who writes on mikhailove’s blog (who has already successfully banned me).

Let me introduce myself. I am an English-speaking Ukrainian from Galicia, but not a zombie, unlike my fellow countrymen – I am normal, or as “normal” as a Slavic person may be.

Let’s take this article. What a delightful example of a purely Russian … how should I put it? …alternative view of the world! Something that is completely absent in the Anglo-American discourse, which you will not find on Quora, on Reddit, or on 4chan! A huge blog post, like in the old days at the dawn of cyberspace! A wall of text that demolishes the most elementary knowledge about the world a Western academician or aschool-going Soviet person could possess. Everything around is a lie, as Shurka revealed on the namesake forum, taking earthquakes for meteorite impacts from the outside. Partaking in it is an entire sacrament of speaking in a non-English language from a forgotten time.

Apologies for the extended preamble, now to the point. I have a few questions.

First, you seem to think that Russia’s troubles began in the most pronounced way with the defeat of Napoléon I in 1815? Indeed, the 18th century had gone utterly brilliant for Russia – the return of the White man to the steppes of Novorossia, the unification of all Russian lands east of Galicia, a breakthrough across the Caucasus. The only spot that you, no doubt, know about is the surrender of Königsberg in the Seven Years’ War. But what must have happened in 1815? The establishment of the Holy Alliance? The concept of continental balance of power? These factors allowed Germany to unite, at least.

Second, and this question is much broader. In the current blog entry, the subject that rules has not been named. The answer is begging to be about some Western power such as France, England, America, or a shadow player (as they say in Russia, “behind the scenes”). But have you taken into account the history of the Western world itself? Which was decomposing already before the eyes of our ancestors? Which waged numerous fratricidal wars, destroying its own future? 1861-65, 1914, 1945… The German people did not survive the cataclysm, the English race began to recede, and the whole culture turned into absolute suicide and self-hatred.

《To put it simply, have you thought as to why the Americans did not kill all Japanese in 1945 after defeating them soundly in the war?》

Your argument is based on debunking a lot of conventional wisdom (such as élites’ self-interestedness). But can you not see the same originating principle in the terrible mercy of the Americans? Can you imagine America in its current wretched state under the governance of Adolf Hitler?

If you are interested in my counter-argument without any embellishments, here it is.

The peoples of Europe reached the highest peak of their culture in the Macedonian and Roman empires two millennia ago. But they did not find the strength in themselves to destroy the conquered peoples, and as a result they mixed their culture with the poison of Christianity. This new religion conquered the still-wild nations of Europe, parasitizing on the prestige of Rome.

When Europeans conquered the whole world in the 19th and 20th centuries, their Christian morality led to immense breeding of all non-Europeans on the planet, while all cultural movements based on the new racial science – such as the Confederates in the USA, and the Hitlerians in Germany – were destroyed by terrible Christian reaction.

Russia’s position in this is twofold. I compare Russia with the planet Jupiter – too small to create a self-sufficient star-culture. Politics is secondary to culture. And Russia has never been able to engender either a sense of bored contempt, or of murderous hatred for the powers of the West. Even Bolshevism, glowing quite brightly in the beginning, was still a universalistic offspring of catholic Christianity.

《Juche Korea may pray to Kim Il Sung, their racial leader. It will cause a vile smile in a Russian. How can you build anything with such a self-hating culture as European?》

P.S. Many thanks for the song 200 years by Vyacheslav Malezhik! (SoLZHEnyitsyn wrote a book about Jews with a similar title.) Reminds me of Yegor Letov’s song Everything is going according to plan from the same fateful period in our history. 1991 was the end of the last chance for the white race to save itself. The fact that we did not shed a single drop of blood for the CPSU, for whatever flimsy a shield it was against the heart of the Christian culture in America, has led our peoples to the final decline. And this is how this withering looks. Where can one find the strength to turn back the river of Jesus’ love, where can one find the Party of all-encompassing Hatred?..

Vyacheslav Malezhik – 200 years (1990)

Aurë entuluva, or Das Reich kommt wieder!

I am a moral relativist and a materialist, yet there are stories that do invoke a dualistic yearning in me – namely, the story of Christianity’s taint, and the planet’s future purification. To counteract today’s unholy American celebration, I would like again to meditate on the coming destruction of the vile West.

