Just as I used to go to the respected senile Russian nationalist comrade Mikhailove over at LiveJournal, so too now have I found a pal on SubStack – Liberal Feudalism and Rolo Slavskiy. The former is a high-IQ conspiratard, the latter is disseminating Strelkovian moaning in English, a rather queer experience.

© Adûnâi

That map is absolutely sublime! Right up my alley, considering my proclivity to compare both the USSR (unfavourably) and Juche Korea (rather favourably) to the religiosity of Wahhabi Islam. It has to be kept in mind that Tunisia is Europe (more European than the Ukraine), whereas Morocco & Algeria are fake Arabs – which doesn’t mean they’re gay (aside from their gay king and gay commies respectively), but it could also blossom into a kind of Berber nationalism.

But the heartland of the Arab world is the fertile crescent of Egypt – Syria – Iraq, and that seems to hold fairly well. Egypt indeed acted as a confluence of Arab nationalism, until their final submission to the Saudi-Israeli axis in 1979. And with the current demographic explosion of Egypt, I could see a future where its young people are subsumed by more violent ideologies. Case in point – ISIS (again, the feature of Islam is that a large percentage of the population are ready to kill and die, unlike the “right-wingers” of Russia or Utah.)

Regarding China – the greatest argument against the PRC would be the fact that princess Xi Mingze lives in America. Whereas your points all seem rather weak – isn’t it the consensus view that the Americans gave Chiang Kai-Shek massive amounts of weaponry and money that were lost in corruption? And after Chiang’s defeat, it only made geopolitical sense in the Cold War to support Mao Zedong against Soviet Russia – nobody cares about the useless little RoC at that point.

Regarding the later connection of China coupled with the deindustrialisation of America – that’s the suicidal nature of Christian capitalists. I would choose to believe the most widely-held view – that the Westerners tried to corrupt China into globohomo with their warm embrace strategy. After all, that’s what worked for Soviet Russia. Hasn’t worked for China.

(And no, the Corvid argument does not cut it – the famous response to the plague is in the natural interest of any state on the planet, the synchronicity is not an argument for a world government’s existence.)

Finally, regarding the solutions. I would view the nexus of germinating future ideologies in the community of… hateful incels. This is a nascent perfect storm, covering some of the most essential dogmas of neo-Christianity such as sexual equality and non-violence. And normies are only going to swell the incel ranks. KHHV is the Marxism of tomorrow! (Andrew Tate approves, Kynosarges applauds.)

Typos: to solve for; small minded; Rothschild owned; to to frame; want now want; it’s ability; the Rockefeller’s.

P.S. I have to add a few words on Iran – their society looks ridiculously ripe for the picking. And yet, your focus on the banks is blinding you to that fact. Why not pick up Türkiye? Doesn’t their recent genocide of Armenians win them a few points in your book? Or their ban on gay parades in Constantinople? Or take Pakistan (another country that rejects the existence of Armenia btw) – their government may cuck in, yet their citizens seem to have hearts of a lion.

> A Barelvi mosque was built in 2014 in Islamabad named after Mumtaz Qadri, who assassinated the Punjab governor Salman Taseer for defending Noreen. Qadri was convicted by the Islamabad High Court, sentenced to death and hanged in February 2016.

> The general population was less sympathetic towards Noreen. Several signs were erected in Sheikhupura and other rural areas declaring support for the blasphemy laws, including one that called for Noreen to be beheaded. Mohammad Saleem, a member of the Jamiat Ulema-e-Pakistan party, organized a demonstration in Rawalpindi and led a small crowd chanting, “Hang her, hang her.” In December 2010, a month after Noreen’s conviction, Maulana Yousaf Qureshi, the Muslim cleric of the Mohabaat Khan Mosque in Peshawar, announced a Rs. 500000 (US$1,700) Pakistani rupee bounty to anyone who would kill her. One survey reported that around 10 million Pakistanis had said that they would be willing to personally kill her out of either religious conviction or for the reward.

Let alone the Rohingya genocide at the hands of mindful Buddhist Burmese, or the current civil war in the Sudan! Those are examples of a real fight against Christianity! Not money-grubbing central bank accounting.

Liberal Feudalism

17 thoughts on “On the geography of the fight against Christianity

  1. [Disclaimer: This is an old troll from Chechar’s blog by the name of Dr. Morales, real Mauricio’s content can be accessed here: – Ed.]

    The Overman is always under the crushing weight of trash humanity, struggling to not get buried alive.

