Can you imagine how truly of a fiery spirit
아돌프 히틀러卐 was? I sometimes forget how wrathful indeed he acted, forever pushing for wars of aggression without remorse or second thought! Peace was not a word to him, He only pursued fight without mercy, and expected the same from His many enemies. Lies and slander were His weapons, His oath worthless, His men young and pitiless and without number. And Germany, too, was at the pinnacle of scientific progress, with machines of war, and designs of murder, with millions poisoned, their corpses burned… How merry was it to live at the time which might as well prove out to be the last flowering of intelligent life on this planet! Unless the Communist or Islamic Asians erect the crematoria of freedom in the lands to the west.

  1. The perfection of a song fit for the map of the Führer’s fierce onslaught upon the citadel of the Russians.
  2. Lucius Vanini contra Christianity.
  3. The betrayal of the conquerors of Japan.

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© Adûnâi

> “The mistake was invading Afghanistan in the first place.”

No, the mistake lay in not genociding the Afghan people. The Americans were trying to win so-called “wars” with their hands tied behind their back. Incidentally, the same way the Russians are acting. That is unadulterated cuckoldry, and a testament to the objective, materialistic failure of the Christian culture with its braindead emphasis on human rights and the equality of all men (yes, even enemies and transvestites).

America is terrible precisely because it is not capitalising on its successes. It could have exterminated the Japanese population in the 1940s, leaving an inheritance of a large, moderate-climate archipelago to her sons. America could have brought peace to Western Asia by planting her colonies in Iraq, in the manner of Ancient Rome. And finally, America could have defeated Russia at any point, either before 1949, or after 1991… but chose to decompose instead.

Christianity is an exercise in a betrayal of one’s potential.

Apologetics — The West’s Darkest Hour

The eternally glorious battle of the titans

8 thoughts on “The sweet sound of the air raid siren

  1. The fascination with Hitler and Germany is a clear sign of an immature mind. I was in that position when I was a teen.
    There was no much to do in the city where I grew up so I read, especially about the WW2. I was fascinated by the so-called Holocaust and it never crossed by mind that the extermination of Jews was wrong. It was a shock to find later that the Holocaust was pack of lies.
    That the Germans already paid well over 100 billion Euros for a ridiculous scam shows once more how naive that people are. They are talented but certainly not in the field of political life. Politically they are a disaster, the lack of nuanced minds maybe.

    Every time I speak with Germans in South America I always keep in the back of my mind that something is not quite right with this people.
    To illustrate, some months ago I was talking to a German doctor, who for some reason has a fame of “wisdom” in the city where I have a house. He rode a bicycle and met me on my lands outside the city.
    Since he has a fame of being “wise” I liked that we met. He doesn’t speak German, not interested in the issues that I wished to talk with him, and while we’re taking he continuously rode with bicycle around me, it was so annoying that I was rude with him. Germans have a certain imagine of weirdness not out of nothing.

    That half mustached fool carried no Holocaust at all, and treated British POWs ultra-gentlemanly – even when Brits were fire-bombimg his cities.
    Treating British POWs as if they were on a holiday while slaying innocent civilians in Greece, Russia, Poland. Serbia. etc. only because in his worthless brain he saw Brits (a mix of Celtic rabble and whatever other supposed barbarian scum) as “Aryans.”

    With such an idiot amassing so much power is Europe – even if it was in autistic Germany – it’s no wonder that Europe now is doing the extreme opposite of Hitlerism and worshipping negroes


    1. 1. But what other hero is there to admire? Napoléon I was Juadaeophile, Stalin and Truman both pacifists. Now Hitler was a proper militarist, to a farcical extent.

      2. Denying the Holocaust is a mark of the schizos, such as concave-Earthers and their ilk. And what’s the point for a Hitlerian to deny Hitler’s second greatest achievement? At least, the story is well-known.

      3. Yes, Hitler was a racist in a large part, and misunderstood the importance of national identities such as that of the English. I do wish he went more in this direction, actually, but in the case of France – by trying to forge a new, common identity for her with Germany, Vichy France was the closest to a racist takeover of a décadent Western nation we ever had.


