I’m tempted to second the idealists and call Aryans unworthy to live… but such are buzzwords; Nature does not use them. The last saving grace is that Christianity is a poison so potent, when the final stage of the rot comes, the Aryan countries will fail like the organs of a dying man.

We can already see it with Russia!

Russia is the perfect case of a country actively striving to lose an existential war. Never has the spirit of mercy been so obvious, the banishment of hatred so dangerous to the state. And yet they are going with it till the end, both the ruling and ruled. And nobody in the Western world seems to be paying heed. Hopefully, the Asians are drawing lessons.

Lessons that going to war, be prepared to kill. Be prepared to chant bloodthirsty chants. Be prepared to wage total war against enemies far and near. Burn the witches and hang the heretics. Spill the blood of the infidel and of the foreigner. Destroy the traces of their existence; leave no stone unturned. Breathe in the youthful spirit of history; build upon the bones.

So far, Russia has done everything in her capacity to show the planet the failure of Christian mercy in material survival.
1. Russia outright refused to bomb the Ukrainian armed forces’ personnel in the first week of the war.
2. Russia has not destroyed a single Ukrainian power plant after two months of fighting, when the ability to capture them had long passed.
3. Russia still has not targeted the bridges over the Dnieper River, or the roads coming from Poland.
4. And most importantly, the Russians are still utterly alien to the idea of searching for a kill, of desiring the smell of burned bodies, of a nuclear holocaust. That is something the Christians of the 1940s had not yet shied away from, with the firestorms of Hamburg and Tokyo bearing witness to their glorious vigour. Now, however, 80 years after, the Christian rot has crept in sufficiently deep, and the Russian race is falling prey to the spirit of the crucified Jew.

This event is so spectacular, one might mistake it for a clever design of crafty spies (as a Russian child YouTuber Sofa Legion Strategist posits). The truth, however, is that the very soul of the Russian culture has been hijacked, its people turned into body-snatched pods.

Cure: suffering or annihilation. Either one works.

The aforementioned YouTuber does bring up some salient points. If the American élite is seeking a world war on its terms, wasting Russia’s missile arsenal on nothing in the Ukraine seems like a decent strategy for an eventual disarming nuclear strike. And the idiotic clients in Western Eurasia will mop up the ruins, while the bulk of the American army will be preparing for the war in the Orient.

It is indeed a plausible and useful picture. What it misses in its view, however, is how the US has woefully abandoned its own bright prospects, for decades upon decades. While a spy-movie scenario is sufficiently applicable to Russia – with America the puppeteer – America itself has no such peer (the neo-Nazis will shout “Israel” here, of course. Yes, a country unable to cleanse Samaria of Arabs for 50 years, lmao). The real master of the both sides of the Atlantic is the Christian axiology of mercy, that intangible film that covers and blinds, that begets the elementary rules of discourse, and sets up taboos.

Now, coming into the future, the questions are the following.

1. Will the American élite have the mental fortitude to protect their last line of defence – their financial dominance in the world, their unfathomable riches? Will they pull the trigger? Or will they let China escape the Thucydides trap?

2. Will an economic blockade and a nuclear war damage Russia or the US more? Both are pale shadows of their former selves. Will Russia succumb to the Turk, or will she transfigure herself in the minutes to midnight? Will the fat save the burger, or is the American individualistic society uniquely vulnerable to a breakdown in statehood?

3. And finally, will the Turko-Polish brotherhood form and endure, or will it shatter? How resilient will the sprout of hatred prove out to be? Will American influence on the ruins of Russia spell doom to any racial feeling, or will it wane too soon?

No matter what happens, the past generations will fade in due time, and with them, the memory of a time frightened of war. The cosmic cadence is leading to strife again. And when the machinery breaks down, the noses of the normies will smell unfamiliar aroma.

P.S. SuperSharij is broadcasting praise for Russia’s suspending gas supplies to Bulgaria & Poland. Meanwhile, Strelkov is lamenting the fate of Transnistria.
The death throes of the Slavic race.

© Shawn Woods

2 thoughts on “The failure of Russia signifies the finale of Christendom

    1. Honestly, I have no idea. First, they did nothing of note (merely some irrelevant local banditry). Second, researching it is like reading up on the Holodomor or the Holocaust – an immense shitshow.

      What I do emphasise is that the UPA was fighting the Soviets in the post-war period, when their activity only benefited the Anglo-Saxons. Seems as cringe as these days.

      What are your views on the cute little Transnistria? Looks like it’s gonna get spit-roasted while le grande Putain watches. A fitting public sacrifice.

      (Mind you, the left bank of the Dniester never belonged to the Romanians, it used to be part of the Braclaw Voivodeship of the Kingdom of Poland. It was assigned to the fake Bessarabian republic by Stalin in 1940.)


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