And so begins Anno Hitleri 133 (1890, 1 from birth) – Juche 111 (1912, 1 from conception).

Unlike Chechar, I will not view the celebration or lack thereof as significant. Eastern European neo-Nazis may remember the Führer, but will cuck on the female rights issue much more than the American “white nationalists” (at least, in theory). Either way, if one wishes to see the real deal, the living tradition is continued in the immortal land of Korea anyway.

There are two issues I would like to touch upon on this day: the question of the Jewish culture, and the worldview of the kshatriya of Slaviansk, the Russian Igor Girkin-Strelkov.

I. I have always found it innately difficult to focus on the supposed malevolence of the Jews. Meanwhile, Checharian bicausalism type B came naturally to me, the locus of control in my people and all that. (Although there is a danger of assigning blame unconstructively – calling people “evil” is useless Christian lunacy, people are merely an instrument of culture, and vice versa.)

Regarding the Jewish character, what has always struck me is the lack of zealotry among Jews (ironically so). There might be a bias in what Jews I have seen – with the emphasis on highly-educated secular American academics – but I still cannot think of a Jewish group consisting of fanatics. The stereotype I have of Jews is that of honest, humorous, self-deprecating people. The darker types exist in the Mossad, in the army and in politics where Jews demonstrate their thuggish, Slavic-like qualities, where they lie, murder and play dirty – commendable character features in the political arena.

It all started when I asked myself whether I could ever inadvertently offend a Jew. And I don’t mean the A[B]DL/SPLC types from the USA. Would a Jew ever deny that Israel is a tiny country surrounded by a foreign culture? Would a Jew shy away from admitting that the borders of Israel are hard to defend, with Judea and Samaria still populated by Arabs, and even Galilee in a precarious position? I would go as far as to conjecture that a Jew will not necessarily deny that they have stolen land from Palestinians – afaik, the Jews offered the Arabs a good deal, which the latter chose not take, waging a total war of liberation instead.

The only Jewish subgroup which I could conceive as zealous would be the West Bank settlers, with a strong historic memory and identity. But even of those, there was that one who debated Richard Spencer, on Odysee. The rest of the Jews seem way too intellectual, argumentative, disorganised ever to become fanatics, building blocks, NPCs… for good or for ill. (Do not mention the Haredim, they are cringe pacifist traitors.)

On the other hand, I can bring up a dozen cases where offending another Asian would be an easy task.
1. Tell a Muslim that Egypt had existed for millennia before Islam (Egyptians have a split identity).
2. Tell a Muslim that Iran had existed for millennia before Islam (a cucked Iranian will agree, lol).
3. Tell a Turk that their people belong in Siberia whence they came (he will make up stories about Turkic Scythians).
4. Tell a Juche Korean that Kim Jong Il was not born on Paektusan (that’s a mortal offence).

Thus, if any charge can be levied against the Jews, it is in their unkempt curly hair… in their easy-going nature, in their pathological inability to venerate an idol, or even themselves. Now that Christian spirit is indeed killing the entire Aryan race.

II. Another topic. Great thanks to Bohun for suggesting this marvelous terrorist to me! Honestly, I never cared about the names of the Donbass fighters before February 2022. But the kshatriya of Slavyansk is worth a look. Igor Girkin-Strelkov apparently gave interviews to both Navalny (a liberal stooge in Russia) and Gordon (a Jewish propagandist in the Ukraine). Now that’s a metaverse of clown worlds!

Navalny debates Strelkov
Gordon interviews Strelkov

In short, what Strelkov cares about is the Russian culture. He rightfully distinguishes between the flimsy Russian Federation and the historical triune Russia. Being a monarchist, he does not idealise the USSR, although still considers it a higher form of national existence to the treasonous Yeltsin-Putin gang. He considers the Ukraine a Russian country, but sees the Ukrainian national idea as dangerous to the Russian culture.

Here I will stop. The issue I would take with Strelkov is that he is as parochial to the Aryan race as the Ukrainian nationalists are to the Russian state. Still, don’t take me for some pan-European dreamer! What I seek is a resurgence of the Aryan culture in any lonely place still populated by Europeans. As a Jewish woman told Savitri in India, “You love Germany because it is the Führer’s land” (similarly, I love Korea because it gave birth to Kim Il Sung‘s line). That revival is unrelated to any of the current Christcuck nations or cultures; they may all go to hell.

I would go as far as to proclaim Strelkov’s project doomed, for the Russian culture is not worth saving, the Russians are a rotten race. Before Marxism, there was Dostoevsky, the chief cuck, loved by all Christians both then and now.

At the same time, Strelkov does not exactly explain what danger the Ukrainian identity poses to the Russian nation. I guess, it’s because it would tear away a chunk of territory from the Russosphere? But he himself recognises the Russian Federation as equally detrimental to the Russians as the Ukrainian state? Again, he used to put high hopes on Putin’s conducting a hypothetical “revolution from above”, but that never came to pass.

Now, let me analyse the two sides neutrally.
1. The upside of the Russian Federation is its potential to erect a second Iron Curtain between herself and America, thus taking back the portions of its sovereignty in politics and in culture. And that would be my personal best case scenario. The RF is not perfect, but a cordon from degeneracy is sorely needed to protect any meagre part of the surviving Aryans. (The funny part is that this case does not require a Russian incorporation of the Ukraine. Again, I’m black-pilled with my Juche Gondolin strategy.)
2. The upside of the Ukrainian state & national identity is… their ability to hate. This sounds childishly satanic, shallowly anti-Christian, but the lack of any masculine hatred is the centrepiece of Christian malaise at large. Yes, the current Ukrainians are selling their own women to big Turkish men, selling their kidneys even in a blind, hysterical rage. But it’s still healthier than the passivity of the Russians who have not yet rediscovered their manhood to chant “Hang the Ukrainian!” (elementary reciprocity), to the point of losing the now-on existential war out of suicidal mercy to their enemies.

