Chinese photographer praised for using Chinese model to break down Western people’s stereotypes of Asians
(People’s Daily Online) 13:51, January 28, 2022

Recently, a Chinese photographer’s series of photos, which feature three models from different ethnicities using a similar makeup style, entitled “All in Love,” has won widespread praise on the Internet, after it made an appearance on a billboard in New York’s iconic Times Square.

Netizens have spoken highly of the photographer Luo Bing for using a Chinese model without accentuated “slanted” eyes, which is often the product of makeup designs or racialized facial expressions that often appear in the commercial advertisements of international fashion brands and serve to perpetuate stereotypical images of Asians among Westerners.

In one photo, a Chinese model stands next to two other models, one of African descent and the other being Caucasian.

“This is how Chinese women are really like,” commented a netizen on the Chinese social media platform Weibo. “That’s the normal aesthetic tastes,” another Weibo user said.

Kissing up Western world? Chinese photographer’s photo for Dior sparks criticism
(Global Times) 08:38, November 19, 2021

The photo quickly sparked discussion as some said it was feeding into Western stereotypical images of Chinese, while others applauded the work for its departure from the fair skin and large eyes that are considered the typical standards of beauty in China. […]

Some netizens took note of this, and soon the set began circulating on Chinese social media. The viral photo has further triggered criticism from Chinese social media review site Douban to the Twitter-like Sina Weibo with critics again saying the models play into Western stereotypes about Chinese.

“When it comes to city publicity or brand promotion in the European market, photos usually go with an image of calmness, elegance and nobility. So why do we have to use the image of ordinary people, even one with ugly makeup on, when it comes to Chinese models?” wrote one netizen. […]

This also shows that makeup decisions are related to identity and education of the creator and involve a common problem in Chinese fashion circles when it comes to aesthetics, a lack of self-confidence, said fashion insiders.

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      My comment was such:
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