Far out in exterior darkness where no breath stirs, no light shines, and no sound is heard, one can glance toward this spinning earth-ball. In the astral regions, illumination is of the soul, hence all is dark but this certain star, and only a part of it is aglow. From such a distance, one can obtain an utterly untrammeled view of what is transpiring on this earth-ball. Drawing somewhat closer, continents are visible; closer yet, population-streams. One focal point exists whence the light goes forth in all directions. It is the crooked peninsula of Europe.

Thus opens Francis Parker Yockey’s Imperium (1948), a book from the cosmic age. And such is the first vision in the magnificent film I had a chance encounter with – Swastika by Philippe Mora, a French-Australian Jew (thanks to Vlad Tepes’ note on Chechar’s blog).

From the very first seconds, I was amazed. I went in without inquiring about the date of production, so I had no idea what to expect – aside from the general philosophical premise. And it worked! This is a window into the past par excellence! It opens with a swastika (Hakenkreuz for you, Germans) rotating and floating in interstellar space to Wagner’s Parsifal (I think?), and then zooming in on the planet that is revealed to be Earth, the continent of Europe, the country of Germany. A Gesamtkunstwerk if I ever saw one! And of course, it is a hint to the date of production – the era of cosmic exploration is long over, with the demise of the Soviet Union, and the Faustian man has withered away since.

(It was something that confused me at first, as I’m not sure as to the technical capabilities of film-making in different decades. And then, I almost had a suspicion that it’s made in the 2010s by LARPers with perfect CGI – before realising that, of course, anything of the sort would be both illegal and beyond the pale culturally.)

I am not a pundit of delving into Hitler’s personal life, I barely watch three films per year, but this is qualitatively different from either any of the mute British Pathé or Deutsche Wochenschau snippets, or documentaries full of long-nosed voice-over. This film is loud with a lively voice, depicting the long-lost time, both in its immaculate choice of music and episodes of life.

Now, I could share a few words on the different scenes depicted.

The very commonality of children and young people is a sign of the times – as the demography is destiny maxim found its expression in the terrible wars of the industrial age. Now, we are a fading race, and we are no longer the subject of history.

The socialist character of Hitlerian Germany can clearly be seen – and not only in superficial features such as young girls in white marching with red ties, or with Hitler’s famously taking up a shovel. It is also demonstrated in two spectacular scenes:

1) in a hilarious interview of an Italian-looking man with a funny moustache (“Dirk Brinkley”?) proclaiming at 28:15 the following anathema of everything American:
I find that there’s a new fresh vitality here in Germany, under your great leader and chancellor Adolf Hitler, of whom I am a great admirer. The new Germany will live, for you have the best centralised government in the world to-day.

2) in a cute little poem at 24:24 that smells of Europe (and of the Soviet Union):
The Farmer who his acre tills,
The Teacher who wise lore instils,
The Mason whose hands new houses raise,
The Poet who distant worlds surveys,
Workers and heads of their profession
All take part in the great procession.

We’re marching with the aim
Our Führer has decreed;
He lit a guiding flame,
In Germany’s our of need;
He saved us from our plight,
Our love to him we vow;
We march in the morning light
To swear allegiance now!

At 01:03:10, there is an impressive and worthy portrayal of the Great German Art Exhibition, with magnificent music (apparently added for this film?). It must be remembered that whenever modern art-appreciators condemn Hitlerian Germany, they have no currency – as the authority on art was Germany, Germany as Europe, and the NSDAP as the pinnacle thereof. With Mitteleuropa in ruins, the remaining Aryan race is an orphan – which can be gleaned from the ignoble demise of Russia in 1991.

At 57:00, there is footage from the final Reichsparteitag. The final time! Indeed, Hitlerian Germany existed for the fleeting moment of 6 years of peace-time, and 6 years of war-time. I remember hearing about their atheist ceremony of proclaiming the life of the dead in their descendants (cf. this Albanian song), but seeing it for real for the first time is quite an experience. Akin to how knowing the pre-history of the characters when watching my favourite LotR music montage prepares the viewer to feel the correct and rich emotion.

The eerie wind in the background at 01:26:00 reminds me of the Husavi Productions meme that I encountered after the film – the striking premonition of the things to come. And come they did – the last war to date, that shook the foundations of Eurasia, disfiguring Earth forever. I do have questions to the Providence or to the god (the real one) – did the Germans misread the signs? Did their faith fail them? Were they doomed by the warmongering of their race-soul? Had Hitler been superstitious, he would have considered the „Hindenburg“-Katastrophe as an omen.

