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I discovered miguel-kud from the praise bestowed upon you by Sofa Legion Strategist, but specifically across this article I have across thanks to bartini-robert who writes on mikhailove’s blog (who has already successfully banned me).

Let me introduce myself. I am an English-speaking Ukrainian from Galicia, but not a zombie, unlike my fellow countrymen – I am normal, or as “normal” as a Slavic person may be.

Let’s take this article. What a delightful example of a purely Russian … how should I put it? …alternative view of the world! Something that is completely absent in the Anglo-American discourse, which you will not find on Quora, on Reddit, or on 4chan! A huge blog post, like in the old days at the dawn of cyberspace! A wall of text that demolishes the most elementary knowledge about the world a Western academician or aschool-going Soviet person could possess. Everything around is a lie, as Shurka revealed on the namesake forum, taking earthquakes for meteorite impacts from the outside. Partaking in it is an entire sacrament of speaking in a non-English language from a forgotten time.

Apologies for the extended preamble, now to the point. I have a few questions.

First, you seem to think that Russia’s troubles began in the most pronounced way with the defeat of Napoléon I in 1815? Indeed, the 18th century had gone utterly brilliant for Russia – the return of the White man to the steppes of Novorossia, the unification of all Russian lands east of Galicia, a breakthrough across the Caucasus. The only spot that you, no doubt, know about is the surrender of Königsberg in the Seven Years’ War. But what must have happened in 1815? The establishment of the Holy Alliance? The concept of continental balance of power? These factors allowed Germany to unite, at least.

Second, and this question is much broader. In the current blog entry, the subject that rules has not been named. The answer is begging to be about some Western power such as France, England, America, or a shadow player (as they say in Russia, “behind the scenes”). But have you taken into account the history of the Western world itself? Which was decomposing already before the eyes of our ancestors? Which waged numerous fratricidal wars, destroying its own future? 1861-65, 1914, 1945… The German people did not survive the cataclysm, the English race began to recede, and the whole culture turned into absolute suicide and self-hatred.

《To put it simply, have you thought as to why the Americans did not kill all Japanese in 1945 after defeating them soundly in the war?》

Your argument is based on debunking a lot of conventional wisdom (such as élites’ self-interestedness). But can you not see the same originating principle in the terrible mercy of the Americans? Can you imagine America in its current wretched state under the governance of Adolf Hitler?

If you are interested in my counter-argument without any embellishments, here it is.

The peoples of Europe reached the highest peak of their culture in the Macedonian and Roman empires two millennia ago. But they did not find the strength in themselves to destroy the conquered peoples, and as a result they mixed their culture with the poison of Christianity. This new religion conquered the still-wild nations of Europe, parasitizing on the prestige of Rome.

When Europeans conquered the whole world in the 19th and 20th centuries, their Christian morality led to immense breeding of all non-Europeans on the planet, while all cultural movements based on the new racial science – such as the Confederates in the USA, and the Hitlerians in Germany – were destroyed by terrible Christian reaction.

Russia’s position in this is twofold. I compare Russia with the planet Jupiter – too small to create a self-sufficient star-culture. Politics is secondary to culture. And Russia has never been able to engender either a sense of bored contempt, or of murderous hatred for the powers of the West. Even Bolshevism, glowing quite brightly in the beginning, was still a universalistic offspring of catholic Christianity.

《Juche Korea may pray to Kim Il Sung, their racial leader. It will cause a vile smile in a Russian. How can you build anything with such a self-hating culture as European?》

P.S. Many thanks for the song 200 years by Vyacheslav Malezhik! (SoLZHEnyitsyn wrote a book about Jews with a similar title.) Reminds me of Yegor Letov’s song Everything is going according to plan from the same fateful period in our history. 1991 was the end of the last chance for the white race to save itself. The fact that we did not shed a single drop of blood for the CPSU, for whatever flimsy a shield it was against the heart of the Christian culture in America, has led our peoples to the final decline. And this is how this withering looks. Where can one find the strength to turn back the river of Jesus’ love, where can one find the Party of all-encompassing Hatred?..

Vyacheslav Malezhik – 200 years (1990)

2 thoughts on “My letter to miguel-kud

  1. Some European football teams like England, Netherlands. France, Germany, planned to wear a rainbow armband in the Qatar World cup to express their disgust with the treatment of the LGBTQ+ in the Qatari nation. Fifa’s president threatened with some mild retaliations.

    So the German national mulatto team protested Fifa’s stance covering their mouths.

    Isn’t that beyond ridiculous? Maybe Hitler was absolutely right in wrecking Germany.
    Germany may produce some scientists, but as a people they are overgrown children


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