      1. The Holocaust is a scam.
        Describe how the Zyklon-B pellets killed million of Jews in the UNDERGROUND ridiculous facilities in the Kremas II and III in Birkenau.
        Go ahead, mentally deranged dotard


      2. There’s absolutely no “hero” to admire.
        All scumbags, maybe maybe with a couple of exceptions in the ancient world predating Christianity

        Most people need DESPERATELY delusions e.g. “heroes” or raising kids or accumulating money or a “career” or sports or a religion or some ideology or “humanitarian” work in Somalia, etc.

        ALL delusions to distract the weakling rabble from their meaningless empty lives.


    2. Hitler fucked up, The Germans fucked up. Simple as.

      The Nazis were leftists, because Hitler cucked to the people.

      Hitler lived in fear of his adoring audience. His authority was a gift from them. That’s the price of being “a man of the people, by the people, and for the people”.

      But true authority does not come from the masses, and thus there is never a need to placate to them.

      True authority in man is of the self realized divine. This is the true divine right of kings. The king is worshiped, not as man – but as a god.

      Hitler & the Nazis were not true racialists either, no. They didn’t understand anthropology.


  2. > Vichy France was the closest to a racist takeover of a décadent Western nation we ever had.

    Still far from it as Celine saw it.

    “In 1940, with Britain near collapse and the armies of Hitler everywhere triumphant, Céline made an astonishing prophecy of disaster to Lucien Rebatet, a fellow pro-German who had come to him for advice and encouragement. What he received was a terrible letdown. Céline told him: “The Germans have lost the war.” Rebatet describes his own reaction:

    I looked at him stupefied. What had happened to him? This was around October 12 or 15 [1940]. The most unbridled Gaullists would have been staggered by such a statement, as would even Churchill himself. “No kidding…What makes you think that?” [Rebatet asked] They blew it [Céline replied] and us with them. In wars like this an army that doesn’t bring a revolution with it is all washed up. The Krauts have had it.

    Céline was appalled by the accommodations that Germans had made with the French system and French society. In a letter to Jean Lestandi, he wrote, “In order to recreate France it would have to be rebuilt entirely on racist-communal foundations.”

    Since the Germans were doing little in that direction, he believed their occupation was too complacent. They were overwhelmed by French food, French wine, French women and café society. The Germans would never win enough friends among the French poor and working classes to achieve a lasting victory because they accomplished nothing revolutionary. Céline desired a total cleansing, a complete shakeout. When he realized the German army was disposed to do no such thing, he was certain they would lose.

    After a December 1941 meeting between Céline and the Prussian officer and novelist, Ernst Jünger, the latter reported:
    He [Céline] says how surprised and stupefied he is that we soldiers do not shoot, hang, exterminate the Jews….”If the Bolsheviks were in Paris, they’d show you how to go about it; they’d show you how one purifies a population, neighborhood by neighborhood, house by house.”


  3. Are you still alive? What a boring race, almost 2 months in a war that doesn’t even look like one. What is the endgame of Putin?


    1. Unfortunately, I’m still alive, merely not really inspired to write anything. (Chechar’s reblogs on Yockey are decent, however).

      The month-in-advance [sex] transition of Russian forces from Kiev to the upcoming Donbass offensive is so pathetic, it’s Kursk 2.0.

      Realistically, the best course of action in this shitshow would be Kadyrow als Imam Rußlands.

      Did you see the latest butchering of Wikipedia’s interface? They are implementing the vomit-inducing sticky table of contents, and apparently, I’m one of the few ones fighting against.

      P.S. Again, I want to thank Bohun for suggesting the Kshatriya of Slavyansk to me. I never knew he lived (I never really distinguished among the Donbass leaders to begin with). Now, he’s like an uncle I never had to me. (He doesn’t look like a dad, even though he is one, more like a glorious uncle.) Just the other week, he said (roughly),

      A warrior is not a gym boy. A warrior is he who looks in the mirror and sees a small ugly bastard and wonders why.


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