I wish there were a future when a minstrel would compose a symphony or an oratorio with themes of all the past heroes of the Aryan (and other?) race recounted – from Scipio Africanus and Leonidas through Hermann and Titus and Julian, Charles Martel and Igor Svyatoslavich, and of course, Hitler and Himmler. (Savitri would probably add those Indian kings who fought against Buddhism, and I myself would consider such nobles as Osama bin Laden and Kim Il Sung.)

I was in a place called Sringeri, on the western coast, or rather on the ghats overlooking the western coast. It’s a very celebrated place. It’s the birthplace of one of the greatest Indians of all time, Shankara Acharya of the eighth century, the one who wiped out Buddhism from India and restored the old Aryan values of Hinduism. […] Anyhow, they were speaking Urdu. I don’t know Talibu, the language of Sringeri, or any of the languages of the South, in fact, any of the Dravidian languages. But I can understand Urdu, and they were saying, “It’s three weeks already since in Europe the fighting is finished.” So I knew it was finished, and I felt very cold.

Even though I am a stranger to the ideas of the end of the world, the German myth of Ragnarök of heroes fighting alongside the gods against the forces of chaos, or of the Tolkienian conception of Dagor Dagorath, the battle of all battles, does find an echo in my heart. (In my naïveté, I forgo the Zoroastrians and the Jews.)

Thus spake Mandos in prophecy, when the Gods sat in judgement in Valinor, and the rumour of his words was whispered among all the Elves of the West. When the world is old and the Powers grow weary, then Morgoth, seeing that the guard sleepeth, shall come back through the Door of Night out of the Timeless Void; and destroy the Sun and Moon. But Eärendil shall descend upon him as a white and searing flame and drive him from the airs. Then shall the Last Battle be gathered on the fields of Valinor. In that day Tulkas shall strive with Morgoth, and on his right hand shall be Eönwë, and on his left Túrin Turambar, son of Húrin, returning from the Doom of Men at the ending of the world; and the black sword of Túrin shall deal unto Morgoth his death and final end; and so shall the children of Húrin and all Men be avenged.

Ethno-Cultural Map of the World – a Major Breakthrough

The time has come to present the ultimate version of my ethno-cultural vision of the planet’s populations! Not only is it the final update (v.30) of the past half-year’s worth of labour, but have I also gathered all the freely-available stages of my work into both albums and videos (for the exhaustive list, see the following pastebin).

Truly, it was a task of immense magnitude. Every single administrative subdivision’s cultural belonging has a justification, no matter how tenuous. It was my last-minute learning opportunity to depict New Brunswick as close to Quebec in the light of the former’s two official languages. And it works backwards, too – Saint Pierre and Miquelon still celebrate their Basque heritage while speaking French, while I stand by my depicting the Falkland Islands as neo-Christian due to their speaking English, thus having no protection, however flimsy, before the burning Eye of Sauron of the West.

I can outline two principles that have guided me in my work as follows. First, it is the principle of “inner relativity” – each region has a feature that highlights its cultural character (the Ismaili Pamiris are one example, the Arbëreshë Albanians in Calabria and the Arvanites in Attica another). Second, there is what I would call the principle of “outer relativity” – just like the black in the yin-yang symbol is more visible against the backdrop of white, so do the tiny Zainichi Korean and historical Christian communities stand out in Osaka and Nagasaki respectively in the otherwise-homogeneous population of the Japanese archipelago. This is why I depicted the Hindu plurality of 35.4% in Trinidad as part of the Indian culture – the same reasoning has been applied to the Muslim Swahili Coast of Zanj and the Afro-Arab character of Basrah Governorate in Iraq (or indeed to the Afro-Yemeni caste of Al-Akhdam that populates the outskirts of cities such as Aden, or to the arguably Dravidian nature of the half-Islamic inhabitants of the South Arabian wasteland).

The changes of the past three versions have touched upon the Levant, the Caribbean, the Pacific, Australia, Venezuela and North America. Among the changes, I have depicted HaTzafon District of Israel as the Arab-plurality Galilee that it is, West Bank as Sunni Muslim (they deserve it by being at the forefront of anti-Israeli struggle), the Christian population in Lebanese North Governorate, and the Anglo bases on Cyprus.

In the Caribbean, I was more lenient with depicting the mixed cultures of some of the islands – as far as marking Dominica such due to its Indian Kalinago reservation. In the Atlantic, I returned to Saint Helena, the final resting place of Napoleon I, and decided against counting them among the full-blooded Negroes.

