Epigraph (J.R.R. Tolkien – The Lord of the Rings):

‘For though I do not ask for aid, we need it. It would comfort us to know that others fought also with all the means that they have.’
‘Then be comforted,’ said Elrond. ‘For there are other powers and realms that you know not, and they are hidden from you. Anduin the Great flows past many shores, ere it comes to Argonath and the Gates of Gondor.’

Apparently, there has occurred another one of those Russophobic United Nations resolutions the other day (fun fact: its name cannot be googled, methinks, due to the idiocratic nature of websites such as APE-news).

For the [rather amusing] list of non-members that I have faithfully reproduced, see here.

…Hence I have decided to transition it to the cartographic medium. Among curiosities – the stark stance of Mali (most likely due to the recent squabble with France), the pro-Russian swathe of middle Africa (I wonder whether Wagner’s imperialist activities are of import there?), Iraq and Burma siding with the Americans. All in all, this is the most recent planetary vote on the Ukrainian pseudo-war. The only real question is whether China is going to help with lend-lease lest Russia’s cadaver be used against her.

Incidentally, this might be the last chance to depict the little Transnistria in the war. You were the only land to fight for its Russian character and win, by miracle of fate spared Ukrainisation, yet now it seems your story is coming to an end. The only good thing – Igor Strelkov has finally admitted the prudence of the use of nuclear weapons against Romania in such a scenario, yet, as Walter Dornberger famously quipped, “too little, too late”.

Anti-Russian UN Resolution A/ES-11/L.7 (2023-02-23)

3 thoughts on “Anti-Russian UN Resolution A/ES-11/L.7 (2023-02-23)

  1. The Aryan race descended from the blond aliens who established Atlantis, they were muscular handsome Aryan cavaliers who defended the scantily clad blonde Aryan women from the advances of hideous-looking ‘ape-men,” the Slavic vampires


  2. The Earth collided with the moon, that was the cataclysm that led to the destruction of Atlantis and led to the ice age on the planet.
    Trying to survive their new glacier-filled reality ancient Atlanteans über-cute unpolluted blond-albinos super-Aryans fled to the high Andes, where life could still be possible. That’s how the purest superbeings Aryans ended up Bolivia.

    Further improvement of the Aryan race took place when the Aryans kidnapped Bolivian cholo women from the village of Tortilla, a famous episode know as the rape of the Tortilla women.


  3. Mauricio wich is a dark Portuguese (as he revealed in the pic above) like Chechar wich is a dark Mexican, adore the “Aryans” (wich is ridiculously conflated with Northwestern Europeans).
    So just take a look at this article from the site Occidental Dissent https://occidentaldissent.com/2023/03/07/personal-note/
    wich is owned by some american Lutheran dotard “Hunter Wallace”
    and the ludicrous cringe comments from “Aryans” that followed it
    (I left a comment as “K L.” wich, surprisingly, was allowed).

    How can someone is his right mind take that dumb simpletons seriously, let alone bootlick such losers?


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