A simplified version of my ethno-cultural map – denoting the current religions of the planet.

Notable differences – the shamanistic. character of the Tuvan, Altai, Yakut, Khakas and Chuvash Turks. The rest of the map has been arranged by way of assembling a few of my cultures into one.

Remnants of Christian Empires = Neo-Christian West + central European nationalists + Russo-Latin mutts + savage Negroes.

Ethnic Religions = Hinduism + Juche + Shinto + Yazidism + Judaism.

Dār al-Islām = Türkiye + Persia + Arabia + Zanj + Indian & Malay Muslims.

It is remarkable that the Formosan aborigines are two-thirds Christian – and while the RoC government is not, its treatment thereof is Christian in nature, too (although racially, the Austronesians are a far cry from the Pinoy Negritos).

The Japanese island of Hokkaido and the Ryukyu archipelago have been colonised recently, thus I have assigned them to the vague Sinospheric religious grouping.

As pertaining my own Weltanschauung, the current map serves well to underline the sheer loneliness of any Occidental anti-Semite surrounded by Abrahamics of one sort or another.

P.S. This brief work above has made me wonder whether I should have included Cuba both here and in the less limited map as a representative of “ethnic religions” and “old Europe”. But then, I checked the current ideology of Cuba, and they seem to venerate José Martí. From what I understand, they don’t have outright Indians left on their island, but this is a clear case of suicidal Christianity, here I would agree with Chechar. So while their Marxism has permitted them to establish a fairly sovereign and successful state, their Christian self-hatred is holding them back. (And I shudder to think how much their miscegenation with savage Negroes has progressed.)

P.P.S. Indeed, I don’t see any dissimilarities between the religions of Japanese Shinto and Korean Juche – aside from the differing races that profess them, of course. If anything, the failure of Japan might be accounted for in the lower racial quality of the Japanese stock.

Religious Map of the World in 2022 CE (by Adûnâi)

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