Malla says:
June 30, 2022 at 4:05 pm GMT • 700 Words
> “And any base on the Andaman Islands could easily be nuked.”

And vindictive India will not retaliate? India is Tony Montana, a vindictive bastard. You think that the vindictive bastard won’t retaliate, the bastard just gave middle finger to both the West and China. India will retaliate with nukes. And it is here that India wins. India is all slum, Mumbai, Delhi, countryside, it is just one big slum. How and what are you gonna nuke? China is building nukes like crazy don’t you worry, it wants to join big boy club like Murica and Russia. But what will you nuke in India? It is just a giant slum. So China nukes the island, India fires in retaliation and China too in retaliation. What will it nuke? Delhi? Mumbai? they are just the fecal points of big slum networks the whole country is. Sure, 400 million people will die, the Hindutva government will first try to save the cows. So 400 million Indians get the roasted. So what? Indians, Bangladeshis are like the cockroaches. Your apartment is infested with cockroaches, you mustard gasses your place many times, fancy expensive cocktails of chemicals all over your place. What happened? The cockroaches are still there, and you only see the tip of iceberg. You are living with an ocean of cockroaches. They are all around you. Indians re the same. On the other hand China has built shiney nice cities. Beautiful cities. How would it feel to see them shiny nice cities, all nuked up by vindictive India with her cow dung nukes? And what will she nuke up in return? Some pin codes of some giant slums? Are they worth wasting nukes on?

Indians being cockroaches will survive and go their daily routine of crapping on the radioactive fields and worshiping the radioactive mutant cows. If there is gonna be a huge Nuclear Armageddon, the cockroach race of India will be the best built to survive. The street shiters and cow worshiper cockroach people shall inherit the World, says the Hindooo Nuclear Bible. As the nuclear dust settles, Indian shitters will spread around the World. Indians will be shitting radioactive shit on the street of destroyed Tehran, on the streets of destroyed Beijing, on the streets of destroyed Seoul.
See the Muslims went on a killing spree way back then, they chopped the heads of idol worshipping smelly Hindoos all around, they roamed the place chopping smelly Hindoo with glee. Chop chop chop, chopped till they could chop no more, rivers of blood. they had to take breaks under the shade, panting with not energy for namaz and ablutions. They chopped till they could chop no more, Hindu heads were rolling, Muslims were laughing, they chopped awa. Their swords became blunt, became freaking rods. Orders galore to blacksmiths in Arabia, Persia , Turkistans swords ordered in tons, crap metal sold back. But all that choppin, and smelly Hindoos are still here. Shitting on the streets and worshiping cows. Cockroaches I tell you.

And to give you an idea, my state of Uttar Pradesh has more people than all of Russia.

That tiny place has more people than all of Russia. Think of that. And do not be fooled by the fertility rates, the UP state government downplays it because the rest of India laughs at us for being hicks, cow belt people. The blackies of the South of India are who are the ones having a falling population with a low TFR. In my state, people still bonk and get out 4 to 5 kids a couple. We have numbers to throw. Numbers to sacrifice to any Nuclear god and throw at the enemies. There are swarms of testosterone filled macho men who would love have a go at the low IQ terrorist Porkistani barbarians or the cute Chinese Imperialist demons. We got numbers to throw.

> “and get beheaded like the filthy dogs you are.”

Hindu cockroach people are hard to annihilate in this life, but Hindus are hard to kill soulwise too. Hindus just coolly recycle bodies. He will be reincarnated as a powerful Arab Sheikh and those two low IQ goat men (Muslims who killed him) will be reincarnated as his Abyssinian bitches, his sex slaves. He will screw them every night in brutal ways. Thus is karma.

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