Europe was never rebuilt. The war mortally wounded the last shred of the Wille zum Leben of the Aryan race. Russia would murder itself 45 fleeting years later. America would soon follow. Japan brought herself to ruin by believing in the Führer. The time when the Occident raised the sign of the Swastika would prove out to be the watershed for the intelligent life on the planet. The only optimism to be derived is if there is to be resurrection, the fair race will shed Christianity for sure, as Joseph Walsh hopes. I, however, put my faith in Juche Korea.

Swastika (1973)

11 thoughts on “Swastika (1973) – the most sublime window into the past

  1. I watched this film last year on 30 January, surprised that it was made by a Jew. Really beautiful.

    Greatest Gesamtkunstwerk in Cinema is Dragon Inn (1967) of the world class auteur King Hu. Would really like to hear your thoughts on this masterpiece if you care to give it a watch.


  2. “A pristine case of a self-hating Aryan’s spreading his Christian poison. You despise everything that is healthy about the human condition. Denied a feeling of pride, you have turned into a Yeshua’s imp, on the hunt to consume what you cannot wield. A drink so potent, its miasmas are making Israeli flesh rot. A servant of the dark the fair race is, a harbinger of abomination.”

    Beautiful. Still, you were trying to argue with a foid.


    1. Thanks! Actually, my subconscious took “annamaria” as an Austrian male name, they tend (or used to?) to have Maria in the middle. Either way, both names are Jewish, and that’s a diagnosis, as Russians say.

      Regarding philology, I will just write it here (because it’s my blog) – finishing my schizo Ukrainian university, I learnt of another sign of degenerate language mutilation in this country. The case is such – the English word “link” was translated by some past-century Russian into ссылка (ssilka), which by chance also coincides with the Russian for “reference”. The 2022 Ukrainians are now trying to change the corresponding Ukrainian word for “reference” from посилання (posilannia) to покликання (poklikannia) because the former sounds too close to the Russian ссылка (ssilka).

      …But as the morons that they are, they are also changing the English “link” into the same new word – precisely because they base their entire worldview on the Russian culture! They cannot conceive of being non-Russian, while remaining vehemently Russophobic! What a schizo people! Now, to understand Ukrainian, you have to learn Russian! The Ukrainians are utterly devoid of both the feeling of sovereignty and general knowledge of the world – i.e., they are retarded slaves. (They could have used this possibility to change the Ukrainian for “link” to lanka, which is a cognate thereof, unlike the Russian zveno.)

      It is quite impressive how much inertia cultures carry, and how influenced they are by their neighbours. This “feminitive war” is common to the lands from Poland to Russia through the Ukraine. Chechar is thus correct that a victorious Third Reich would have influenced the Anglo.

      Regarding my waxing poetic above – incidentally, I was under the influence of this song which I randomly stumbled upon.

      Is annamaria stupid physiologically? I doubt it. The intelligence quotient has nothing to do with it. It is the person’s cultural paradigm that blinds him.

      1. The anti-Semites will call the Jews cruel the more the Jews are merciful – because this call is not a logical statement, it is a pheromone of anti-Jewish hatred.

      2. The green environmentalists do not have a faction advocating a genocide of all foreigners, esp. in Africa, – because those greens are Christians first, and thus they ignore any non-Christian solution to their problem; in truth, ecology is secondary to them.

      3. This is why it feels so surreal & queer when a champion of little Russian towns against capitalist oppression goes a step further, turning his ire against immigrant invaders.

      > Dear people of Radebeul! I warmly remember your faces and names, those of you with whom I had close contact in Radebeul, those who were part of the delegation that visited me in Perm! I do not mention your names here, so as not to harm you. First of all, I want to say that I did not deceive you, I did not deceive the Berlin journalist Gesine Dornbluth, I did not deceive the German Amnesty International and its representative Peter Frank. I did not mislead any of you about my views. In the middle of the 2000s, when I came into your field of vision, I really was in the left-green discourse, sometimes even participated in demonstrations under the red flag, which I remember today with a burning shame. Only in 2008, as a representative of the Perm Regional Human Rights Center, I came to Karagay, a village in the outback of the Perm Territory, and for the first time I saw with my own eyes the real terror of the local Chechen and Dagestan diasporas against the Russians. I saw Russian girls raped with impunity, men beaten and hunted, policemen scared to death and maimed with impunity, who tried to stand in the way of Caucasians. However, you live in the European Union, and you do not need to be told how powerless and defenseless whites are in front of black communities that cut into any white country like a knife through butter.


