What I can definitely witness is the general misunderstanding, confusion reigning in so many parts of the world. Everywhere an eye may look!

  1. Ukrainians dying for Jewish interests.
  2. American white nationalists praising the anti-racist Putin.
  3. Kurdish nationalists fighting to give their women rights.
  4. Israeli Jews opposing Zionism.

And the list goes ever on and on. So many layers of treason, it boggles the mind. In Russia alone, even in the patriotic scene, squabble is at every corner. Just take the Armenian mystic Kurginian, otherwise a seemly upholder of traditional Bolshevik values (sic), who nevertheless opposes Igor Strelkov, even though they both supposedly share an anti-American side! And what to say of all the outright adversarial actors, such as the pro-Western liberals or Trotskyist anarchists?

The world would be much neater were it populated with self-interested subjects. Instead, what is there is a melange of gramophones of varying degrees of self-awareness. I would much rather contemplate a self-admitted whore than a befuddled trad-wife.

Of course, it never used to be better. We are descendants of all the confusions past. And I wouldn’t be as optimistic as to expect a betterment of the human condition. Chechar loves to ponder at parental introjects – apparently, the tools of control are “evil”? Yet they only exist because humans are such – stupid, tribal, dishonest, gullible machines. The best of us may distinguish and select worldviews at will. Yet individuals rarely have the prowess to change the alchemy of the culture at large.

There is still hope in good old evolution, namely, its natural selection aspect. The ivory towers will come crashing down, the system will auto-correct. But it is not an intellectual task, and where’s the fun in living through it, in going through the motions?

I wonder whether a rational system of governance is possible. The closest must be an absolute monarchy. Whenever there are multiple rulers, strife will follow. Be it in the oligarchy akin to the Imperial Japan, forever searching for societal harmony, or in the West where all the little cogs can smell the gay wind of change with remarkable prescience, there is neither individuality nor reason at play. Incidentally, this is why Westerners intrinsically hate charismatic and artistic visions of the world – be it the Juche Idea, the ISIS Caliphate, or indeed my miniature map-drawing project. To say nothing of the Renaissance in Hitlerian Germany!

P.S. As I’m fairly autistic, I may be shielded from quite a number of common knowledge tidbits. For example, one of the things people seem to hate is being corrected – even if it might help their understanding of the world. Just now, Chechar has refused to let my (imho, otherwise perfect) comment to pass for the single reason it offended the dignity of one mudblood Ukrainian liar. It’s like losing one’s parent to a ponzi scheme, really tragic.

I share your sentiment that I will support the very demons from hell if they help the USA die faster. But what I hate on the right is any kind of love for Asians (ironic coming from me). The pacifist idea that foreign wars are “unjust” is absolutely impotent and idiotic. And make no mistake, by protecting their accursed gold, the Washington Judaeo-Christians are keeping the American people prosperous, fat and docile.

That said, Gonzalo Lira is some of the most delusional mutts I’ve ever chanced to hear (reminiscent of The Saker). There is a palpable likelihood of Russia’s collapsing and strengthening America. Then, we should hope nukes not to be overrated.

9 thoughts on “The Land of Confusion

  1. Gonzalo Lira is one of the many obnoxious vile repugnant creatures who infest this planet. These useless Spaniards (including Chechar) ruined an entire continent from Mexico to Argentina and now are in the process of transforming the U$ in another dead shithole.
    The hatred that most of them feel for the US is due to their deep inferior complexes and is the sole reason that they support anyone e.g. Russia, China, Iran, Afghanistan, etc who can inflict some damage in the object they detest and envy so much.


    1. Morales, I hate America because it hates itself. And because the fate of my whole race has been linked to Washington and Jew York.

      Regarding Chechar – seeing him buy into Gonzalo Lira’s idiocy is like watching an old venerable grandma trusting a braindead television advertisement.

      But hey, it does not detract in the least from Chechar’s otherwise wise outlook. Just yesterday I was listening to a Russian Jew (yeah) Satanovsky, apparently a professor in some Asian studies university, and he outright admitted not to care about ethnography – when the entire existence of the Middle East stems from American ethnography! From their Christian culture! So much for wise Jews and even wiser academics.


  2. “I hate America because it hates itself. And because the fate of my whole race has been linked to Washington and Jew York.”
    Absolutely correct, I just posted in Zero Hedge (as a Guatemalan Doctor) how remarkably easy a small number of Jews rule and guide naturally as they wish that huge, violent, volatile, diverse rabble that inhabits the US, Most agreed there.

    Regarding Chechar, he sometimes posts on that hick site Occidental Dissent, and as you like to read his writings I have an article where he posted some of his thoughts.


    1. Thanks! By the way, just now, Chechar has turned down the opportunity to be educated. Here is the comment of mine he refused to let through. Seeing Russia as some monolithic “Other” is classical psychological projection – the way Russians themselves are coping against hope for a Euro-American split (judging by their own metric).

