The recent Frontmeldungen have moved me to imagine the decades of the near future that I might even see myself. The model is simple – the collapse of puppet Russia & Shia Iran, along with the eventual crash of the American economy.

I have depicted events both far and close, the arbitrary year (2045) notwithstanding. A nuclear war in Eastern Europe might occur any month now, while a Chinese conquest of Formosa would be premature for years to come (as Sofa Legion Strategist’s most recent video demonstrates).

It is quite amusing to ponder at how the Turks might prove so unstoppable as to steamroll Armenia’s only hope – Iran – connecting the two halves of the Turânic world via a mega-Zangezur Corridor. The death of the Shia world culture is already in the making… It is not a finished deal yet, but Turkic lordship would not be a novelty for the Iranians.

India would be wise to remain neutral, but if they don’t, they would probably swarm over Pak-Pak-Pak. Which might prompt the Muslims to nuke Israel, forcing the Samson option… although that’s fanciful thinking.

In this scenario, America wastes a significant portion of its nuclear arsenal on Russia, while China focuses on neutralising the American bases in Japan/Guam/Singapore, and thus the débâcle could be limited in scope. I chose to mark the reunited Korea as without nuclear blemish mostly because I rarely see it depicted in maps, but even without the arousal factor, it may be plausible if America becomes sufficiently weak after the dollar crash, and southern Korea’s population collapses. Still, the winner is he who joins the war at the latest.

Regarding Israel, I wonder how feasible would be continued Jewish survival in the confines of their Jewish proto-state which they have so far been unable to cleanse of the Arabs. If I were to advise them, I would rather they mingled in the ascending Neo-Ottoman empire. A new chapter in the Diaspora’s history!

But Europe is destroyed and lays in ruin.

Ethno-Cultural Map of the World in 2045 CE

2 thoughts on “Ethno-Cultural Map of the World in 2045 CE

  1. I don’t know what you mean by “Irridiated Wastelands” but if even Königsberg is on that list then Istanbul should be on the top. Istanbul is the second Yerushalayim. And Berlin is little Istanbul.


    1. I was trying to guess the likely hot spots of the upcoming nuclear war. In this model, of course, Kaliningrad would be targeted, but Constantinople? If we delve slightly deeper into my madness, I wouldn’t be surprised if Crimea were spared lest the Türks be offended.

      This scenario is hilarious in that regard, too, that America might be totally spared destruction. I have been listening to Evgeny Mikhailove on LiveJournal, and he’s almost sure that the Americans would not survive a few nuclear hits, thus if reason prevails, they will never attack Russia. But is that so? Didn’t both Pearl Harbour and 9/11 demonstrate that the Occidentals might use a foreign enemy to muster their disparate political meanderings?

      And this brings me to an exceedingly amusing projection. If a few stray nukes do fall on American soil (and not in Montana – otherwise, the anti-vaxxers will outright call it a lie), it would be prudent to suggest that Jew York would be targeted first, as befits decent cinematography. BUT! It would signify a holodomoric apocalypse for the Democrat demographic, while the Republicans would emerge unscathed!

      Now, pure schizophrenia begins. Are the Republicans even capable of establishing a dictatorship at the expense of the Dems? Because methinks, the Democrats are the undisputed ruler of mores in America, so much so that the Republicans are brainless cattle. Truly, what can the Republicans suggest to the country? Dead-naming the surviving trannies? Where’s the drive in that? The main vigour in the American religion comes from the Democrats! If anything, I would conceive of the Republican dictatorship to turn to transvestitism in their turn, just as a prodigious female fish grows a penis after their alpha male succumbs.

      (All this is merely a diatribe as to how much I despise the American clown fiesta, how it turns all religious movements into politics and then a circus, and how the only alternative to the current status quo would be the proverbial “Hitlerian death squads”, of which I have seen no sign to date.)


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