In the Pacific, I went back on trying to paint the mixed character of the Austronesian Micronesians and Polynesians, instead confining the “Imperial Amalgamations” culture to the cases of clear Mongoloid and Aryan admixture – the Marshall Islands, Guam and Palau representing the former, and New Caledonia, Tahiti, Pitcairn and Norfolk the latter.

With Australia, I took another look and chose to mark them as much more European in the areas other than Victoria and New South Wales.

New Zealand and India are those cases where inspiration came to me right when I was drawing. In the former case, I used to paint both the Asian-dominated Auckland and Waikato the same as the Maori-populated provinces, but now I saw the opportunity to count the latter among savages – because they are, famously so.

Ngāti Mutunga and Ngāti Tama in turn saw the meeting as a precursor to warfare on the part of Moriori and responded. The Māori attacked and in the ensuing action killed over 260 Moriori. A Moriori survivor recalled: “[The Māori] commenced to kill us like sheep… [We] were terrified, fled to the bush, concealed ourselves in holes underground, and in any place to escape our enemies. It was of no avail; we were discovered and killed – men, women and children – indiscriminately”.[35] A Māori chief, Te Rakatau Katihe, said in the Native Land Court in 1870: “We took possession … in accordance with our custom, and we caught all the people. Not one escaped. Some ran away from us, these we killed; and others also we killed – but what of that? It was in accordance with our custom. I am not aware of any of our people being killed by them.”[36][37]

After the killings, Moriori were forbidden to marry Moriori, or to have children with each other. Māori kept Moriori slaves until 1863, following a proclamation by the resident magistrate.[5] Many Moriori women had children by their Māori masters. A number of Moriori women eventually married either Māori or European men. Some were taken away from the Chathams and never returned. Ernst Dieffenbach, who visited the Chathams on a New Zealand Company ship in 1840, reported that the Moriori were the virtual slaves of Māori and were severely mistreated, with death being a blessing. By the time the slaves were released in 1863, only 160 remained, hardly 10% of the 1835 population.[34]
© Chatham Islands

…Regarding India, there were two puzzling questions. First, the character of the Andaman and Nicobar Islands – in my folly, I once marked them as savage, referring to the sub-human tribes from that one Sherlock Holmes story. Yet on second viewing, I came to realise that those aboriginals have long since been exterminated by the Hindu colonists – who in turn sport a remarkable Christian community. I entertained both the idea of leaving them grey due to the Dravidian race of the Hindus, or adding them to the imperial purple region, but in the spur of the moment, I went with calling them… Hindu.

This drew my sight towards India overall. I was thinking about splitting that immense colossus even more, yet stopped short. Indeed, the division is along the linguistic lines (Aryan vs Dravidian), but both their caste system and their Hindu religion hold them together – and not merely imposed from the North, but also having taken so much from the South. No wonder the Dravidian Tigers of Tamil Eelam used to sacrifice themselves for the supposedly Aryan gods!

And just as I was leaving the idea, the perfect solution struck me – the Naxalites! Ironically, these Communist guerrillas wage their struggle in the Aryan-speaking lands of Jharkhand and Chhattisgarh, but the south-east has traditionally been the nadir of India, both racially and culturally, so this “Red Corridor” (akin to the two “Bible Belts”, Dutch and American) fully deserves being portrayed. Marxism is precisely the cultural weapon that invigorates the lowly races to wage bloody struggle.

And so here it is, an artistic Weltanschauung of the planet’s cultures which by its very sight seems to incense the Anglophone Westerners (as my interactions with their ilk have shown here and here, with my uncensored responses here). I’m not exactly sure as to the mechanism of their smell, but their sense of racism is impeccable, bravo. Taqiya and ignorance have never been my strongest suits.

Now, whatever cataclysms may accompany the unholy West’s devoration of the husk of Russia, my work here is finished.

P.S. Both the 24th and 25th of the month of October are (were?) amusing days (and nights), but the link to the current blog entry is the following.

P.P.S. My map has caused a furor and a spectacle on these two subreddit forums – here are the archives of the discussions (1, 2).

Ethno-Cultural Map of the World in 2022 CE

The Land of Confusion

What I can definitely witness is the general misunderstanding, confusion reigning in so many parts of the world. Everywhere an eye may look!

  1. Ukrainians dying for Jewish interests.
  2. American white nationalists praising the anti-racist Putin.
  3. Kurdish nationalists fighting to give their women rights.
  4. Israeli Jews opposing Zionism.

