The time has come! A year and a half later, I have come back to expressing my racist Weltanschauung in map form! Continuing whence I left in September 2020, in the days at the turn of April and May I looked at the amazingly detailed MapChart of all the administrative divisions on the planet, and started drawing and redrawing.

What is this map about at all? Initially, my intention was to improve Huntington’s Clash of Civilisations according to my vision, while simultaneously depicting the main fault lines of international relations. In this way, it is both cultural and political, although the former takes priority. There are cases where they both are exemplified beautifully – such as in the immortal clash of Azeri Turks with the Aryans of Hayastan. But then, there are areas which are impossible to depict in this fashion – such as with the internecine war of the Muslim Berbers of Morocco and Algeria, or with the vehement hatred of the Tigrinya of Tigray and Eritrea. The closest brothers might be the most vicious to one another, and that’s alright.

I never expected this map to draw me in so deeply. I thought it complete by the third day, and yet even on the sixth (2022-05-03), I was researching more minute details. Of course, the question of regularity is a subjective one, and is the weakest link of my project – the worst offender is the Malaysian state Negeri Sembilan with 14% Hindus which I nevertheless marked as Hindu to underline its position as the highest-proportion Hindu state in Malaysia. Regarding the proportion of non-Aryans in formerly European lands, I tended to draw the line at roughly 60%-70% natives – and higher if the non-Whites in question are of the savage type (Negroes in Maryland, Indians in Yukon).

Now, it would be fitting to describe in brief detail the characteristics of the cultures I have distinguished. In the map’s legend, they are given in the order I view as hierarchical in potentiality, but here, I will go from West to East.

1. Neo-Christian West – this category I used to base upon: 1) the prevalence of the Nordic race; 2) the acceptance of gay sex. This is why in the original version, I included in it such Oriental countries as Slovenia, Czechia and Esthonia. Here, I have somewhat moved away from that vision – the former two go nicely into the Jewish neo-Nazi camp along with the former GDR (which I can finally separate), whereas Argentina is racially far too Asiatic to be equated to Norway (or whatever is left of it, as can be seen later).

2. Imperial Amalgamations – the most controversial designation, the moniker for which I long despaired to come up with. Formerly known by the mouthful of Remnants of Christian Empires, it originally meant to represent the wretched legacy of Hispanic and Byzantine-Muscovite hybridisation. Now, I have stretched it even wider to include the Austronesian footprint in the Malagasy of Madagascar. What it’s supposed to indicate is the confusion of identity – be it religious or racial. From the mongrels of the Philippines, through the Christian heritage of the Malabar coast, to the Babylon whoredom of Antwerp, colour purple represents the abominable fallout of miscegenation. I have never seen the visage of the swarthy-foreigner-ridden Europe, so I have depicted it myself. (Seeing the map of the Copts share has been my dream, and now I have found it – link.)

3. Old Judaeo-Christian Europe – it has been my latest design to resolve the Jewish question… by assigning Israel to the cultural continuum of Poland/Ukraine! And why not? I used to paint the Jewish state with the gay brush due to their parades, and yet who isn’t gay these days? Israel is much more at home with those famed Jewish neo-Nazis crawling all over modern Mitteleuropa. They both oppress the mestizos of Donbass and of Palestine. They both pray to the same god. The flag of Northern Ireland sports the Mogein Dovid. It all makes sense. It’s like poetry. It rhymes. …A unique addition has been the inclusion of the anti-gay areas of Switzerland. And overall, the rationale has been that this culture still focuses on the old memes of language and sectarianism – such attitudes unite the Czech and the Welsh, the Ulster-Scots and the Greek Catholics. I also tended to emphasise those that showed proclivity to armed struggle, such as the Basque and the Corsicans. This charade of an Intermarium is the closest we have to an Aryan ethnostate.

4. Turkestan – now we’re bringing the big cocks guns. I see the Turks as the rightful heirs of Rome, of Russia, and of the Caliphate. They are too numerous, too vigorous, and too intelligent for anything less. On this map, you may see the Turkish trace all over the Balkans, reaching all the way into Russia (Altay Republic, Khakassia, North Caucasus, Tatarstan, Chuvashia, and even Bashkortostan – see Strelkov from 2022-05-02) and China (on whose inclusion I long debated, but 50%, come on). I took it upon myself to show the Egyptian claim of Turkish support behind the ISIS & Muslim Brotherhood of northern Sinai & the Gaza Strip. Libya and Qatar are political games of Erdoğan, whereas Kirkuk is a cultural capital of the Iraqi Turkmens. The reach of Ankara is truly immense. I fail to see a mechanism able to stop the last coming of the roach.