  3. Thank you. You are genuinely the only person on the whole Internet I’ve been able to read in the last 2, 3 years thus also be a witness to the constant refinement of your views. I really don’t understand why you aren’t at least as popular as Chechar, I’m practically the only person who left comments on your blog, this says all about how fucked up our race is. Sorry for simping, I just really wanted to know how much I appreciate you even if that may mean nothing to you.


    1. The issue is that people all too often behave like normies at least some of the time. Chechar is an exterminationist bunny-worshipper, but whenever his ear catches the word Stalin or Communism, he turns into a typical, Solzhenitsyn-thumping American libtard. So many Russians are on the right track – Russia is attacked by foreign powers, Russia’s existence is at stake, and then… the answer lies in pacifism, friendship between peoples, and also there are Nazis in the Ukraine, and those “Nazis” are “evil”. Not just madness – boring madness.

      I am a child of two cultures, meaning I can dabble into the Anglo and the Russian worlds simultaneously. The Anglos consider Putin a 69d chess mastermind; Russians increasingly view Putin as a Western puppet burying the Russian army and race. The disconnect is immense, the cultural abyss unbreachable, they talk outright different languages, no common ground.

      Or take the American truism that all Communists are gay. That actually applies to America. Meanwhile, not a single Communist country ever was gay. But on the Anglo Internet, you cannot find a Communist community that would oppose gay. It’s unthinkable, an utter taboo.

      I. The thing is that all I’m talking about is based on the common knowledge, there is nothing conspiratorial or insane about my views. Look at the map – LGBT highly correlates with Christianity, negatively so with Communism. A sensible answer would be that American Communism is just hyper-Christianity in commodified disguise because America only has one ideology, and its name is Christianity.

      II. Regarding the Ukraine.
      1. It ‘s quite hilarious to see the Ukrainian flag used by all the transvestites and degenerates in the world, meanwhile, the Ukraine is a highly homophobic country.
      2. It is surreal how much Westerners hate the USSR and deny/ignore its achievements. At the same time, here in the Ukraine, people genuinely view the Soviet Union as Ancient Rome – a museum woman will reminisce about the funding cultural ventures used to receive in the olden times, a physics teacher will tell you with pride about how mighty the space industry used to be. This is I see the 1945-91 period as the swan song of the Faustian spirit.

      III. I have watched a few videos of this channel, long-known to me – Whatifalthist. It is such an Anglo microcosm! An erudite kid who clearly knows his stuff, but is still so biased towards Christianity in such idiosyncratic ways, he sounds as mentally deranged as a Muslim repeating “alhamdulillah” after every other word. The very questions he poses – whether Chinese “authoritarianism” is “good” or “bad” are so ridiculous – good for whom? At 10:33, he thinks the Crusades and oppression of women were “not good” – again, why?..

      As I long ago noticed, Anglos demonstrate an immense respect for the most minute details, but their worldview is comic-book-tier retarded. It’s literally “good vs evil”, and it’s more pernicious than among Russian mystics because mystics are obviously ignorant of facts.

      Every culture is authoritarian. In the Anglo lands, nobody dares to think un-Christian thoughts, it is unimaginable. Thus, I will have more respect for Marxists trying to weave the history of man out of the Spartacus rebellion because they at least have a pseudo-scientific, quantifiable model of the development of the means of production – slavery > feudalism > capitalism. A biological determinist might look towards different races and their interactions as the key to understanding the fate of nations and cultures, and that too in part is commendable. But a Christian has this inexplicable, magical drive to see a smile on a happy Negro’s face, it’s just so dumb! (See my blog’s background image – Darwinism in Germany, Progress in Russia… niggers in America.)

      IV. And so I come back to the company of bald Russian boomer Marxists, namely, Klim Zhukov. Here, they can mock the irrational response to the coronavirus pandemic, bitterly laugh at the ineptitude of the traitorous capitalist régime in Russia, and warn against the impending nuclear annihilation provided mutually assured destruction doesn’t apply anymore – or even if it does, the people in power aren’t familiar with war anymore, and are outright dumber and less responsible than in the past.