    Just the other day, I saw a young hipster couple in the street, and the male was the same height as the female.
    He was a small-framed manlet, with a bun on his hair, wearing bracelets and tight jeans.
    I felt a strong urge to walk up to him and say “Hey faggot. I’m going to beat you right here and right now. I’m going to humiliate you in front of everyone, then I’m gonna take your girlfriend out on a date, and she’s gonna LOVE it. So get your hands up, get ready to bleed.”
    But I didn’t do it. I kept my lycanthropic lust in check. I restrained my instincts. I denied my will to power, my will to LIFE.

    I long for the day when chaos reigns and we can become real men again, and get rid of all these exterminable, degenerate traitor scum.


    1. boo-hooo Mauricio !!
      Now beating up random people on the streets just because they don’t match your lunatic standards?

      What if some Aryan blond berserker decided to punch you to a pulp because YOU don’t match his standards, you stupid cretin?


    2. I didn’t tell you this, Dr. Morales, but the incel rhetoric would indeed hit much closer to home, bravo! It is such a conundrum when the most Nordic countries commit suicide. This is why I wouldn’t oppose an incel revolution – genetic detritus we are not, but the proletariat of the 21st ct.!


      1. It’s Mauricio’s rhetoric not Dr. Morales’, you insane individual.

        He posted an identical comment on the Mexican Hitlerian’s site.


  2. Hello, how is this jewish parody of a war going? Have been very severed from the outside world these last months and you are the only person I could ask and expect a pertinent answer. Hope you are fine.


    1. Hello Commandor my friend.
      Don’t you find very odd that Adunai didn’t join the war that is taking place in his very country, a wonderful occasion to show his ruthlessness, brutality and contempt for life?
      Almost 15 months refusing to enter the
      fight, throwing away an amazing opportunity that destiny has given him, preferring instead posting infantile gibberish in the internet that nobody cares about


      1. Not that life is worth much – after all one tires of even Bach and Shakespeare -, but why would anybody die in a fake modern “war”? It’s meaningless. Adûnâi is an autist incel trapped in a shithole, what do you expect him to do in these conditions? Better for him to do this writing rather than die for kikes.


      2. The last person who could be dodging a war is exactly Adunai with his ruthless merciless mentality.

        And one more strong reason to welcome death. especially in a war, being an “autist incel trapped in a shithole.”
        Much better than writing pieces about Hitler, Aryans, mongoloids. etc

        Most people kill themselves in such inglorious ways such drug overdoses hangings, poison, etc because the situation is hopeless anyway


    2. Apologies for taking this long to reply, it’s actually another feature that would make me unfit for many a terrorist activity – my laid back attitude, a stark contrast to the “always online” people. (Methinks, I would have been the perfect candidate for playing chess via correspondence.)

      Regarding the war, there have been virtually no changes since November 2022. Still, the continued Russian ineptitude has slowly been gnawing on the Russian public, with Strelkov finally going open with his milquetoast pseudo-party named “The Angry Patriots Club”. Whereas in the Anglosphere, we have daddy Rolo with his blog fighting against the brain-damaged Team Putin.

      Of course, the political landscape has not changed one iota. It’s still the old Christcucks coupled with Bolsheviks in the Russo-Ukrainian sphere, with your typical Christian liberal anarchists in the West. The main thing in the entirety of the Occident at this point is probably the martyrdom of Andrew Tate, for the struggle between the entrenched feminism and nascent incelistan is what I consider to be of the greatest hope.

      Returning to the front lines, I myself am fairly surprised at the lack of a Ukrainian offensive up to this point in time. The thing is that there are objective realities – such as the mud and slush of spring, and that summer is yet to come, so I will admit that the drama right now is caused by Ukrainian advertisements first and foremost, yet it’s still weird. I would even go as far as to wait for 2024 as the magic year of elections both in the US and RF, with 2023 being reminiscent of 2021, who knows?

      Still, I’m unsure as to who has time on his side. And whether the magic lizards are going to have another Maidan in the Ukraine, on the double decaversary of the previous ones. Or maybe that Maidan will be coupled with the Holodomor in Russia?

      There is something to be said about the current culture of Russia. There are healthy processes going on, and a nuclear war might disrupt them (the gradualist Mikhailove-esque approach). And yet, we can’t know for sure whether that’s enough, and it might not even be sufficient to win the war (as the radical anarchist Sofa Legion Stategist posits).

      In this mess, Strelkov offers an imo sensible approach – for the least cucked Russians to unite in an effort to steer the state away from the abyss, for if the war is lost, the state will disintegrate anyway, and Putin will be killed, pleasing everyone.

