To inaugurate the ultimate version, v.27, of my ethno-cultural map, I plunged into the heart of the Judaic rot that is surprisingly outside Judaea – namely, the Jews of the Middle East, the hated, devil-worshipping Kurds. I was nudged in this direction by the recent tragic struggle of the Iranian people against the real-time subversion gnawing at their soul from the mountainous borders to the west, from the Kurdistan provinces of the Islamic Republic.

While the Iranians may be holding out, the final solution of the Kurdish Question still remains but a future possibility. This accursed nation sits atop the peaks separating four powers – Baghdad, Tehran, Damascus, and the royal Turks of Ankara. While the Anglo plans were thwarted by the heroic Atatürk, and Kurdistan never materialised as a state, the whole area has seemingly become a receptacle for Western teachings. Be it in Iraq or Syria, Irân or Türkiye , the Kurds have always betrayed their host nation. But the fashion of their plight! They did it in the most ignominious way possible.

The Iraqi Kurds are the most anarchic, split into multiple warring Peshmerga factions – Barzani’s KDP and Talabani’s PUK. They have routinely been used by the Americans to infiltrate Iraq – so much so that all four of post-Saddam presidents have been Kurds.

The Syrian Kurds of Al-Hasakah are now the backbone of the anti-Assad forces in the war-torn country, first ganging up on ISIS, and then preventing the reunification of the Arab Republic.

The Turkish Kurds are one of a kind. They are the most cultish of their ilk, having imbibed a queer socialist ideology of one Abdullah Öcalan whose PKK terrorists are spreading the scourge of feminism in the nascent Turkish empireand beyond. It is their flunkeys in Syria that have caused so much gloating in the Western press, from the siege of Kobanê to their foids serving in infantry. It is the necessity to smoke out the last PKK hideouts that draws Turkish wolves out for a hunt – Baghdad’s sovereignty be damned.

Now, this perverse conglomerate is moving towards Irân. An ancient land beset by weakness not dissimilar to the troubles of Russia. With so many decadent fake artists taking a stand together with the Jew. With the Iranian boys restrained by a mild hand. With the howling in the press over a dead Kurdish slut by the name of “Mahsa Amini”.

I do envy the Iranians. They at least have an avenue for their pride and bravery, the militias such as the Basij and the IRGC. They have a direction against Israel. But their milquetoast response, the general unpreparedness of their society, the profundity of their moral shame and indecisiveness betray quite a predicament. Apparently, their culture indeed has a close affinity that of the other Aryans, to their own peril.

Still, I remain optimistic. The Judaeo-Christian madness will pass one day. Irân still stands. And even if it fell tomorrow, the inherent weakness of Jewry would prevent them from wiping it out. Both the Hindus and the Muslims know the ephemerality of the ugly Western garden – and how the wild vegetation will have its vengeance.

…Accounting for the above, I decided to mark the Kurds as equal to the worst Christian mutts in my map. Incidentally, today marks the anniversary of the liberation of Kirkuk when both the Aryans and the Turks united to bring their vile seed down, not far from the ruins of Nineveh.

Ethno-Cultural Map of the World in 2022 CE

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