5. Greater Iran – the geopolitics have changed since the time I drew my first map. Most Afghans seem to have taken a liking to either the Taliban or ISIS-Khurasan, both the Iranic Pashto and the Iranian Dari-speaking Farsiwans, so it gave me no choice but to limit Tehran’s influence to the Shia Hazaras (who did go to war in Syria for al-Assad). I also chose to correct Tajikistan allegiance – granted, I can fulfill Bagdasarov’s wish, and emphasise the incredible nature of the Ismaili Gorno-Badakhshan. But Tajikistan proper? I went with the “confused identity”, as the poor Tajiks are holding for dear life thanks to Russian arms. And finally, more of a meme than anything, Ossetia is that one candidate for Iranic family membership by blood and not by religion. (There are a few thousand Zoroastrians scattered around in India, but irrelevant.)

6. Dar al-Islam – the abode of one true faith has never shone brighter than in the time of great Wahhabi revival! My rule of thumb – Islam takes priority over Negro… and over everything else, as I don’t view the Berber or Malay cultures as significant enough. To my shame, I was not aware of the existence of Shri Lancan Moors. The map by Kurupt4Ever has been of great help in depicting the spread of Islam in Africa. A minute of silence for the brave ISIS fighters fighting a brave fight from Nigeria to Mozambique, from Ceylon to Mindanao (alongside our darling Al-Shabaab). The Sunni Triangle is shown as well. Am I calling the Turks and the Shias Kafir? No, for it should be haram.

7. Greater India – this is the place of my greatest convergence with Huntington, as I do not view the Buddhist culture as separate from Dharmic India. Neither would I count Mongolia separate from the Mongoloids, nor Tibetan Bon as Indic. The Thai ladyboys are the last vestige of Indian colonialism in Indochina. But it does not end there – the Hindus have been taken as far away by the Anglos as Mauritius, Durban and Guyana to the west, and Malacca and Fiji to the east. In this version of the map, I have decided to depict Kashmir as Muslim, and to compensate, I also showed the now-Islamised Nuristan/Kafiristan as Hindu (the disparate Kalash in Pakistan still apply). Ladakh is Srbija India, however.

8. Savage Lands – if the areas of confused identity deserve to be nuked, these do not, for they are devoid of human life anyway. The hellish landscape of swarthy demons. The Negroes and their unrelated brothers Melanesians. In this map, yet, I have made a controversial change by adding another article to the list – namely, the Indians of the Americas. They may be a far cry from the petroleum-sniffing children of Australia, but their survival is a terrible sin of the Canadians and of the Latinos, in stark contrast to the otherwise lively harmony of the cultures of Eurasia. This has led to a swathe of blackness stretching from Guatemala to Belize. But understand, this is a Eurocentric map – the blonde homosexualist in the middle, then his wild pets with cocks swinging in the concentric ring, then the cloaca gentium of Africa or what have you (the Christian knows where to find those apes, and to breed them). In my first version, I actually included the Maoris of New Zealand here, but later ruled out against it, as the sadism of the Austronesians is not exactly the savagery of the Bantu.

9. Sinosphere – no changes, aside from Xinjiang going to Turkey (take my social credit score down, uwu), and Tuva (see Stelkov from 2022-05-02) and Buryatia returning to China. Of course, the spotlight is on Kalmykia, although I doubt anyone has ever considered her in the Sinosphere (may it survive the coming Ukrainian onslaught).

10. Westernised Sinosphere – the area of Chinese influence torn away from China first by the sham Empire of Japan, then by the Japanese corpse being paraded by the Anglo-American empire to this very day. In my original map, I consciously went against showing Hong Kong as separate, but now, I could not hold back – Xianggang was an English colony until 1997, and naturally, the Western influence is still raising its ugly head. I did go to town, however, with researching the Chinese communities in maritime Indochina – namely Malaysia where both Penang and Kuala Lumpur are Chinese dominated, and even Johor I could mark as Chinese to underline Singapore without too much incredulity. Indonesia has exceedingly fewer Mongoloids, whereas the Philipino-Chinese are way too mixed, so I tried to show them by painting two districts of Manila teal/turquoise, it’s barely visible (as it should be).

11. Juche Korea – the real deal. The [Roman] Republic before the [Punic] wars. The refuge so religious, it puts Aceh & ar-Raqqah to shame. The abode of visceral, irrational racism. The Communist country that spits on Marxism both gay and Russian. Her only disadvantage is China – potentially. But Japan East Korea stands no chance.

And so it is, 8 cultures vying for dominance, and the Aryans dying out in amusing numbers. I seriously did not expect Sweden to be in the 60s% Swedish in most regions already. I guess, it is 2022 indeed, and we are not memeing. It makes me so eager to see the smallpox-ridden Europe, full in ugly purple spots. Soon, they will all turn green, and the warriors of Islam will raid the remaining cucks for fresh pussy. Insh’allah.

1. P.S. Wholesome reading on the history of the Chams. There’s nothing sweater than interracial genocide in modern history. The Armenians, the Jews, the Rohingya – are the Japanese next? Fingers crossed.