And the list goes ever on and on. So many layers of treason, it boggles the mind. In Russia alone, even in the patriotic scene, squabble is at every corner. Just take the Armenian mystic Kurginian, otherwise a seemly upholder of traditional Bolshevik values (sic), who nevertheless opposes Igor Strelkov, even though they both supposedly share an anti-American side! And what to say of all the outright adversarial actors, such as the pro-Western liberals or Trotskyist anarchists?

The world would be much neater were it populated with self-interested subjects. Instead, what is there is a melange of gramophones of varying degrees of self-awareness. I would much rather contemplate a self-admitted whore than a befuddled trad-wife.

Of course, it never used to be better. We are descendants of all the confusions past. And I wouldn’t be as optimistic as to expect a betterment of the human condition. Chechar loves to ponder at parental introjects – apparently, the tools of control are “evil”? Yet they only exist because humans are such – stupid, tribal, dishonest, gullible machines. The best of us may distinguish and select worldviews at will. Yet individuals rarely have the prowess to change the alchemy of the culture at large.

There is still hope in good old evolution, namely, its natural selection aspect. The ivory towers will come crashing down, the system will auto-correct. But it is not an intellectual task, and where’s the fun in living through it, in going through the motions?

I wonder whether a rational system of governance is possible. The closest must be an absolute monarchy. Whenever there are multiple rulers, strife will follow. Be it in the oligarchy akin to the Imperial Japan, forever searching for societal harmony, or in the West where all the little cogs can smell the gay wind of change with remarkable prescience, there is neither individuality nor reason at play. Incidentally, this is why Westerners intrinsically hate charismatic and artistic visions of the world – be it the Juche Idea, the ISIS Caliphate, or indeed my miniature map-drawing project. To say nothing of the Renaissance in Hitlerian Germany!

P.S. As I’m fairly autistic, I may be shielded from quite a number of common knowledge tidbits. For example, one of the things people seem to hate is being corrected – even if it might help their understanding of the world. Just now, Chechar has refused to let my (imho, otherwise perfect) comment to pass for the single reason it offended the dignity of one mudblood Ukrainian liar. It’s like losing one’s parent to a ponzi scheme, really tragic.

I share your sentiment that I will support the very demons from hell if they help the USA die faster. But what I hate on the right is any kind of love for Asians (ironic coming from me). The pacifist idea that foreign wars are “unjust” is absolutely impotent and idiotic. And make no mistake, by protecting their accursed gold, the Washington Judaeo-Christians are keeping the American people prosperous, fat and docile.

That said, Gonzalo Lira is some of the most delusional mutts I’ve ever chanced to hear (reminiscent of The Saker). There is a palpable likelihood of Russia’s collapsing and strengthening America. Then, we should hope nukes not to be overrated.

The Kurdish Question

To inaugurate the ultimate version, v.27, of my ethno-cultural map, I plunged into the heart of the Judaic rot that is surprisingly outside Judaea – namely, the Jews of the Middle East, the hated, devil-worshipping Kurds. I was nudged in this direction by the recent tragic struggle of the Iranian people against the real-time subversion gnawing at their soul from the mountainous borders to the west, from the Kurdistan provinces of the Islamic Republic.

While the Iranians may be holding out, the final solution of the Kurdish Question still remains but a future possibility. This accursed nation sits atop the peaks separating four powers – Baghdad, Tehran, Damascus, and the royal Turks of Ankara. While the Anglo plans were thwarted by the heroic Atatürk, and Kurdistan never materialised as a state, the whole area has seemingly become a receptacle for Western teachings. Be it in Iraq or Syria, Irân or Türkiye , the Kurds have always betrayed their host nation. But the fashion of their plight! They did it in the most ignominious way possible.

The Iraqi Kurds are the most anarchic, split into multiple warring Peshmerga factions – Barzani’s KDP and Talabani’s PUK. They have routinely been used by the Americans to infiltrate Iraq – so much so that all four of post-Saddam presidents have been Kurds.

The Syrian Kurds of Al-Hasakah are now the backbone of the anti-Assad forces in the war-torn country, first ganging up on ISIS, and then preventing the reunification of the Arab Republic.

The Turkish Kurds are one of a kind. They are the most cultish of their ilk, having imbibed a queer socialist ideology of one Abdullah Öcalan whose PKK terrorists are spreading the scourge of feminism in the nascent Turkish empireand beyond. It is their flunkeys in Syria that have caused so much gloating in the Western press, from the siege of Kobanê to their foids serving in infantry. It is the necessity to smoke out the last PKK hideouts that draws Turkish wolves out for a hunt – Baghdad’s sovereignty be damned.

