© Adûnâi

The Anglo-American civiliation is a power of an origin much more cultural/idealistic than of a racial, materialistic root. One need not look much further than WW2 – a modern-day crusade of vicious, Jew-led idiots, woke before their time – where they destroyed their own British Empire all out of pernicious envy to what they could have become in Hitlerian Germany.

Make no mistake, however, when I say vicious, I do not consider America to be genocidal towards non-Whites – as American occupation of the Philippines, Japan and Iraq has shown over a century, the population of American colonies only keeps growing. Americans never do it out of their self-interest – but due to their cultural programming of breeding non-Europeans whenever they go.

Of course, in their most recent war against the husk that remains of Russia (humiliated and crucified by gangster capitalists for 31 years and counting), they might finally pull the trigger, as the Slavs are arguably Aryan enough to be exterminated. Compare that to Afghanistan where the Americans, weakened by their Christian morality, shied away from killing the locals to the extent of losing the war.

Still, I welcome pieces such as this article. The Anglos are indeed in their final woke hour (before their Aryan blood runs out), in the final blossoming of their flower of Christian ugliness. The Russians are not even like this. The Russians are even more dead – spiritually. I will get hackled for voicing this truth on this forum, but believe me or not, Russians hackle me for bringing culture war into the spotlight. If you heard the most recent Putin speech, the LGBTQIA+ neo-Christian degeneracy took a minute at most, while he went on about economy for 2 hours. The Russians are a lost cause, and yes, even the vile transvestites might gobble them up at this rate, a country of no material or idealistic basis faced with such a demonic abomination as Judaeo-Christianity in its waning supernova.

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