2. P.S. It is remarkable how hysterical the members of the Western neo-Christian culture turn when confronted with anything blood-related (see: the lukewarm Masaman). Conversely, the non-Christians are obsessed with genetics, yes, even the stupid Negroes (see: all over Quora). Which side to pick? The Mongoloids, of course – they don’t speak English! (Although select Juche Koreans have miraculously mastered the gay tongue for propaganda purposes – a superior breed, after all. They don’t have violent dogs mauling little girls either.)

3. P.S. © Kin-dza-dza (1986) – What other deserts do we have?
Rarely do I watch films, but this one is exactly the Bolshevik time capsule that I craved! Which ones do we have left indeed? Karakum, Kyzylkum – all of them we Aryans lost five years after this film’s release. Alongside the school curriculum, and the culture of learning, and the sentiment of self-respect, and the hope for the future.

But seriously, those few words epitomise the microcosm of a learned Russian Communist. In my own childhood, when I was meticulously reading all the atlantes I could find, my mom told me she used to memorise the capitals of all African countries. Who in America knows where the Taklamakan desert is? The media buzzword is Xinjiang; Iraq is not in Asia; Israel is the size of a continent! The lands of the East Slavs truly are reminiscent of the post-apocalyptic ruins of late antiquity.

And so it is – the downfall of the last vestiges of Aryan domain, and the ultimate conclusion of Christianity. Will the Europeans in the east weather the storm? Is radiation poisonous? The following decades will tell.

Ethno-Cultural Map of the World in 2022 CE

4 thoughts on “Ethno-Cultural Map of the World in 2022 CE

    1. No idea, don’t overestimate me, I’m just a sperg that happened to find TumblThree (and downloaded some blogs such as the now-deleted gohypegirl, 20k pics). Ask on Reddit/Quora, I would be utterly clueless were it not for those web-portals. (Russia doesn’t have Reddit/Quora, and I am quite oblivious on all things Russian.)

      That WordPress blog looks like gibberish in my browser, is mobile UI that broken? I literally cannot read it. Half the screen is a sticky header. The post-2016 web design makes me suicidal.

      On an unrelated note – just today I have stumbled upon this Japanese song, and it actually has a cute story behind it.
      > The term “Usseewa”, roughly equivalent to “Shut up” in English, has been the topic of much debate. In particular, many parents in Japan have been worried about the effects of the song’s lyrical content on young children. This subject was brought up on Fuji TV’s High Noon TV Viking! MORE, as many children had started singing, or mimicking the song’s lyrics in their speech. This has resulted in some nursery schools and kindergartens banning the song.”

      Japan is indeed some of the worst lands in Asia, and yet it seems to be astronomically based nonetheless. Apparently, it is not considered “totalitarian”, it doesn’t have draconian laws punishing dissent, but the society is so healthy, it punishes dissidents all the same. This song I would view as a tiny victory for the global reach of the American culture (I reject the term “globalism”) – just as in that case when the Pakistani government released Asia Bibi. But I wouldn’t view it as anything epochal.

      What impresses me, however, is how all Japanese songs sound the same. I’m at a loss why American kids love them so much (probably due to the post-WW2 Jap-NA collusion). All Japanese songs have this retarded rock guitar noise in the background. I’d take a shot in the dark and assume that it’s due to Japan’s getting rich the soonest of all post-war East Asian societies, so they grew up on the 1970s rock? The way all 2000s South Korean pop sounded like variations on Britney Spears – Mongoloids have a bulldog grip, and never let go.

      I do wish Japan were more totalitarian. Where a singer-songwriter could be jailed for “breaking social harmony”.

      I somewhat intended to write a post on how retarded Jonathan Haidt is, but this is actually in the same vein – I feel like a boomer ready to beat dumb kids (always felt). I do think that the fact boomers stopped beating children is as bad as said children getting fucked by swarthy Negroes. Anarchy & chaos are telltale signs of the Christian disease. Order & beauty are founded on idolatry and zealotry.


  1. Completing the trifecta of my recent schizo thoughts – it has always struck me as the recklessness of the irresponsible Christians that Westerners send women photographs of their male genitalia. I’m not sure how it is in Asia, but I do know that both Japanese and South Koreans have their passport tied to their cyberspace presence, thus they will probably think twice before behaving shamefully.

    The Germans see no shame in shooting pornographic films in front of the Reichstag. The Americans see no shame in shooting up schools. Nothing of the sort happens in Asia – and whenever it does (as recently, in Kerch, Kazan and Ilam), it is most certainly exclusively due to American influence.

    Yes, I view the phenomenon of the dick pic in the same vein as unruly children’s threatening their senior professors without being expelled/beaten. They are all marks of this anarchic Christian culture that I despise. The Jewish spirit where professors do not respect themselves – where Bolshevik party functionaries do not believe in Communism with all their heart, this profane spirit of putrid decay.

    Nazi Germany – Tomorrow’s Wives and Warriors – Youth in Hitler’s Germany N04d

    UÇK Anthem “Marshi i UÇK”


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