On the occasion of César Tort’s completing of the abridged English translation of Savitri Devi’s Souvenirs et reflexions d’une aryenne, I am here reproducing my concise points of critique of the first 60 pages.

© Adûnâi

I have already read over 60 pages, and what a treat! What a plethora of ideas! But first things first, unfortunately, I have caught a number of typos – p. 19 (“rid” without of), p. 28 (no comma after “added”), p. 61 (“curbs”).

  1. First of all, her point of noblesse oblige (p. 19) seems to be that man as a creature of the Word possesses the duty of overcoming oneself, of not living for individualistic happiness. Yet she also explicitly recognises the diversity of humans – all the way to many men not possessing said Word? (My personal materialistic model thus clashes with this conception as I view human NPCs as equal to animals, hence not morally abominable – they do not possess reason anyway. Akin to how men are responsible for their women.)
  2. Second, I tend to view history as a string of battles, of experiments, with results only possibly relevant to the life forms themselves (because there is no higher power). The only truth is survival – and 2+2=4 only because those who think otherwise go extinct, not because maths exists. Similarly, Christianity is uniquely revolting to my otherwise nihilistic outlook only because it is a cultural poison the Jew injected into the Aryan’s veins leading to our collective suicide – not more, not less.

I view the “spiritual scourge” of intolerance as a useful invention by the Jew akin to the American atomic bomb – and the triumph of Jewry as an indelible mark of the method’s truth (not arguing for miscegenation, of course, merely for the genocidal hated of all foreigners along with their cultures).

  1. This is a minor point, but on p. 64, you seem to have missed a curious point. If Savitri’s vision of a Negro world subservient to the Aryan had materialised, and the hypothetical Roman Empire had conquered the Aztecs, preserving their temples, the Aryans could have inserted themselves into the Aztec pantheon, using such authority to stop the child/animal sacrifices?.. Either way, it saddens me that even the best of our race need excuses to exterminate foreigners.

© Adûnâi

Another minor point of contention could be that I don’t think Savitri to be correct in her assessment of personal material comfort as the main pillar of Western life. With hindsight, such economistic thinking seems to be the mainstay of Marxist Russia in the main, not of America. Of course, Americans adore their luxurious lifestyle, and may well disintegrate with hardship, but the centerpiece of their culture is occupied by the neo-Christian concepts of “[Western] democracy” and “human (=transvestite) rights”.

Case in point – my grandma left the Ukraine decades ago for the West in search of higher-paying jobs. Whenever we spoke, she blamed “the rich people”. (In the past year, however, she started blaming “the Russians”.) A microcosm of a perfect little Marxist NPC! You can see it in the comment sections on YouTube – if Westerners evaluate countries based on “human rights records”, Russians base it on “the standard of living”. This is why Russia disintegrated in the 1990s into money-grubbing gangster anarcho-capitalism – Marxism fried our brains along the economic axis.

P.S. I am deeply regretful of not posting this entry at the tail-end of February – for now I cannot remain silent of the major breakthrough coming into March, Juche 112 / Anno Hitleri 134 / Anno Iudaici 2023 – namely, the introduction of an artificial intelligence (AI) government advisor, the first of its kind on the planet – so far, in the West Eurasian country of Romania. And in his honour, I have completed my own version of such a bot.

P.P.S. And finally, among the other schizo news of the day, both the Russian Federation and the Ukraine have been simultaneously swept by a youth uprising under the name of PMC Redan – widely reported by the local Jewish media, for whatever nefarious reason. These petty, parochial raguls seem akin to a rabbit before a snake’s gaze. Is CERN opening a portal to hell? Do I look suspicious to the onlooking shoggoths when taking pictures of crows? May the Juche Idea help us all.

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