There used to be three splendid sister empires in the Europe of old – Germany, France and England. They proceeded to kill one another, and the European supremacy was lost.

After the fall of the monarchies, and the diminishing of France, three great paths for the Aryan race remained – in America, in Germany, and in Russia.

Germany chose the purest of biological racism, but fueled by her haughty nationalism, lost the war and her heritage.

Russia tied her fate to economic Marxism, and was defeated in peace-time by the spectre of Christianity.

America never abandoned the Christian faith, and thus bred swarthy Negroes until they drowned her in darkness.


What I believe is that every single non-Christian culture out there is aimed at expanding at whatever cost. At the same time, it is my belief that the most lasting and successful expansion is the genocidal one, as we live in an age of science and enlightenment – Hitler was thus the most progressive conqueror to date. But America is unique in this regard as they have totally abandoned all wisdom and vigour of any healthy culture, while also remaining the sole last European empire. Thus the fate of all Aryan people has been tied to this rotting corpse which is getting less intelligent and belligerent with every passing year – and less White.

So, in conclusion, I respect the Shia Iranians with their designs on Iraq, I anticipate the Turkish nationalists with their eyes on the Ukraine, I greet the Korean racists in their task of Korean Reunification and vengeance against Japan… and I’m waiting for the Whitebois to do something mildly interesting.

When one culture becomes a planet-wide contender, I fully expect it to wrestle for world domination. America, for one, could have easily spread its Christian culture by means of total genocide, as there was no other contender in sight in 1945, especially in Asia (where the USSR was so afraid, it removed its forces from Iran and Eastern Turkestan). I doubt the next candidate will be as suicidal. I also doubt he will hail from the European race.

And of course, the wars of the future will be brutal, considering the lifting of the taboo on the use of atomic weapons (fingers crossed, this year), and the question of “energy devolution” such as peak oil.

The demise of Mitteleuropa (1945)


Back when I finished my Galician Ukrainian primary school in the 2000s, I witnessed something akin to the later paedophile bee dance from the 2015 Russia. Through all my childhood years, I vehemently despised the normie vomit of modern European anti-music. This doesn’t mean I appreciate all traditional music – I’m more a fan of sombre and pathetic tones, removed from the 18th century. But I can smell fakery.

Incidentally, I’m almost sure some jester used a 4 sec sample of the gay of Königgrätzer march in my school ceremonies.

Take the following. Whenever I hear such guitar riffs, and then when I see this cringe video montage more akin to Western Asia and the America-worshipping anarchy, I am as if transported to the times when revolution reigned, an uprising of the debased to destroy what Soviet good was left in the country. The worst of the Brown race?

The issue is not exactly with the genre per se, it is in the dignity and the appropriateness. Which is apparently hard to find in this nigger-infested South-Western Eurasia. Skin colour matters little indeed.

…You know, I was taught my impeccable English by a glorious Mongolian Jew, twice a week. And it might be from his classes that I brought with me an amusing sense of bullying morons mercilessly. (To be fair, I was bullied myself, too, albeit deservedly and rarely). Still, it is with a great pain in my fingers that I have to admit that I left him in January 2014, never to learn his views on the coming conflict. I can only imagine how he must have been cursing the ensuing retardation. I hope, he took the trouble to emigrate in/on time.

8 thoughts on “My views – in nuce

  1. Russia is not Aryan, I hate Russia. Much better if the Ûbermenschen Aryan SS blond beasts had exteminated the Slavs untermenschen in the WW2, soaked the soil in blood.

    My soul is 100% Nordic Aryan, and so I have huge potential to do evil things against people that I hate. I hate non-Nordics. Hate keeps me breathing, it’s wonderful. I hate my mom, she thinks I’m crazy.

    I have a cat named Pure Hatred, he’s Nordic but I noticed some non-Nordic traits in his face and fur, I’ll sterilize him.

    Delenda est Slavs! Delenda est America!


      1. Mauricio is Portuguese not Venetian. he has too much hate in his heart.
        He used to be a normal kind happy Portuguese gentleman but then he met Chechar’s idiotic Nordicist propaganda and soon he crossed the Rubicon, transvaluated his values, and became a bitter, violent, brutal individual.
        (Is he really going to sterilize his poor cat because of supposedly non-nordic features? How insane is that?)

        Now Mauricio hates his countrymen, his friends, and even his mom, for being non-Nordics.
        There are thousands of similar deranged Mauricios out there indoctrinated by Chechar ready to do “evil things” against non-Nordics creatures in the “day of the rope..”

        Regarding languages it’s amazing how the magnificent complex beautiful old Latin degenerated in the so-called neo-Latin languages.
        All of them (certainly including the crude coarse Venetian language) are clear examples of devolution.


  2. Mauricio seems much more refined, I doubt you are the one on Chechar’s blog. Morales, can you drop this role-playing?


      1. The software converted my link into an image. See Mauricio’s comment on March 20, 2022 at 11:34 am, in the comments section of the above linked article.


      2. Are you not ashamed that you ruined Mauricio’s life with your stupid Nordicist propaganda? He’s Portuguese and we are not on in the 19th century.

        Who’s gonna give even a job to Mauricio now that you poisoned his mind with hate, destruction and exterminationism?
        Mauricio became a psychopath because of you!


      3. I don’t really care about names aside from the utility. Unless it’s Joseph Walsh, then I feel an amusing tingle before reading.


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