Chechar at his best! A marvelous entry. Indeed, as I value culture more than geopolitics, I too dream of the Gondolin strategy for Hitlerian Germany. It has worked for Juche Korea.

Mind you, I’m not calling it more pragmatic. For all I care, I would have preferred a bloody Bolshevik revolution in 1919 to succeed in Germany – all to oppose the cradle of Christianity in the Anglo West. Or a National Socialist GULAG for Christians in the 1930s. I’m not denying that a conquest of Europe would have done wonders, not at all, but had Germany been strong spiritually, she would have fared well in such a world war as well – one may look to the Empire of Japan in 1945, or the DPR of Korea in 1994 for examples of vigour despite all odds.

In reality, the NSDAP left no traces of Hitlerism in German society, and only managed to breed cowards and traitors who lost the war to pathetic American faggots.

Yes, the Germans lacked the will to win the war. This sounds quite controversial, and I rarely think so, but it is true. The Japanese scared the Americans into submission to such an extent, that the Christian faggots were too afraid to besmirch their Emperor. The Juche Koreans made the Americans mortally afraid in 1994 so that the Western Empire was prompted to sign the instrument of surrender – even before the Koreans developed nuclear arms.

The Mongoloid race is prepared to kill foreigners until the last man, woman, girl and child, until the last bamboo spear if it comes to that – the Japs called their final war campaign The Glorious Death of One Hundred Million. Every Juche Korean song professes their immortal love for their Führer. Meanwhile, the Germans were too cowardly to make their Fau-1 rockets piloted, and even soldiers surrendered en masse.

Yes, whenever Chechar himself quoted passages on German suffering from Hellstorm, all I could see was exterminable cowards unworthy of life. Could the NSDAP have rectified it in peace-time? Maybe. It might also have been the case that the Aryan race is hopeless – just as the modern Russian Federation which fails to kill its Ukrainian enemies three months into a real war. Although what am I saying, the Russians are taking pride in sending their white pussies to Azeri Turkish cocks while jailing their few remaining nationalists.

P.S. I intended to select Chechar’s article’s picture as this entry’s featured image, but chose not to – not because it might be legally murky, but because I can’t help using this incident to insert a Juche Korean depiction of the Sun as their Führer.

Hitler’s blunder was to go on a rampage against the Soviet Union (almost a whole continent). Instead, his immature countrymen should have practised an internal jihad as a prelude to the external jihad of the new faith that was to conquer the world. We can already imagine the influence that a National Socialist state that didn’t invade the SU (unless it developed atomic bombs before them) would have exerted in the West if it had dedicated itself to propagating this new faith with the full power of the State…

Hitler’s religion: Introduction — The West’s Darkest Hour

In the latter half of the 1920s when Kim Il Sung conducted revolutionary activities in and around Jilin, the rumour of the appearance of a great leader spread extensively, and hot-headed young men came to Jilin one after the other. They had participated in the communist movement with the ambition of achieving greatness, but had been disillusioned at the foul factional strife within the early communist movement. From the moment they met Kim Il Sung he had charmed them. What a great man! They concentrated on him, as if finding an oasis in a desert. They put their trust in him as the leader of the nation whom all people should look up to. So they called him Han Byol, meaning “one star”, to express their wish that he become the lodestar of the Nation. But they were not satisfied with that. So great a man should be the sun, rather than one star. Hence, his name was changed to the characters Kim Il Sung meaning “becoming the Sun”.

“Song of Comradeship” is one of the songs very popular among the Korean people. The song (its words by Ri Jong Sun and music by Song Tong Chun) was created as the theme song of the feature film “Star of Korea” in Juche 69 (1980). It deals with the most beautiful and noblest revolutionary comradeship President Kim Il Sung forged with young communists in the early period of his revolutionary activities. Its main idea is that one should invariably honour the oath made to the leader without vacillation and hesitation, fully confident of victory in the revolution despite any trials and difficulties. The song helps people look back with deep emotion on the whole course of the Korean revolution which started and triumphed thanks to comradeship, and highly praises the noble and transparent trust, love and obligation between the leader and his comrades who share the same destiny in the course of revolution. The whole country is resounding with the song replete with absolute trust in the leader and firm belief in victory in the revolution, a song in the era of army-based policy. The Korean people are accelerating the march to build a powerful socialist nation, loudly singing this immortal song, united close around leader Kim Jong Il.


14 thoughts on “Hitler’s religion: Introduction — The West’s Darkest Hour

  1. Christianity is a growing cult among the subhuman Chinese, plus large number of Africans in the Guangzhou province.
    It’s not a hard choice to a female of the mongoloid specie to pick between a extrovert muscular negro and a some tiny repugnant mongoloid male who looks exactly like the female specimen.

    About C.T. is quite sad his servile groveling behavior towards whites in US.
    He’s from the elite in Mexico yet he’s often insulted by that repulsive stupid white rabble in US.
    He for instance asks again and again to the owner of Occidental Dissent site to ban the troll who posts mocking comments under his name and the owner simply doesn’t give a damn.


    1. The Chinese walked a tight rope a century ago. Hitler was apparently chosen by Providence to shit-test the Aryans, and to save China & Korea.