      © Adûnâi [deleted]

      To understand the current war, you have to read something as easy as Igor Strelkov’s Vkontakte blog page (now inactive because he has gone to war since). He outright compares the Russian tactics to World War 1 – with their being worse than WW1. I have checked out the latest Gonzalo Lira’s video with Larry Johnson, and they are lying through their teeth about how Western HIMARS MRLS are “useless”.

      Just ctrl+F “HIMARS” in these Strelkov archives.

      Or read some real (not fake) Russian fighters from the Donbass such as this one known by the nom de guerre of “Murz”.

      Or these rather not cheerful reports.


      1. There’s psychological projection and huge amounts of wishful thinking, the desires become the beliefs.
        It’s amazing particularly with Chechar who talks frequently about psychology, for example desiring an economic collapse becomes the belief, then only reading and accepting material that have the same the bias.

        And it’s everywhere, Italy elected recently a “Far-Right” “fascist” stupid cunt to prime-minister, for years she delivered aggressive speeches against pretty much everything, especially against migrants.
        I posted comments in Italian saying to the clowns there that that fake blonde Sicilian is a liar and nothing would change.
        Surprise! Surprise! She already significantly changed the tone of her diatribes, she’s sounding now like the French Macron that she used to lambast in the past. Nothing will change, desires are just desires.
        Nulla cambierà / nothing will change,


  3. Regarding recent events in Italy, I doubt this woman is genuine. I think her she’s just another safety valve. The powers that be have been in control, in their present form, since at least 1913. Events like this are hailed as a “breakthrough”, but they are just political stunts, designed to give us the illusion that we can wrestle control back from the system. This woman will be just like Trump. Nothing will fundamentally change for Italy. Electoral politics is a lumbering dinosaur. The extent to which is ever gave us any successes is debatable. Our people are always forgetting that Hitler was never actually elected. He was appointed. Still, I do wonder why the Jews allowed that to happen. Perhaps they wanted to use him as a catalyst for starting another war.


    1. > “…I doubt this woman is genuine.”

      Why? She seems fairly honest. Electing a woman is the same as electing a Jew. Play stupid games, win stupid prizes. The real question is why no part of the Aryan race outside Hitlerian Germany ever managed to create a lasting non-Christian culture (the USSR was easily subverted in the 1980s).

      > “…Hitler was never actually elected. He was appointed.”

      I doubt such deep conspirology to be of any use. Might be true for Anglo-America, but not for the Third Reich or the Soviet Union.

      Regarding Jewish power – I haven’t read Kevin MacDonald, but what of the argument that Jews bicker with one another?

      Returning to the opening post, here is a pristine example of good pro-Bolshevik grassroots apologia in modern Russia. Moaning about Solzhenitsyn is so passé when anti-Communism is used by literal anti-Stalinist Jews to destroy the Russian race and culture.

      (Of course, this is an internal Russian matter, and my words would have no audience in the West, lacking many familiar references – although here is a subversive Jew, that could be a start.)


      1. Because she’s criticised the system just like we do, with the obvious exception of naming the Jew. It’s too good to be true. Besides, the leaders of our countries aren’t really the leaders. They’re basically actors. They don’t make the decisions. Anyone who thinks they do is living in the distant past, quite frankly.

        Communism is a mutation of Christian ethics, so I don’t see how you can categorise the Soviet Union as a non-Christian culture.

        Yes, the Jews bicker among themselves. They always have. This hasn’t inhibited them in achieving and maintaining their hegemony, though. You must definitely read MacDonald. His books are an invaluable resource.


      2. 1. I don’t understand why anyone would believe anything coming out of a foid’s mouth. That is as part of Aryandom’s downfall as obeying the Jew.

        2. In short, the USSR was better than the USA – unless you’re accelerationist, which is an admirable position, and might be the only way. (Although there are cases where it may be too much accelerationism – such as a nuclear war in Eastern Europe, the last bastyon of the Aryan race.)

        I have listened to Sofa Legion Strategist again, and here is my conception.

        (1) The planet is a battle royale, one ethnic group exterminates all the others, remaining alone, conquering all resources for itself, and proceeding to colonise the Solar System in O’Neill cylinders.

        (2) The semi-benign Christian American empire which doesn’t exterminate anyone but doesn’t let anyone develop either – it gets killed by the ever-stronger Asians in the end.

        (3) The full-retard wholly-benign triumphant USSR which kills no one and allows everyone to develop – would get killed even sooner than America in our timeline.

        Sofa Legion Strategist is an animal-loving, dreaming Russian cuteboy, and he would prefer (3) because he apparently believes that disseminating scientific knowledge would miraculously make all the planet’s cultures commit suicide without exterminating the populations, thus resolving my conundrum.

        P.S. YouTube has randomly suggested me this Russian Marxist video, and oh the gods, the Communist in question (Aleksandr Kolpakidi) is outright shitting on homosexualists. Yes, you can encounter similar homophobia everywhere in Russia, but it is utterly extinct in the Anglosphere. This is why I can support Communism with such ease – even though of course my views are Hitlerian, and would trigger them just as they trigger the Amerifags.


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