The Occident and the Orient, and their incessant contest in the dead lands of the Europe of ruin! Long after the liveliness of the kings’ guns turned to dust, the ghosts of the past are rising from the morass. Yet is there substance in their cold embrace?

All has been said about the wickedness of the West. Other voices have joined in describing the confusion of the Russians. The dialectics of a false dichotomy. The famed Escobar’s axiom.

The truth is that the Russian cultural sphere is dead inside. One can grasp it in the half-measures taken, in the half-words uttered. Le Putain is no Brejnev, and Brejnev was no Stalin. 《Ye are no heroes 》 (© Lermontov, 1837).

Thus, it is faulty to be passionate in this normiest of narratives. The sheepskin is not worth the dressing. Neither the game the candle. What are the scenarios?

1. Russia wins a swift war. (Has not happened in the first fortnight.) America suffers a loss of préstige, yet what remains of their Empire is mustered together in a new Cold War. The mutt lands are revitalised in a spur of conservative spirit necessary for the worsening material conditions. Richie Spencer is in awe.

2. Russia loses in a stroke of humiliation – yet remains pacified. Christendom wins another decade at most, the way it had looted the Soviet corpse in 1991-2008.

In either case, nothing changes fundamentally. Valinor’s sun will set no matter what, and likewise the Russians will not win in essence. But as in other matters, there is a third way.

Enter the Ukraine. The Morgul-blade forged beyond the sea and pointed at Russia’s heart. The cargo-cult culture of nonsense full of irritants aimed at awakening the bear. The Nazi paraphernalia and the homosexualist overtones! Lo, even their swastika is made of dicks!

Cue le Putain… or more exactly, Putin’s character arc. The madman started out as trying to become one with the West, to get inside NATO. He was spurned and played for laughs. Putin would remember that.

When 2022 dawned, Putin was still a humanitarian. He shied away from declaring war itself. He never wished his enemies to hang from trees, let alone lamp-posts. He tirelessly toiled and laboured to remain in the safe space of international law.

And yet, what has been missing in this picture is the final piece of the puzzle. The ghost of Pripet. The cuck of Kiev. The fifth rider of the Apocalypse. The sacrificial RAGUL that will give no quarter till the world’s ending. The perfect weapon of fate.

The ragulism of the Ukrainians might become the spark that will ignite the gunpowder of the Russian powder boxes. For the happiest reality is the one which knows the smell of nuclear fallout in the morning.

3. And thus, let the unholy angels of the rotten sunset-land carry on the thunderous struggle in the meadow-fields upon the Hospitable Sea so that the bear roars and the foundations tremble!

《This is the hour of the Shire-folk, when they arise from their quiet fields to shake the towers and counsels of the Great. Who of all the Wise could have foreseen it? Or, if they are wise, why should they expect to know it, until the hour has struck?》
© J.R.R. Tolkien – The Lord of the Rings, Book Two, The Council of Elrond

8 thoughts on “The historic fight of the Ukraine

  1. I think you know me, I’m a frequent contributor on C.T.’s blog and I’m the author of the test “How awake are you?”

    I’m a Portuguese but my soul is Nordic. I have a question, are there Nordics living in the Ukraine? I’m worried because the thought of a Nordic being hurt (especially at hands of Asiatics) is heartbreaking!

    Please I’m not homosexual are all! I deny it! But somehow Nordic ephebes crazy lol.


    1. You may be laughing, but it is indeed a profound question as to what exactly populates this accursed land. This entire Russo-Ukrainian war seems like a contest of cripples that puts the Paralympics to shame. I would call it an internal matter of the Brown race, but then, Brown people can actually fight. Whereas this seems more like typical whiteboi nonsense.

      Although the Turk roach is certainly involved. I’ve seen one.


      1. I’ve seen some videos and Russian POWs crying, begging, apologizing, was really a surprise.
        Some decades of easy life and the spirit and mind already softened to a surprising degree. That’s why the longevity of the ancient Roman state is astonishing.
        Putin’s really tough soldiers are Chechens? Almost incredible.

        But on the other hand dying for someone like Putin? Besides obviously being utter corrupt if anything he seems anti-Russian not the opposite.


  2. A bit off-topic.

    This is a girl from Brazil I’ve met, considered beautiful by some; doesn’t her face look not exactly Nordic? The nose, the above eye area, even the skull is slightly hinting to something more akin to La Creatura of the infamous favelas. I find Liv Ullmann far more Nordic&beautiful, what do you think of Luisa? Aryan or not?

    This girl looks like Luisa if she was truly Nordic.


    1. 1. I’m not that strong in racial classification, you’d better ask the folks over at TheApricity (RiP Anthroscape @ Zetaboards/Tapatalk).

      2. Latinos remind me of Hindus – they may vaguely pass off as human, but not quite.

      3. Dr. Morales is correct – the culture is paramount. I for one would underline the behaviour of tanning their skin to look closer to Negroes as an unbridgeable barrier for me to take such creatures seriously.

      4. What would be your thought on such specimens of the Brown race as this? Especially their culture reminds me of the worst anarchic tendencies in the Ukraine.

      5. Speaking of the Ukraine, Alesya Medvedeva looks like a representative of a people that could verifiably maintain civilisation once.


    2. Not Nordic, Nordics have thin skulls and bones. She has a big skull, indicates that she’s a WHG – either Dalofaelid or Borreby. She has European ancestors.


      1. See, this is why I could never get into physical anthropology. By “thin”, do you mean narrow? Because her face seem clearly narrow to me. Or do you mean the thickness of the bones? Then how do you even determine that without Roentgen rays?


  3. Luisa is probably 100% Deutsch, Aryan idiocy is for the insane, Most certainly she’s from Southern Brazil. Favelas are situated in the center and north of the country.

    I’ve lived in Argentina, Uruguay, Southern Brazil, and there are huge non-Iberian European populations in South America, especially in the colder areas in the Southern part of the continent. There are even Dutch, Russian and Ukrainian communities, let alone considerable German, Italian,, Polish areas, myself a Venetian.

    The problem is, all these non-Iberian European peoples live inside the larger Iberian culture, be it Spanish or Portuguese. And Iberian culture is mediocre and low in all aspects, with deep inferior complexes especially towards the Anglo culture (Chechar is an example, hanging in every word written or spoken by that stupid stinky Anglo rabble in US).

    So all these non-Iberian Europeans, maybe inevitably, submerged and became largely as mediocre as the Iberians themselves. Surely German and Venetian areas for example are way wealthier than Iberian ones, but culturally mediocrity and vulgarity all around not even mentioning large migrations to these wealthier areas of Iberians and negroes in the last decades.

    In real life I mention again and again, why so much work, why so greed, why? I point to city after city which has been lost. What’s the point? It’s like talking to zombies

    So that Luisa, ethnically German, but very probably with Iberian low education, watching soap operas, royal weddings in Britistan, and listening to inane Brazilian music


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