      But no, the Guangzhou niggers are long since gone, and the Christians? Yes, they exist, but are fought against. It’s a natural course of things to expect battle and fluctuation.

      Or take Japan – they may have the [best in the world] pornographic industry, but at least they don’t shoot their pornographic films in front of their Reichstag, the way Germans do.


    2. > “About C.T. is quite sad his servile groveling behavior towards whites in US.”

      The thing about you, Dr. Morales, is that you are not unique. Butt-hurt non-Aryans all over the world are reeling from an inferiority complex. And I don’t see anything commendable about denying the reality of the superiority of the Aryans (and Mongoloids, in Chechar’s case). These schizos occur in all nations, from 100% Venetian DNA Latinos to the out-of-India Hindus. And apparently, to Ukrainians as well – here, I have just encountered this nugget in my wanderings.

      > The Ukrainian people are one of the few people in the world who carry a significant share of the Aryan genotype (still Poles and higher castes in India), for which Hitler hated him fiercely at one time. For what, in essence, it (the Ukrainian people) is now hated by the Russians. This is existential hatred based on self-deception. Both the Russians and the Nazis came up with the construct of an allegedly superior race. They associated him with Aryanism. They believed it. And now everything that convicts them of this deceit causes subconscious irrational anger.
      © Otto von Bismark
      youtube com/watch?v=bg_5RCKNRvI&lc=UgzO8PCwzvEq4-lTxJZ4AaABAg.9bR97i0FUAL9bdtJJZDj9u


    1. Russia is so weird. Just yesterday, on SuperSharij’s channel, I saw two women debating one another on the utility of murdering civilians in war-time (see: Melitopol, May 2022).
      youtube com/watch?v=g7N1H2FZAlo&lc=UgwbsdW3BGZ-U0dSJNV4AaABAg.9bgQKFaj8Xe9bgSipQZ2zB

      © Larisa Serg.
      These are not partisans, but ordinary bandits hiding behind ideology.

      © Làrisa Chen (edited)
      @David Rapava And in the Second World War, ordinary local residents did not like partisans. They staged a terrorist attack and washed off into the forest, and then the Nazis carry out “intimidation actions” against the civilian population. Either they shoot, or they burn them in sheds. So it’s not all that simple.

      And by the way, regarding women – it’s been a pleasure to learn that the Serbs during the 1990s civil war had women in their genocidal ranks, professors and university teachers. The Serbs do sound[ed?] closer to Ukrainians than to Russians.јунак

      >”The Serbs in Bosnia, particularly in the border areas, have developed a keen ability to sense danger to the whole nation and have developed a defense mechanism. In my family they used to say that the Serbs in Bosnia were much better than Serbs in Serbia […] and remember, the defense mechanism was not created through a short period of time; it take decades, centuries […] I am a biologist and I know: most capable of adapting and surviving are those species that live close to other species from whom they are endangered.”

      >”It was genetically deformed material that embraced Islam. And now, of course, with each successive generation it simply becomes concentrated. It gets worse and worse. It simply expresses itself and dictates their style of thinking, which is rooted in their genes. And through the centuries, the genes degraded further.”


    2. @commandor Here is a disgusting Russian Christian documentary, allegedly from 1971. At 09:47, It mentions in passing a German-American prisoner of war exchange in 1945. Now that’s cuck pornography if I ever saw one!

      (Of course, the main cucked thing about the film in question is the growling at the feet of the Americans, with not a single word of praise for Comrade Stalin, the saviour of the Russian race. No wonder a people of 50 thousand nuclear bombs surrendered without a shot fired in 1991. And is sucking Latvian cocks now, in 2022. Christianity is a potent poison.)


  2. I have no idea what your mentally deranged diatribe means.

    Bismarck mentioned Hitler?

    And I don’t see anything commendable about denying the reality of the superiority of the Aryans (and Mongoloids, in Chechar’s case).”
    What that means?

    “These schizos occur in all nations, from 100% Venetian DNA Latinos to the out-of-India Hindus.” What that means?

    The problem with lunatics is that they are absolutely sure normal people are the insane.


    1. > “Bismarck mentioned Hitler?”

      Trolling is fine, as long as you use a few brain cells doing it. I quoted a Ukrainian schizo with that name. And my response both to your denigration of the Mongoloids and to his elevation of the Ukrainians will be the same – look at history, and you will understand the genetics. History is clearly the judge of superiority. (Either way, biological determinism is quite wrong, in my opinion, as you also have economics, geographical environment, and the all-important culture.)

      That Korea is situated on the last, pagan, shore is due to Providence, yet it should not lessen the achievement of the Korean race. Splitting hairs is Marxism. Although it is of little consolation in the case of Europe of the dead.билборд-кроејша/2340703.aspx


      1. LoLol You deleted my reply “trolling” you and the mongoloids, stupid pompous dumbass.

        I think you call me “schizo” because I use a lot of proxies and sock puppets and many times I refer to “them” in the third person. That could be a sign of creativity and an inflated ego, since it’s just the internet, you autist.