Now, this perverse conglomerate is moving towards Irân. An ancient land beset by weakness not dissimilar to the troubles of Russia. With so many decadent fake artists taking a stand together with the Jew. With the Iranian boys restrained by a mild hand. With the howling in the press over a dead Kurdish slut by the name of “Mahsa Amini”.

I do envy the Iranians. They at least have an avenue for their pride and bravery, the militias such as the Basij and the IRGC. They have a direction against Israel. But their milquetoast response, the general unpreparedness of their society, the profundity of their moral shame and indecisiveness betray quite a predicament. Apparently, their culture indeed has a close affinity that of the other Aryans, to their own peril.

Still, I remain optimistic. The Judaeo-Christian madness will pass one day. Irân still stands. And even if it fell tomorrow, the inherent weakness of Jewry would prevent them from wiping it out. Both the Hindus and the Muslims know the ephemerality of the ugly Western garden – and how the wild vegetation will have its vengeance.

…Accounting for the above, I decided to mark the Kurds as equal to the worst Christian mutts in my map. Incidentally, today marks the anniversary of the liberation of Kirkuk when both the Aryans and the Turks united to bring their vile seed down, not far from the ruins of Nineveh.

Ethno-Cultural Map of the World in 2022 CE

Unendlicher Haß

© Mauricio

I once thought an analogue of Rome’s History to WW2 would be Julian’s failed attempt to resurrect the Old Roman Gods, but that’s not really an adequate comparison.

From a Karelian macroscopic point of view, WW2 was the answer to the question “What will the most advanced race of Homo Sapiens do with the oil technology they recently discovered?”
Will they use it to exterminate the inferior races and secure their speciation? Or waste it all to over-breed the inferior races in an attempt to extinguish themselves?

Had we answered that question differently, today we would be unraveling the mysteries of the human mind and perfecting our genome. Instead we’re doing everything to keep this disgusting ethnosuicidal party going.

The notion that billions of tons of oil are spent frivolously every year to allow billions of gooks, niggers and street-shitters to eat, reproduce, move about and do their useless quotidian tasks… it’s a mental exercise in determination. It’s a test of one’s resolve to carry the 14 Words.

We could have had the path of Vishnu, and preserved many of our works, and Nature’s works as well. But we betrayed Vishnu’s messenger, Adolf; so now there’s only the path of Kalki ahead, which will destroy 99% of everything we’ve accomplished, just like Rome.
The Reset Button – all because of a fucking moralistic flaw in our brains that was exploited to it’s zenith.

I wish for nothing but to push that button, it’s the best thing that could happen to us.
It just saddens me to think that Adolf, Leonidas and Herman will probably be forgotten after that button is pushed.
But the Blood will survive, and that’s what matters.
It will survive, as it did against many previous Black Deaths and 1945’s.
Aryans will rise again, will kill again, will build again, will LIVE again.
That’s the notion that maintains my resolve.

© Joseph Walsh

The coming Day of Kalki will make the Hellstorm Holocaust look like a children’s birthday party.

To paraphrase Savitri Devi, the next time it will not be the finest nation on Earth who undergoes destruction but humanity who undergoes the inevitable destruction. The next time, it will not be the Superman who commits suicide in a bunker while the subhumans jeer with delight but the billions of subhumans who will meet their inevitable demise. The next time, it will not be the elite of mankind who are put on trial to be judged by the dwarves in “the most famous trial in human history” the Nuremberg Trial, but humanity who will be weighed in the balance on Judgement Day and found to be wanting.

I’m convinced of it. There is a climax coming this century, which will be the logical conclusion of recorded human history.

© Adûnâi

Imagine being defeated in the great fight for existence by hysterical transvestites bleeding with vile menstrual blood from their foul orifices. If the Aryan race is to revive its soul, it needs a hecatomb of sacrifice, a burnt offering of such stench that will make YAHWEH choke on his vomit.

© Adûnâi (translated from Great Russian)

In this case, even if it does not have an immediate effect on the battlefield, the murder of ten million Galician Greek Catholics would be the only possible foundation for the revival of Russia. For the resurrection of the Russian soul, blood is needed, hatred, sacrifice are required. Everything else is Christian corpse rattle.

An addendum to the ethno-cultural map

In order more vividly to illustrate the disparate cultures of my ethno-cultural map, I have gotten the bright idea to create a line of maps with only one of the cultures highlighted in each – akin to the faction selection screens in the aptly-named Total War series of computer games – what is the planet but the killing fields for an immense Battle Royale of titans?

