During the latest two millennia, the White race has essentially been suffering through the toxic fallout of the degenerated Roman Empire. A minor remission only came around the time of Hitler’s birth—followed by the final maddening relapse.Adunai

Back when the sun still shone, I got the urge to depict the vision I have in mind of the history of Europe. Even though I do not share the Marxist view of the directedness of history towards progress, I cannot help evaluating various times according to my racist position.

Hereby, I have produced the following single graph, oscillating between two modes: Light and Darkness. In my mind, the generations graced by the Lux are defined by their striving “upward”, by ever-increasing beauty, by giving form to prior ideas, by territorial expansion, by breakthroughs in philosophy and wider culture. Conversely, the times of the Tenebrarum cast nations into pits of hopeless struggle without end in sight, of massive depopulations, of physical pestilence and soul sickness. For men are good in but one way, but bad in many.

The points de référence to draw the graph I chose as specific dates in history – some clearer than others.

The High Middle Ages (1000-1300) – I view them as held in the balance between the Christian genocide of the European cultures and the healthy pre-industrial savagery that kept the Christian moral poison in check.

The Black Death (1347) – the Western Schism in the Catholic church, the Hundred Years’ War, the final disintegration of the German Empire, the Turkish conquest of the Balkans.

1492 – the dual Age of Renaissance and Exploration. The rediscovery of the heritage of antiquity. Ended with the Lutheran Christian counter-revolution from 1517 onward.

1562 – the French Wars of Religion (Vassy, Toulouse).

↓ 1618-1648 – the Thirty Years’ War, the great post-Hunnic genocide of Germany.

1720 – the final plague outbreaks in Europe (as of 2022), the advent of the Enlightenment – a secularisation of Christian values which would later engender both scientific racism and neo-Christian insanity.

1789 – the culmination of the pre-industial age.

1815 – a quarter of a century of revolutionary and Napoleonic wars, that led to the emancipation of the Jews, the breakdown of feudalism, and half a century of counter-reaction when the Holy Alliance was suppressing both liberalism and nationalism.

1848 – the bourgeois revolutions then added ammunition to those viewing the Germans as a nation of liberals.

1871 – a few brief, victorious wars by Otto von Bismarck set the course for the highest flourishing of European culture, before or since (the Concert of Europe in Berlin, 1878-85).

1914 – peak Aryan achievement, European planetary domination.

1918 – the first defeat of Germany, the peace of Nicias Versailles, the triumph of capitalism in the West, the rise of Marxist statehood in Russia, the beginning of the end for the European empires and the Aryan world supremacy in Asia.

1942 – the Indian summer of the fair race, the pinnacle of her history exemplified in National Socialist Germany.

1945, April – a cultural blueprint for any possible Aryan awakening (cf. Checharian infinitive hatred, jihadi suicide bombers, the Kimilsungian KPRA). After the failure of the NSDAP, no country conducive to Aryan physical and cultural survival remains.

1969 – the final flourishing of the Faustian spirit of the European race with the arrival of Aryans to the natural satellite of planet Earth.

1991 – the destruction of the last vestiges of the European culture preserved in the Socialist bloc east of the Elbe.

2022 – the past-midnight touches to the monstrous conclusion of Christianity akin to a birth of a chaos god – the madness in America, the impotence of Russia, the rise of Asia.

Now, the lowest point of history has dawned. There may be bright rays shining through the chinks in the clouds – such as the mutilation of the Armenian women by the Turks – by they are the bells ringing for the Aryan race. Our history, however, is at a nadir – so much so that if a nuclear war breaks out between what is left of America and Russia, I fully expect not a single missile to hit Jew York, let alone Jerusalem. And if there is a shadowy cabal pulling the strings, I would anticipate the annihilation of Poland as the last remnant of old Europe, albeit bereft of sovereignty.

Lux contra Tenebras

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