        And if I understood correctly you think “Dr. Morales” is “butt-hurt” because “he” is “reeling” from an inferiority complex towards the “Aryans.” LOLOLOL
        The useless Slav is parroting the ridiculous thesis of the worthless old Mexican Chechar.

        The hopeless dotards, a Slav and a Mexican no less, still use the term “Aryan” as synonyms to “Nordics”. “Aryan” like “Swastika” terms appropriated from the East.

        Descendants of barbarians woke up and realized that they were the last of the races to reach civilization and had no ancient history which to claim. Solution: create one.
        Then forged literature, archaeology, art, architecture, distortions and fake histories with nebulous connections to ancient civilizations

        It’s obvious that you could accuse “Dr. Morales” of exactly the opposite, of having a superior complex regarding all the barbarian naive cucks who started the civilization game yesterday.


  3. I honestly have no idea what you are saying, Morales, and that’s boring. Nobody is denying that civilisation was started by Sumerians, Egyptians and Taedonggangians, but it doesn’t seem like your point anyway? History has clearly documented the tragedy of the Nordics, the slump of the Arabs, the lethargy of the Hindus, and the tenacity of the Mongoloids.

    No forgery is needed for the people of the East Seas of Germany & of Korea. Unlike for the small folk of Serbia or Russia.


  4. You deleted Nordic Ephebe’s post, you lying gypsy.
    The “ultraconservative” site that I post comments Zero Hedge, despite using always an Hispanic name -currently Dr. Jesús Chapatintas – and some brown Pakistani avatar, they call me troll, POS, racist, anti-semite, sociopath, psychopath, sadist, anti-christ, monster, demon, nihilist, etc I never seriously reply because there”s at least a bit of truth in all that labels.

    But to imply that Dr. Morales is “reeling”
    from an inferiority complex towards the “Aryans” is so outrageous. Needless to say the accusation was a massive projection.

    The “tragedy of the Nordics.” Yawn, always the victims like the Jews
    They caused the fall of the Roman Empire with their immigration, savagery, barbarism, criminality, assassinations, and almost destroyed European civilization when they tried to devastate the areas around Constantinople.
    Tried again with the Reformation, again in 1914, again in 1939, and again now inviting alll the trash from Africa. Middle East. and Asia.


    1. > “The “tragedy of the Nordics.” Yawn, always the victims like the Jews”

      It is impressive how little you understand me. You’re akin to a normie. Of course, the tragedy I speak of is of cultural origin – Chechar is spot on in talking of folie en masse. Where I diverge with Chechar is in assigning blame – I don’t see the locus of control in particular White men, but more in their collective “god”, in their culture which failed to rejuvenate herself, for whatever reason. It might even reflect the Will of the Providence, if one is panentheistically-inclined – the Japanese deserved no victory likewise, but the followers of Kim Il Sung did, and thus have tasted immortality.

      > “They caused the fall of the Roman Empire…”

      You’re a cuck if you unironically claim so. Rome brought it upon herself with her laziness and mercy towards Asians, centuries before the Germanics posed the slightest threat. And of course, even in the 1st ct. CE, the Romans didn’t avenge their defeat at the hands of Hermann. Withering culture.


      1. Chechar takes seriously laughable books like “March of Titans” and “Who We Are” (wich I was able to endure around 30 pages). Plus he’s Iberian. Iberians only ape and parrot, nothing original or smart.

        You think cultures are static. Peoples and cultures degenerate pretty fast when exposed to wealth and comfort.
        Roman vigor reached the apex long before Hermann/Arminius,
        nevertheless what he did had a hard a retribution, he was defeated, later killed (by other Germans) and his head sent to Rome.
        After the peak of vigor and power a nation can only rely on its cunning to avoid being destroyed and relegated to the dustbin of history. Something that Rome succeeded managing to dupe the then vigorous naive barbarians with Christianity.

        The fact is that Germanics plunged Europe in a millennium of misery, chaos and weakness (what saved Europe was Constantinople)
        Try to find a city built by Germanics in Western Europe even 500 years after the fall of Rome, there’s none.


      2. > “Chechar takes seriously laughable books like “March of Titans” and “Who We Are” (wich I was able to endure around 30 pages).”

        What exactly do you take issue with? The history by William Pierce seems largely alright (Arthur Kemp does make up Aryan Egyptians, I’ll give you that). But I still don’t get you. My personal gripe would be with the general racial understanding of the world – it is quite obvious that blaming miscegenation for the fall of Rome is confusing the cause and effect. Thus, biological determinism appears similar to the economy-centric Marxism.

        The Germans played the long game. As long as the blood remains pure, cultural rejuvenation may follow.

        > “You think cultures are static. Peoples and cultures degenerate pretty fast when exposed to wealth and comfort.”

        Do I? I would disagree with comfort, however. It is not comfort that kills cultures, it is competing cultures (or swords/asteroids). Christianity has survived for two millennia, and was only threatened in NSDAP Germany, and partially in Stalinian Russia. No matter how economic conditions changed, Christianity’s reign only grew stronger. It took a world war and a counter-revolution to bring down the non-Anglo parts of Europe.


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