The swan song of the Aryan soul

Religious Map of the World in 2022 CE (by Adûnâi)

A simplified version of my ethno-cultural map – denoting the current religions of the planet.

Notable differences – the shamanistic. character of the Tuvan, Altai, Yakut, Khakas and Chuvash Turks. The rest of the map has been arranged by way of assembling a few of my cultures into one.

Remnants of Christian Empires = Neo-Christian West + central European nationalists + Russo-Latin mutts + savage Negroes.

Ethnic Religions = Hinduism + Juche + Shinto + Yazidism + Judaism.

Dār al-Islām = Türkiye + Persia + Arabia + Zanj + Indian & Malay Muslims.

It is remarkable that the Formosan aborigines are two-thirds Christian – and while the RoC government is not, its treatment thereof is Christian in nature, too (although racially, the Austronesians are a far cry from the Pinoy Negritos).

The Japanese island of Hokkaido and the Ryukyu archipelago have been colonised recently, thus I have assigned them to the vague Sinospheric religious grouping.

As pertaining my own Weltanschauung, the current map serves well to underline the sheer loneliness of any Occidental anti-Semite surrounded by Abrahamics of one sort or another.

P.S. This brief work above has made me wonder whether I should have included Cuba both here and in the less limited map as a representative of “ethnic religions” and “old Europe”. But then, I checked the current ideology of Cuba, and they seem to venerate José Martí. From what I understand, they don’t have outright Indians left on their island, but this is a clear case of suicidal Christianity, here I would agree with Chechar. So while their Marxism has permitted them to establish a fairly sovereign and successful state, their Christian self-hatred is holding them back. (And I shudder to think how much their miscegenation with savage Negroes has progressed.)

P.P.S. Indeed, I don’t see any dissimilarities between the religions of Japanese Shinto and Korean Juche – aside from the differing races that profess them, of course. If anything, the failure of Japan might be accounted for in the lower racial quality of the Japanese stock.

Religious Map of the World in 2022 CE (by Adûnâi)

Lux contra Tenebras: the History of Europe Visualised

During the latest two millennia, the White race has essentially been suffering through the toxic fallout of the degenerated Roman Empire. A minor remission only came around the time of Hitler’s birth—followed by the final maddening relapse.Adunai

Back when the sun still shone, I got the urge to depict the vision I have in mind of the history of Europe. Even though I do not share the Marxist view of the directedness of history towards progress, I cannot help evaluating various times according to my racist position.

Hereby, I have produced the following single graph, oscillating between two modes: Light and Darkness. In my mind, the generations graced by the Lux are defined by their striving “upward”, by ever-increasing beauty, by giving form to prior ideas, by territorial expansion, by breakthroughs in philosophy and wider culture. Conversely, the times of the Tenebrarum cast nations into pits of hopeless struggle without end in sight, of massive depopulations, of physical pestilence and soul sickness. For men are good in but one way, but bad in many.

The points de référence to draw the graph I chose as specific dates in history – some clearer than others.

The High Middle Ages (1000-1300) – I view them as held in the balance between the Christian genocide of the European cultures and the healthy pre-industrial savagery that kept the Christian moral poison in check.

The Black Death (1347) – the Western Schism in the Catholic church, the Hundred Years’ War, the final disintegration of the German Empire, the Turkish conquest of the Balkans.

1492 – the dual Age of Renaissance and Exploration. The rediscovery of the heritage of antiquity. Ended with the Lutheran Christian counter-revolution from 1517 onward.

1562 – the French Wars of Religion (Vassy, Toulouse).

↓ 1618-1648 – the Thirty Years’ War, the great post-Hunnic genocide of Germany.

1720 – the final plague outbreaks in Europe (as of 2022), the advent of the Enlightenment – a secularisation of Christian values which would later engender both scientific racism and neo-Christian insanity.

1789 – the culmination of the pre-industial age.

1815 – a quarter of a century of revolutionary and Napoleonic wars, that led to the emancipation of the Jews, the breakdown of feudalism, and half a century of counter-reaction when the Holy Alliance was suppressing both liberalism and nationalism.

1848 – the bourgeois revolutions then added ammunition to those viewing the Germans as a nation of liberals.

1871 – a few brief, victorious wars by Otto von Bismarck set the course for the highest flourishing of European culture, before or since (the Concert of Europe in Berlin, 1878-85).

1914 – peak Aryan achievement, European planetary domination.