To me, both the Ukraine and Russia overall are but dismembered members of the race with a mere potential to exist (and I’m not talking in terms of territories here; culture trumps geopolitics).

A Russian victory without learning to hate would be hollow, as the Christian Russian culture is mortally wounded, and only hate against the foreign West can heal it.

A Ukrainian victory would be a complicated case. The following question would arise:
to what extent will America succeed in infecting the Ukraine with globohomo before keeling over and dying herself?

There are two cases to compare. Turkey and Poland are both secular NATO members (thus no Iron Curtain aside from language barriers).
1. Turkey has successfully managed to overcome the LGBT values in the 2010s – after a decade of gay parades, they were banned in 2015 (wiki).
2. Poland is in a much worse shape. Half of the country (the colonisers of the German lands, weirdly enough) have imbibed the Western values (map). Their religion is Catholic, thus they are susceptible to the Pope’s poisonous message of love. I’m praying for a Negro Pope’s being elected as soon as possible.

From the above, one may conclude that not all is lost for a NATO-aligned Ukraine. I would not hold my breath for these hillbilly raguls to come to their senses on their own (sovereignty and the Ukraine are like water and oil), but those few decades before the Aryans go extinct in America may not be sufficient to teach the Greek Catholics gay sex.

On the other hand, there may indeed be terrible developments for a Western-led Ukraine. The current Ukraine is orienting herself closely with Türkiye (even clamouring for a second genocide of those poor Armenians), and thus a post-war immigration of millions of eager, youthful Turks would surely spell doom for any future Aryan essence of the Polish-led Intermarium.

All in all, it’s a mess. Optimism in diversity… But the track record of the Aryan race pales in comparison with the superior Mongoloids. The dead don’t usually rise.

Cute Strelkov, ayaya

5 thoughts on “On Hitler’s anti-semitism & Strelkov’s Russian idea

  1. What are some non-cucked Russian writers? I don’t like Dostoevsky either, but have enjoyed Pushkin’s The Captain’s Daughter and Tolstoy’s Hadji Murat immensely and Gogol’s Dead Souls is one of my top 4 novels with Kostanjoglo being the best portrayal of a National Socialist I’ve come across in literature.


    1. Isn’t any fiction, that doesn’t venerate the Führer, cucked?

      Returning to my point on zealotry. I actually admire and fully understand the moral outrage of the American liberal NPCs. They have a religion, they have tenets. We Aryans do not. In a word, it is manly to be offended. And thus, all literature, all culture must serve one aim only – to venerate a particular idol.

      Just as in America, every single Oscar-worthy film is about venerating the LGBT.

      Of course, the hyper-Christians are transient. As above, great modern examples of ideology are the Juche Idea and Salafi Islam. Something which every Aryan man seems to despise, regardless of his ideology or blood. We can’t even take pride in the Holocaust, lmao. Neither could the Germans, for that matter.

      Indeed, I used to say this in the past – as culture trumps geopolitics, I would respect Hitler more had he started a bloody civil war in Germany in the 1930s, a war to expunge all Christian influence.


  2. The amount of garbage people believe and write about is infinite.
    The endless meaningless blabbering, the fervor in trying to make sense of life, the eagerness and many times fanatism in search of military and political “prestige” in the world stage is typically from barbarians who started the civilization game yesterday or maybe for some ancient civilization was deeply humiliated.
    In the end what remains is nothing, all distractions, self-delusions to avoid despair and to go on another day, another month…

    Look at the Italic peninsula…there was a high civilization already with the Etruscans more than 2500 years ago, then the pinnacle of military, political, cultural power with the Roman Empire. then came the apogee religion madness with Christianity in the Middle Ages, then the apex of art and beauty with the Renaissance.

    No other civilization absolutely comes even near all that achievements (let alone the obnoxious Mongoloid skum).
    What remains of all that? Nothing.
    A people as stupid, frivolous, lost, depressed, clueless as any Swede, Spaniard, Ukrainian, British, Argentinian, etc


    1. And your solution, Dr. Morales, is?

      Adûnâi, I can agree, everything that doesn’t worship the Führer and the Volk is more or less cucked.

      I don’t know of others but I’m a Holocaust enjoyer. I just don’t like Juche Korea’s social realist architecture.


      1. Their architecture is their people.

        What I dislike about Juche Korea is that they have an area of 120k km2, 25 million people, are besieged by Americans, and have their waters surrounded by Japanese. That’s about it. Material disadvantages born out of their current place in their trajectory.

        Meanwhile, had I lived through the Cold War, I would have had a lot more questions to the USSR, questions of cultural character. For despite the technological achievements, ideology in the late USSR was growing rotten, with the population ever less reverent of their country, ever more treasonous, chaotic, peace-loving – ever more Christian.

        …I have checked a few Russian accounts on Juche Korea. Here, is a pristinely-Jewish, common for us Slavs mockery of the holy & the orderly.

        And here is a seemingly-Bolshevik blogger having good things to say on the DPRK… only to praise the current Russian cuckoldry towards the Ukrainians!

        Aryan? Nay, Christian race! Nobody but Christians. The triumph of Christianity is complete. This is why I can bear pro-Ukrainian sentiment as above – hatred is our iodide. It is spectacular to observe the collapse of all our remaining statehood on all continents purely out of suicidal Christian mercy. And no one is mentioning it explicitly! Even though our death and the Mongoloid survival are as clear as night and day!


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