      But then I get smacked over the head with such gems as “ethnicity and sex don’t matter if everyone is wearing a welding mask”, or the general hatred of war, or, of course, the Marxist notion of economics as the foundation of culture. But those tumours come with the trade.

      What is the worst about Klim Zhukov, however, is his near-Christian contempt for NSDAP Germany. He routinely refers to the fall of the Reich as a psychiatric treatment for the good of the German people. And what is utterly ridiculous is that he compares Zelensky’s Ukraine to Germany – say, Hitler managed to indoctrinate the Germans over the span of 6 years, and modern technology is even better. Now this betrays his utter ignorance, as reading Weikart’s Hitler’s Religion, it becomes quite clear that the NSDAP thought was basing itself on the common current of the contemporary German culture – which had already shown itself in such diverse personages as Houston Stewart Chamberlain, Ernst Haeckel, Ludwig Woltmann, Guido von List and Jörg Lanz von Liebenfels. His hatred of National Socialism is the carbon copy of the Western dismissal of Communism. But he’s still Russian, and that’s the best we’ve got – every single Anglo YouTuber is gay, and that’s boring (yes, even Ryank Faulk from Alternative Hypothesis!).

      V. Ah, almost forgot. For the first time have I finally seen that famed homosexualist dance by Zelensky… and oh boy, what a ride.

      I feel like an alien from Mars among the normies. Zelensky dressed in latex and on high heels honestly makes me hard. I cannot help it. This same-sex BDSM party is much more life-affirming than the relentless Christian whining. I would even say that a single pearl of cum from his cut-off Jewish cock is worth more than the tears of Russian mothers. I could totally imagine Zelensky ejaculating on the faces of weeping Russian mothers, oh yes, and it makes me proud to be Jewish cannon fodder for the first time in my Whiteboi life. (Mind you, by “Russian”, I also mean Ukrainian, they’re brotherly kin – Zelensky is depopulating the Ukraine first and foremost, of course.)

      And I am saying that without a hint of irony. This Nietzschean chutzpah, this show of strength makes an astronomically healthier impression than the pitiful sight of these rootless traitors in Mariupol who don’t give a flying fuck about war. Their animalistic life is worthless next to the glory of the king of New Khazaria.

      I greet the abolition of the freedom of speech in America. I hail the militarised transvestites, I welcome the genocide of the Armenians, and I salute the massacres of the Palestinians and the Jews. My sole allegiance is to Clio.


  4. VI. I have checked TrotRasec on Twitter, and he has shared this most fascinating video by the Ukrainian naturalised creatura, Gonzalo Lira II.

    Is this what 60 IQ gaming looks like? He’s claiming the Russians are winning… when they are at their starting positions 4 full months after the commencement of open hostilities! This is ramarama-tier. He sniffed petrol from the can, it’s over.

    If the Russian strategic nuclear forces are as inept as the army engaged in the Ukrainian war, Russia will get flattened by a few hundred/thousand nukes with their own second strike never materialising (or maybe with a few dozen retaliatory hits that would only make the West more enraged/cultish/collectivist).

    VII. By the way, I’ve found this endearing schizo montage. Quite uplifting. The complete fun to imagine.

    P.S. Oh look, the underdeveloped Korea has caught up with Kimjjongilia, 10 years later.


    1. Did the Russians that tried to encircle Kiev BTFO’d by the way? I wasn’t keeping an eye out for this boring entertainment. I, at least, hoped for a CoD MW2 style paratrooper invasion, you know. Is this too much to ask? But it looks like they got wiped out.

      Well, duh, maybe Gayreeks and Turkoroaches can start an another boring entertainment, just to keep us supplied with dopamine.


      1. Have you come from under a rock? Missing out on this half-baked and undercooked WW3? I mean, understandable, but that’s apparently the best the Whiteboi can give. Unless NATO provokes Russia with the latest Kaliningrad incident.

        But I’m not blaming you. IRL, I’ve become so inert, I can barely not ruin my life at this moment by inaction.


  5. Practice a sport, man! Don’t let your body wither away. I lift and ride my bicycle – I am fine, I don’t – I get overwhelmed by feelings of sorrow.


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