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> “// Technological progress eliminates the advantage in people. //”

The Afghan experience suggests otherwise – lacking the will to kill, a neo-Christian transvestite, even with terrifying firepower, will refuse to pull the trigger. Case in point – Russia could end this non-war in 20 minutes by killing ten million Ukrainians and irradiating the Polish border. But this is _even scary to think about…_ for good Christian boys who refuse to win in the material world. At this pace, take the road to the heavenly Yerushalayim!

© Adûnâi

> “…any regime based, as the National Socialist regime was, on the denial of the intrinsic worth of every man, is the antithesis of a Christian social order.”

This sounds harsh, although it has to be kept in mind that Hitlerians were rather socialist for the ethnic-popular comrades. (The following is a passage from Volker Ullrich’s 2020 biography of Hitler.)

> Unlike in the First World War, when the German government had failed to provide adequately for soldiers’ families so that many had suffered through bitter privation, the soldiers in the Second World War were to have no concerns about the welfare of their loved ones. The Family Support Law of July 1940 defined such provisions as ‘a duty of honour to be fulfilled by the state’. Assistance was so generous that soldiers’ wives commonly received more than 85 per cent of what their husbands had earned in civilian life. Considering that the state paid the soldiers’ wages too, and fed and housed them, many families were better off than before the war. Under these circumstances, the soldiers’ wives often had no incentive to work in arms factories, for instance, since whatever they were paid was deducted from their state support. A comparison with other countries illustrates how good German soldiers’ families had it: they retained on average almost 73 per cent of their peacetime income compared to 38.1 per cent in Britain and 36.7 per cent in the United States.

> In addition, the regime devoted special attention to taking care of the relatives of those killed. ‘All our affection, love and care go out to them,’ Hitler declared in a speech on 30 January 1941. Local N[S] Party leaders were instructed to personally break the news of the death of a husband or son to the wife or mother and to support the bereaved in their grief. As was the case with family support payments, compensation for the victims of war was generous and doled out in non-bureaucratic fashion. After the reform of the Wehrmacht Care and Provision Law in 1942, pensions paid to the bereaved were no longer calculated according to military rank alone, but also on the basis of the deceased’s civilian employment. That meant that war widows had decidedly more money in their pockets.

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And I would blame the luck in the culture war, the specific ideas, daemons, “gods” that have triumphed over the others. I would view the nation more as a formless shoggoth – irrational, horrific to such an extent as to lack a will to life – but all too suggestive to be able to become either a Christian golem of inferiority and ugliness, or something angelic and pristine.

Dr. Robert Morgan’s motto is not that far from yours – “people are scum”. The greatest challenge is to appreciate and fight for their capability of greatness without forgetting their base shoggoth nature.

(If transported back in time to Hitlerian Germany, you wouldn’t call its normie maidens profane words, even though the same normies now would be trannies, right?)

© C .T.

> The greatest challenge is to appreciate and fight for their capability of greatness without forgetting their base shoggoth nature.

This reminds me a phrase from Thus spake Zarathustra: ‘What is the ape to man? A laughing-stock, a thing of shame. And just the same shall man be to the Overman: a laughing-stock, a thing of shame.’

© Adûnâi

See, I could never imagine a world without the normie NPCs. Isn’t it a spectrum ultimately, and even if you proverbially culled them, there would still be the less free-thinking of the flock relative to others? And a “shoggoth” mother can have an “overman” son. And returning to the previous point, a NS normie was quite beautiful.

I would go as far as to say that Germany’s decision to start another world war stemmed from their inability coolly to turn down the “god” of revenge. I.e., even the best had a bit of a non-sovereign shoggoth in them, as we all do (amplified by the fog of war of the future).

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