© Coel Henn

Being a student of comparative myth and a traditionalist, I’m starting to take the view that the light might get a bit darker or go out before it is renewed. Maybe this has to happen. We should not allow ourselves to be disheartened though it is bleak.

Now’s as good a time of year as any to remember the stories of the Aryan gods and heroes of resurrection. Osiris must be destroyed, emasculated and disemboweled. Odin must die on the tree. Bacchus/Liber/Orpheus and many others are cut down/reaped before there can be renewal. These stories of salvific destruction are common to Aryan myth and rites. But they all reflect on what might be an ancient Aryan insight: that to dare great things and to be closest to the Gods means to fail spectacularly, to lose one’s self and life, to invite material destruction and annihilation. That a price must be paid, a threshold must be passed and obstacles surmounted.

While we read these stories and recognize them as part of a greater cycle and purpose maybe we should recognize our own part to play. We are on the tree. We are cut down to size. Our minds and bodies are stifled, our spark is nearly snuffed out. We likely will not live to see the fruits let alone the full force of a resurrected Aryan spirit again astride the world.

But we carry that seed forward. That is our role. We set the roots in deep. And from these actions a mighty Irminsul will grow, just as it always will grow no matter how many times Dresden is burned or whatever false oaths they make the children swear after killing their fathers.

That is the true message of the season after all, as our ancestors marked it, that the Sun will not only return but thrive and rule. It is the order of nature for the higher to rule the lower. My faith and intuition tells me that Aryans are favored by God and that no amount of tribulation on earth can deny or alter the spark and purpose given to us by God.

© Adûnâi

I have been pondering at your words for days now. I do wonder how your mythical worldview may be squared with the harsh materialist reality of history. And yet, whenever I listen to the songs of that distant shore, so far removed from Jerusalem, I can’t help mulling over the questions of objective beauty. Is it a blind chance? Is it sins and repentance? Or is it the cosmic law that will triumph one way or another?

It is a Christian feeling to pity the ruins. Believe in the Solar wildness of the Folk!

© Adûnâi

Francis Parker Yockey believed that culture-civilizations have their own logic of development, without taking anything from others. But Russia is not an independent culture. The 30 years since 1991 have passed not in the restoration of “normality” but in the continuation and escalation of American neo-Christian influence. That is why I consider it the main task of any original régime in Russia to break all relations with the West on the basis of maddening hatred.

Although, perhaps, Hitlerism and Communism were already the last breath of our race? I do not see love for order and beauty anywhere. Purely aesthetically, the Stalinist Union was the epitome of the struggle against the agents of disintegration. Whereas now the victory of anarchism is absolute. First they abolished corporal punishment of schoolchildren, then they dissolved the country, now the remnants of the government cannot buy copters for the army. First they destroyed the priests, then the party functionaries, now the very idea of ​​sovereignty is ridiculed. Yes, I’m looking at this situation like an unapologetic fascist.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a leftist, if the Russians could resurrect church hymns as a state ideology, akin to the power of priests, as in Iran, I would be all for it. My opinion is that celebration and solemnity should be returned to the hearts of people, maintaining the fire of struggle against the spirit of profanation.

DPRK Youth Climbing Peak of Mt. Paektu

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