1918 – the first defeat of Germany, the peace of Nicias Versailles, the triumph of capitalism in the West, the rise of Marxist statehood in Russia, the beginning of the end for the European empires and the Aryan world supremacy in Asia.

1942 – the Indian summer of the fair race, the pinnacle of her history exemplified in National Socialist Germany.

1945, April – a cultural blueprint for any possible Aryan awakening (cf. Checharian infinitive hatred, jihadi suicide bombers, the Kimilsungian KPRA). After the failure of the NSDAP, no country conducive to Aryan physical and cultural survival remains.

1969 – the final flourishing of the Faustian spirit of the European race with the arrival of Aryans to the natural satellite of planet Earth.

1991 – the destruction of the last vestiges of the European culture preserved in the Socialist bloc east of the Elbe.

2022 – the past-midnight touches to the monstrous conclusion of Christianity akin to a birth of a chaos god – the madness in America, the impotence of Russia, the rise of Asia.

Now, the lowest point of history has dawned. There may be bright rays shining through the chinks in the clouds – such as the mutilation of the Armenian women by the Turks – by they are the bells ringing for the Aryan race. Our history, however, is at a nadir – so much so that if a nuclear war breaks out between what is left of America and Russia, I fully expect not a single missile to hit Jew York, let alone Jerusalem. And if there is a shadowy cabal pulling the strings, I would anticipate the annihilation of Poland as the last remnant of old Europe, albeit bereft of sovereignty.

Lux contra Tenebras

Ethno-Cultural Map of the World in 2022 CE (finale)

Ever since the release of v.16 on July 1st-8th, 2022, I had an illusion that I marked everything befitting my conception of the world. And yet, a month later, some more memories crept in.

On August 19th (v. 17-19), I lent my attention to the three regions: Albania, Kurdistan, and Jászság. Thus, I drew the remaining Catholic and Orthodox Christian Albanians (cf. these maps), painted the Turkish Kurds as a Muslim nation (with the exception of the vaguely Shiite Alevis), designated Iranian Azerbaijan as part of Turân (the Turks there revolted in 2020, eager for Armenian blood), and finally remembered the fellow travellers of the Cumans in Pannonia (Kunság) – the ancient Aryan Ossetians of Jászság. Some other updates include the depiction of the ancient Griko and Arbëreshë communities in Apulia and Calabria in Italy, the Arvanites in Attica, the Hungarians of the Nitra region of Slovakia, the renewed push for Syrian Hatay, and the immense Muslim immigrant polities of Moscow and Saint Petersburg (numbering in the millions, as per Grant Mufty Ravil Gainutdinov, a Turk). Other changes encompass depicting a more dire situation in France and Germany (the Lyon agglomeration, the Blue Banana of the BTC in the Ruhr, Frankfurt and Württemberg), the Basque language in the northern Navarra region, and the notorious Russian minority areas in Livonia and Esthonia. In light of these changes, I chose to mark Mitrovica as Serb as the only way to depict North Kosovo on this map (over which a war may or may not break out soon™). Regarding the Syrian Civil War – I changed Idlib Governorate to Islamic to demonstrate Al-Nusra Front’s presence there, and took a plunge to paint as Turkish the Governorate of Aleppo – slightly anachronistic at this point, but it can’t help acknowledging that the Turks did ruin that entire part of the Arab Republic.

The v.20 of 2022-08-27 was chiefly induced by my rediscovery of another Kurdish religion – Yarsanism, which I duly marked in the Persian province of Kermanshah. Then I found out that while the Assyrian population of Urmia might have been expelled over the River Styx by big Turkish men (along with the hated Armenians), Mahabad is considered a capital of sorts of Iranian Kurdistan. Another addition was the depiction of the Azerbaijani minorities – the Avars, Lezgins, Tats and the Ingiloy Georgians in the north-west, and the Iranian Talysh in the south. The latter even briefly had a secessionist republic in 1993, although it might have been an arbitrary political intrigue. I long poured over the readily-available sources such as these 2009 census figures, and based on this obscure research document, decided to include Yardımlı in the Talysh region. I refreshed my knowledge of the Baloch terrorists in Iran – no matter how awkward it looks. And finally, to crown the inflation of my standards over time, I caved in to mark the ancient Turkish population of Chaharmahal – even though the more prominent Qashqai Turks of Fars remain outside.

And so it is. I would better publish it as soon as possible, lest it grow outdated, with the imminent Second Armenian Genocide and all. (Indeed, I depicted Artsakh as ancient Aryan to underline its desperate situation contrasting with the resignation of mainland Armenia).

