I haven’t been active much over the past few months in the Anglophone cyberspace — partly due to a lack of inspiration, but also due to the general ignorance of the Westerners — as opposed to the merry wildness of the Cyrillic people’s comparatively benign insanity (see my old inquiry for the foretaste).

Still, it cannot help being argued that the vantage point of Occidental academia is mightily useful when dealing with sweeping world outlooks. Hereby, I present my latest conception of the impasse that the Aryan race has found itself in.

The following map (a variation on my 2022 culture map) attempts to depict the current split in the European world vis-à-vis its colonial subservience to America, and its relations with Russia. Thus, I have decided to distinguish between three sub-cultures.

1. Genetic Hybrids — the minions of Sauron, the pinnacle of Christianity’s achievement, these flunkeys know no past and no truth aside from worshipping the Jewish god of love in Jesus — onto their very self-immolation! Nevertheless, even by forsaking the manly virtues of old, their abominable, hysterical wrath may pose mortal danger to their adversaries — especially those they consider theirs by right (chiefly Russia).

2. Spiritual Hybrids — the remnants of the Warsaw Pact Europe, once shielded from the worst excesses of the heart of Christianity to their West by the Iron Curtain, they are now bound to serve as the voiceless wraiths of Aryandom’s death wish, bereft of sovereignty or dignity. These lands, between the Elbe and the Dnieper, might prove to engender an Aryan reawakening — hence I fear that they will know the last breath of the fury of the Jew.

3. Lands of Confusion — the mystery of the Slavic soul. Russia’s dual self-destruction in the past century is still haunting it, coupled with the more modern terrible challenges. In one view, it could be posited that Russia was the first to fall to hyper-Christian madness in Bolshevism — albeit that old version was tamed with time and rendered anachronistic and arguably racist by the 1980s. On the other hand, the East Slavic people found themselves utterly enthralled to the degenerate American values with the USSR’s fall in 1991, with seemingly no vigour left to reassert their pride, independence, or indeed their very existence.

Now, Russia is poised on the brink of destruction, with a meagre list of friends, and with its own internal forces in anarchic disarray.[1] Is America going to asphyxiate while trying to consume the bear? Or will the hope be born in the irradiated wastelands, occupied by invading thugs? The next few years will tell.

…César Tort (aka Chechar) irritates the conspirologist’s sensibilities by calling the rulers as stupid as the ruled (as opposed to supernaturally omniscient). I would tend to agree, although so far, the West has demonstrated impeccable restraint in dealing with Russia. That said, I do feel like there ought to be a certain closure regarding this war. Russia’s annexation of Tavrida Governorate cannot go unpunished. By bringing nuclear annihilation to the Slavs, America would confirm its grand standing amongst the nations of the world. Sure, it would grind against the Christian morality, although it can be easily resolved by deeming the Russians fellow Aryans, thus deserving of genocide (unlike the mujahideen of Afghanistan whom the Americans were prohibited to kill in any significant capacity).

This post has been born out of my recent hearing of Strelkov who does ponder as to what will come after Russia’s defeat. What does lift my spirit, however, is that the anti-American position is already thinkable in the Orient of Europe — and that’s more than I could have asked for in 2021.

P.S. This blog entry should not be understood in the context of so many schizo Russians’[2] hopes for a disorder in the concert of sodomitic Europe. Notice that I do not make a distinction between France and England, Germany and Italy — the sole exceptions have been Hungary, Serbia, and Middle Germany (the former GDR), the curious countries that matter little.

[1] See Strelkov’s recent falling out with Prigozhin that has made rounds in the Russian cultural sphere.
[2] A relatively known Russian schizo Galkovsky sees the world through the lense of a supposed struggle between English and American secret services.

And finally, happy 90th anniversary of the Machtergreifung! The Aryans must harbour the hatred of 1945.

The Cultural Composition of the Aryan Race in 2023 CE

One thought on “The Cultural Composition of the Aryan Race in 2023 CE

  1. A few more words on the fascinating world of magic. I am a materialist at heart, a follower of the pinnacle of human thought — the Occidental academia that has given us the true miracle of science and technology. And if in the early 20th ct., many leaders of thought (such as Alfred Rosenberg, Heinrich Himmler or Savitri Devi) could afford holding spiritualist views, I don’t see it as prudent after a further century of scientific discovery. In a word, we do not have state warlocks controlling the discourse, that task has been relegated to YouTube algorithms.

    That said, I still remain way too in awe at the sheer madness of the world. And if many of these “psychic gods” are born out of man’s insanity or genius (the Bible and Mein Kampf both influencing millions), I’m still too humble to make positive claims as to the non-existence of non-human forces. The gods of Africa seem to adore cutting off girls’ genitalia, whereas the singular god of West Asia revels in lacerating the flesh of boys (in Egypt, they do both). May sound poëtic, yet useful, just like the geocentric model of the stellar dome.

    …Writing all of this because I have noticed that I suffered a power outage specifically when I used artificial intelligence to draw anime girls. Twice in November, and now in February. I may not be schizophrenic, but mocking magic out of hand seems to me a normie endeavour — again, how many of those normies will mock the Christian god of sodomitic love with the same vigour they mock the Chinese rhinoceros-murdering aphrodisiacs?

    Although, is it relevant at all whether man has created the scourge of Christianity, like the cattle-slaughterers of Nongqawuse, or is that a psychic Jewish god eating the flesh of the Aryans, like Amon in StarCraft 2? The result is the same. And even the methods of culture war are not wholly materialistic.

    A tangential to the above point is that when talking to a social being such as human, one converses not necessarily with that one individual, but instead deals with a faceless algorithm not unlike that of artificial intelligence. All agents of a specific ideology, “gramophones”, as Savitri once called them (or the “Matrix golems” as two Russian schizo magicians Goy Gaya refer to them).

    The culture war of dogmatic automatons

    Being aware of that grants one a modicum of sarcastic distance. The issue is that the entire point of racist thought is in uplifting those formless shoggoths closer to beauty… the way they seem to have succeeded in Juche Korea, for a time.


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