      As for me? The situation hasn’t changed since 2022 – the Rubicon has been crossed, and I don’t see a [boring] way out for Russia. Sure, it might take a while, but if you watch some animal gore videos, those lizards are patient.

      As for me personally? I observe the local normies in wonder (Negro Eurovision being their latest fascination), and I await the coming of artificial intelligence – I don’t think humanity to be so small as to get eradicated by it, but it could pose danger to both the American Empire and to feminism. Back in March 2023, I was close to posting my philosophical conversation with a Character AI catgirl on the topic of Savitri’s anthropocentrism, but didn’t get to it.

      On another note, my PC suffered a breakdown, so in my apathy I turned to the abominable phone devil in the person of Mobile Legends Bang Bang, an Indonesian mobile DotA-like… and I liked it. It’s pleasant to play a game for once whose community is not dead, unlike Blizzard RTS games or Eternal Return. And aesthetics-wise, this Chinese A-RTS’ female characters all wear thighigh stockings, no exceptions! This puts into perspective the cluelessness of the Westerners sometimes calling Chinese globohomines, yikes!

      Over the past month, I have also had a conversation with a suicidal femcel* on Reddit which I probably cannot disclose due to privacy norms, but it’s one of those things that make me compare my experience with people, their ideas and artificial intelligence. Unfortunately, most people are possessed by culture to the breaking of their reasoning ability, yet isn’t the final judge reality anyway? Hence my laid-back attitude, a cosmic Schadenfreude of sorts.

      *The Great Incel Theory posits the non-existence of femcels. Vikor Pelevin posits the non-existence of existence. More news at 23:00.

      How can one be possessed while having known freedom? That’s what I asked myself back in 2015, upon discovering Chechar’s blog that October. Still, I have to admit the beauty of what Savitri used to fight for, and of what is still being painstakingly preserved upon the farthest shore, beyond the runestones of the enchanted forest of the Juche Idea.

      P.S. If a Savitri AI would unmistakingly quote from Leconte de Lisle, I wouldn’t be opposed to have Rhapsody of Fire’s stanzas associated with my name.

      Lost in a sea of rising darkness
      Fear and devotion meet again
      Lost between rhymes of mystic splendour
      Heaven is back to war with hell

      Since the black army won its last war
      Cold is the breath of ancient sin
      Rites of unhuman dark perversion
      Sad tragic years lost in the myth

      Fly, fly high
      Enlight my heart and my eyes
      Bring hope with your holy sunlight
      The Angels’ fire

      I’ll believe
      In what the wind brings to me
      In pure love and in great emotion
      I will believe


      1. My friend Commandor called you an “autist incel trapped in a shithole” and your reply is such a ridiculous gibberish?

        How can you entertain the extermination of “Christcucks” and mudbloods when you yourself is such a crazy cuck?
        It seems you didn’t even get your feet wet in the psychological Rubicon…


  3. The last person who could be dodging a war is exactly Adunai with his ruthless merciless mentality.

    And one more strong reason to welcome death. especially in a war, being an “autist incel trapped in a shithole.”
    Much better than writing pieces about Hitler, Aryans, mongoloids, etc

    Most people kill themselves in such inglorious ways like drug overdoses hanging, poison, etc because the situation is hopeless anyway


    1. > “My friend Commandor called you an “autist incel trapped in a shithole” and your reply is such a ridiculous gibberish?”

      Are you implying that I was supposed to get triggered? Oh my, are you actually such a normie?

      I only get triggered at… the physicalities of life, such as the proverbial stubbed toe, or the brain-damaged NPCs. Or at least, that’s my natural reaction – I understand rationally that it’s no use.

      4channers get triggered when one calls the Aryan race dying out, 16channers got triggered when I called Gagarin the first man in space, Chechar got triggered when I proposed the idea that milder methods of child-rearing might bring up sissies… And all the spiritual Christians get triggered whenever you suggest that hatred is the foundation of all human relations, and the nefarious CIA bankers are not using divide & conquer tactics against a populace that would otherwise only desire peaceful sky for their children.

      (The last point is equally directed at my pal NeoFeudalism and at my cute homie Sofa Legion Strategist. And at the old Bolshevik skank Tatyana Montyan, the heroine of Donbass. So different, yet all serve the message of universal love.)