It’s curious how both Irân and Türkiye hold a knife to one another’s throat.

Addendum as of 2022-08-29: as may be expected of my continuously relaxing the already-lax rules, I have returned to the region of Indochina (now apparently a racist geographical name for the peninsula) with the intention of visualising the ancient Chinese immigrant communities. Thus, I marked the Thai Chinese (“14% of the population”) in Bangkok and Samut Sakhon (“Chinese River” originally), the largely-genocided Indonesian Chinese in hiding of the Riau Islands, the Malay Chinese of Labuan and Brunei-Muara (the Wikipedia article of the latter is faulty, confuses the country percentages with the districts’ ones), and in the end returned to the Philippines, where the Sino-Fililipinos don’t feature compact areas of settlement either, but whose penetration of that society seems immense.

Regarding the Sino-Burmese – I was quite befuddled upon learning that the Chinese have been successfully colonising the Mandalay region of that country. Depicting them as part of the Westernised Sinosphere does muddle the definition of the region – which combines the hungry ghost of the Empire of Japan, the overseas Chinese, and now this… overland community.

P.S. The Kouloughli Turks of Tlemcen. The Zanj of Basra.

P.P.S. The Yazidis of Armavir.

A revision of 2022-09-07: the Hòa Hảo cult of An Giang, the Javanese Muslim settlers in Irian Jaya, and the residual highlander Negritos of the Philippines (namely, the Igorot of Luzon and the Lumad of Mindanao).

The one-past-midnight change: Westernised Sinosphere > Colonial Sinosphere. An ambiguous term that may indicate both the American power in Japan and the Chinese colonisation of the South Seas. The antonym: the sovereign Sinosphere of the Communists.

The v.24 of 2022-09-13: the Turks of Tuva & Bayan-Ölgii.

The v.25 of 2022-09-23: paradoxically, it was my simplified religious map that took me back to the question of Cuba, and the next day, I finally remembered the conundrum of the Sikhs in Punjab. The real answer to Cuba has always been their racial inferiority – this is where I disagree with Chechar about any kind of a correct ideology for the whole of Latin America. The Sikhs, however, pose a challenge to my categories, as they are, like the Yarsanis, a young cult. This led me to experiment with adding a completely new region, specifically tailored to the non-European residue ethnicities, from the Berbers to the Cao Đài (attempt – here, the colour used: either #c0a182 or #ccac8c), but in the end, it didn’t feel right to have a culture composed of unrelated nationalities – yes, even in such a schizo creation of mine, I tend to view both the Poles and the Yazidis as some kind of a united front against the universalist ideologies of Christianity and Islam.

In the end, I resisted touching the Marxist Cubans, the miscegenated Malagasy or the outright Christianised Austronesians in Taiwan, but did proceed with the following:
1) Niger state of Nigeria > Muslim;
2) Oromia state of Ethiopia > Negro;
3) Punjab state of India > vaguely nationalist Aryan;
4) Arakan state of Burma > Buddhist (the Rohingya have been cleansed);
5) Hong Kong > Christian hybrids (the Year Book sourced in this article puts the number of Christians there at ca. 27% – much higher than the ✡︎CIA’s estimate of 12%);
6) the Ryukyuans > shamanistic;
7) the Ainus of Hokkaido > shamanistic;
8) Singapore > hybridised mutts;
9) Sinosphere’s colour: ffff33 > f4ed5a.

The v.26 of 2022-09-27: I changed the border width for subdivisions setting from medium to thick, thus removing those ugly residual lines in the supposedly-borderless variation, alongside making the Maldives prominently visible. Additionally, the colour for the shamanistic region has been updated from #cab2d6 to #d5aee9. The remaining uncoloured regions, too, have been marked – namely, the 77.6% “White” city of Nelson in New Zealand. And finally, I got the bright idea to create a line of maps with only one of the cultures highlighted in each – akin to the faction selection screens in the aptly-named Total War series of computer games – what is the planet but the killing fields for an immense Battle Royale of titans?

The v.27 of 2022-10-16: a more precise mapping of the Russians in neo-Nazi Latvia (sources: 1, 2), the Alevis of Tokat (sources: 1, 2), the ISIS martyrs of the Euphrates valley in Syria, and doing justice to the Jews of the Middle East – the Kurds.

The v.30 of 2022-10-25: a major breakthrough, and a proper finale!

Ethno-Cultural Map of the World in 2022 CE