A month later after uploading the imminently-final version, I took to adding some improving touches.

1.1. Breaking with my initial philosophy of depicting political fault lines even more, and under the join influence of Roki Vulovic‘s pornographic-patriotic songs and Republika Srpska’s biological racism, I have decided to paint the Serbian regions of Yugoslavia as effectively as neo-Nazi as the rest of the passionary South Slavs.

1.2. Conversely, Montenegro and Northern Macedonia do keep up with the idea of inert & confused old Christian remnants.

1.3. To my shame, I had failed to research the percentage of Hungarians in Vojvodina’s North Bačka and North Banat districts, and “kind of forgot” about the Montenegrin Albanians – now both are corrected.

2. The second great change has been the decision to split Ethiopia… although the Amhara, Tigray and Eritrean Christian regions still remain together. It is not supposed to reflect political unity (or lack thereof), but to emphasise the Islamic and Protestant Negro character of Ogaden/Afar and of the south-western provinces respectively – especially in the light of my tendency to underscore non-Turkic Muslim contributions whenever possible, regardless of the madhhab, and considering the past (and future) destiny of Greater Somalia.

3. And last, East Asia.
3.1. It had been my impression that depicting Seoul as the sole region of occupied Korea too far gone into racial & ethnic confusion was understating the state of affairs. Fortunately, I came upon this 5-million-strong cult (Unification Church) and its massive interracial marriage ceremonies (1, 2, 3) that brought me to counting Yeshua-worshippers there. Of course, I don’t possess concrete data on the geography of miscegenation, but spiritual faith-mixing works, too, as a marker of degeneracy. Impressively, such large cities as Busan and Ulsan still uphold their Pagan/Buddhist character. Yet both the urban folk of Seoul and the rural socialists of Jeolla-do are already more than 30% foreign.

3.2. Now, Japan. Depicting the Ryukyu as non-Japanese was one of my first moves. On the other hand, I could not find any data on the Ainu – but as that vast island only has 5 million inhabitants, and the hundreds of thousands of the Ainu have been “assimilated” over 150 years, it is safe to mark it as miscegenated.

3.3. Religion in Japan is ridiculously underreported likewise. There is some ancient data from 1996, just as the general notion of covert Christians in Nagasaki Prefecture. I have also made the decision to colour Tokyo Prefecture due to its being the probable centre of Muslim and overall foreign immigration, as well as of Christian & Jesuit influence – see Sophia University with its homosexual alumni. Osaka Prefecture, meanwhile, is the reported centre of Zainichi Koreans. It has to be said that the numbers in all cases are around 5%, so this map would better be viewed more akin to a half-logarithmic, half-arbitrary scale – southern Korea’s native areas are much more culturally polluted than the dirtiest Japanese lands (the Yamato race’s origin notwithstanding), but I intended to depict both.

3.4. And lastly, my omission of Ningxia in the light of the above was now criminal, so I made the long-needed correction. It also makes sense considering how it’s a native Chinese Muslim region, as opposed to the Turkic Taklamakan. And again, if anyone mentions the Guangzhou Negroes – even 200k feral apes in a land of 120 million would be irrelevant, whereas they have been mostly expelled at this point anyhow.

P.S. I debated the status of the Christian Albanian Arvanites in Greece, Lipka Tatars in Poland, and Tibetan pagans in China, but decided against any changes.

Ethno-Cultural Map of the World in 2022 CE

Addendum. A day later, I was inspired to draw a schizo legend version – analogous to the old joke version. It is less of an offensive view, and more of a laudatory account. The order, again, is reflective of my personal racist vision.
1. Juche Korea > Eternal Land of Beauty & Order
2. Sinosphere > Celestial Empire
3. Old Judaeo-Christian Europe > Jewish Golem
4. Turkestan > Roach
5. Greater Iran > Last Loyalists of Ali (RA)
6. Dar al-Islam > Proud Sons of Ishmael (AS)
7. Westernised Sinosphere > Hungry Ghosts
8. Greater India > Cow Golem
9. Savage Lands > Jungle
10. Imperial Amalgamations > Orcs
11. Neo-Christian West > Child-Drugging Transvestites

(India has been the hardest to visualise in such a way. “Golem” is supposed to denote parochial fanaticism, easily swayed by demagoguery and low instincts; “cow” signifies the love of Nature common among these swarthy folk.)

(Thus, the Jewish Golem is fighting the Russian Orcs to precipitate the future of transvestite children. The non-Asians are a funny lot.)

(Vide: Islamic honorifics; hungry ghosts; Turkestan cockroach.)

Ethno-Cultural Map of the World in 2022 CE – schizo

3 thoughts on “Ethno-Cultural Map of the World (v.9)

    1. See, precisely here lies the difference between a Eurasian such as myself and a fat burger. The only land vaguely resembling a _country_ in America is Quebec. The rest? A tide of rootless mutts and transvestites.

      Thus, both incel and neo-Nazi views on race in America are mistaken, the way I see it. Racial struggle is waged between Westphalian nation-states, not among neighbourhood gangs. In such a model, the Aryan race in North America has long lost subjectivity, and is but a rotting heart in a decomposing corpse.

      In a word: there are no “Asians” in America. He who speaks with a Californian accent, tans his skin and professes Christianity is an American. I hope Juche Koreans liquidate hundreds of thousands of mutts south of the DMZ, one way or another (starvation of millions is in order anyway) – and any Mongoloid invasion force in the USA ought to be immeasurably more destructive.

      P.S. A historical fact – when the Japanese closed off their country to foreigners in the 17th ct. CE, they left all their colonies in the Indies to die.


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