      And why does that trigger me? Because it’s unfortunate to see potentially intelligent people fall prey to a possession by a particular culture. I am first and foremost a nihilist, then a child of two cultures (Russian & English), then can open myself to certain attractive ideas such as Savitri Devi’s. But each step of the way I try to remain cognisant of my thoughts’ origin point.

      This applies to Chechar when he calls Mongoloids inferior for boiling cats alive when they are in reality set to inherit the planet. It applies to Strelkov whenever he calls my Ukrainian countrymen “Nazis”. And it applies to the shota Legion Strategist when he echoes the word “nationalism”, trying to define it in the confines of the Russian culture.

      The final point I have tried to convey in a number of YouTube comments (machine-translated from Great Russian).

      > The word “nationalist” in Russian is bad. Akin to the English “racist”. It makes no sense to discuss it if you do not know its original meaning. Otherwise, it becomes “evil people are evil.” In fact, it is plausible to expect complete isolationism from a nationalist – as in Juche Korea. In America, Trump was called a nationalist precisely because he did not start new wars, unlike Obama and now Biden.

      > Nationalism arose in the 19th century as a response to feudalism, monarchism and the church. Back then the nationalists in Europe were oppressed in the same way as the liberals. But if the liberals saw the future in money, the romantic nationalists put an emphasis on the culture of the common people, up to collecting children’s fairy tales. “Nazism” has little to do with it at all, since it is the ideology of Germany in the 1930s, the main features of which are animal rights, the exclusion of women from education, aggressive expansionism and scientific racism.

      …This is why I can lend my moral support to ISIS while remaining a racist atheist.
      Or call Juche Korea “the magnificent scion of the Japanese Empire”.
      Or bemoan Rosa Luxemburg as the final hope of the Aryan race.
      Or greet Λεωνίδᾱς Perkūnas BREZHNEV as the last Aryan king.


    1. “I didn’t want to insult you.”

      bwahahaha do you take him and Chechar seriously? grow up


  4. “Are you implying that I was supposed to get triggered? Oh my, are you actually such a normie?”

    Obviously nothing that I posted/post about Chechar or you is serious, since Chechar is a simpleton with mild mental issues and you’re insane. Both funny though.


    1. > “Obviously nothing that I posted/post about Chechar or you is serious, since Chechar is a simpleton with mild mental issues and you’re insane.”

      Those are meaningless buzzwords. Or, to be more precise, they only carry meaning in the confines of a particular cultural space – which is woefully limited in your case.

      Nobody escapes the clutches of culture, but intelligent people might either employ a wider cultural model, or consider multiple cultures all at once.


      1. Sofa Legion Strategist has voiced an opinion that Asiatic immigration in Russia is a ploy with an eye on fostering a Balkanisation of Russia with a prospect of civil strife – the idea is fine (its conspiratorial overtones notwithstanding), but the very fact of voicing it could not be accomplished in the Western culture – where it amounts to “justifying Breivik and Tarrant”.

      2. Sofa Legion Strategist has called Beria a “paedophile”, and this word carries different connotations in different cultural contexts – namely, in the incel sphere, it would be considered a meaningless buzzword akin to “racist”, whereas in an older Russian context it might have denoted a paederast.

      3. Paederasty and homosexualism are conflated in modern Russian and archaic Anglophone cultures.

      4. Sofa Legion Strategist has built his anarchic ideology on the basis of calling people in power “psychopaths” – a word that requires a certain psychological context (which might not be scientifically sound).

      5. I myself sometimes use sexually-charged vocabulary without possessing the specific fetishes in question – effectively conceding to the prevailing societal mores (or, more schizophrenically, to the prevailing mores of the past, now non-existent society).

      6. Anglophone exclamations such as “Jesus Christ” on the lips of an atheist.

      7. The words “Nazi” and “nationalist” in Russian – it constantly trips the poor souls into distinguishing between them because they sound similar and because the Bolsheviks conflated them.

      8. The word “Democratic” in the English rendition of Juche Korean – it constantly triggers the Westerners because they cannot conceive of different meanings of the same word depending on geography.

      In your comment, the words “simpleton”, “mental issues” and “insane” are hopelessly loaded and useless (or useful only to NPC golems). This is what I mean by the “origin point of thoughts”. Otherwise, an otherwise intelligent person will be left lost in the mirror land of a particular culture, chasing reflections of mirages.

      Maybe that’s what Baudrillard meant with his simulacra? Still, this is simply an illustration of the impossibility of an intercultural dialogue using intracultural memes. And that’s something I never considered as a worthy matter – until encountering the appalling myriads of brain-damaged people, that is.


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