A lesson in humility. Weaving a murky cobweb of haughty words is the lot of the Christians. It is wise to listen for once, to heed the lead of the truly resplendent Oriental races of Asia. Here, I am reproducing the self-assured verses of Islamic Iran & Juche Korea.

A Nohe song about the enemies of Iran (IRI)

Terror, corruption and hypocrisy are united against us
The world has made itself ready for another world war
We hear the shouts of the world-eating Jews (Zionists) from the throat of the Saudi king
Takfiris, Wahhabis, and Daesh have joined together
All at the hands of the Great Satan (USA)
For as long as the divine spirt is in the heart of this soil
Our enemies will not be allowed to sleep a single restful night
Soon everywhere will hear the name of Hussein
The legacy of Khomeini will become international
The arrogant have been disturbed from their long comfort
What delayed the global Islamic Awakening?
When you threaten us with war, our response is: we’re not dead yet
Our answer to you will be on the tip of the blade
The concept of surrender is gone from our minds
In Syria, Iraq, and Yemen we are ready for war
Our missiles will rain down on our enemies
Our Sejjil Missiles will drop in the heart of Tel Aviv
The voice of Heydar will prevail from the Kaaba
The era of oppression will end
This is the Shia flag that will be waved from the top of the world
Anyone who follows Ali is our compatriot
We will soon write “Ya Heydar e Karar”
On the green flag of Saudi Arabia!
Heydar, Heydar!

Song of the Artillery (DPRK)

The roaring of our artillery rending the air
Is it a peal of thunder of a lightning tearing the sky?
If the boom of our artillery stops, this land will groan
Let’s keep loading the artillery with shells to fire

The armor-piercing shells we charged to kill the enemy
They will open the route of advance of the frontline units
Nobody will stop our enraged shells
Let’s fire the dead shot all the time, fire and fire

Comrades, do you hear the command of firing?
The Supreme Commander has called us
Defending the territory of the country with the heavy gunfire
Let’s shower shells on the enemy camp, fire and fire

If the day comes when we won the battles
We will shoot fireworks before going back home
For our courageous army and people
We will shoot fireworks of victory with our artillery all night

Iranian Song for Qassim Soleimani (IRI)

O the martyr who became the reflection of love
Your misery burned the heart of love
The commander of God Army
With the help of the Holy spirit
The pain of this heart became illuminated
You became Malik al-Ashtar of the current era
Everywhere I heard the words of Wali (Leader Khamenei)
(You) the Defender of shrine of Imam Ali’s daughter (Zainab)
Hayder – Hayder
Zaynab (as) has seen your fighting
It is your good luck that She liked you
You became a servant of Hussein’s house
One of the slaves of Hussein’s flag bearer (Hazrat Abbas)
The secret your sincerity was your politeness
The sweetness of martyrdom on your lips
We are all astonished by your departure
Haj Qasem! We are all your soldiers
Your blood became the leader of this path
The life of the enemy became shortened
The days of the enemy are dark after this
Your revenge is very near
Hayder – Hayder
Your revenge is the slogan of all of us
Your revenge is with the help of Fatima (sa)
Behind his blood, there is an effort of you
Your killer would dig their own grave
Your blood will be very blessing
The new Khyber will be repeated
Our war will [be] fierce and frightful
The enemy will be fed up with his life
Hayder – Hayder
Our war will [be] fierce and frightful
The enemy will be fed up with his life
If your killer is from the demon
Or on the soil of Tel Aviv
We will chase them everywhere
We will not forget your blood
With a little patience, will be destroyed
Even New York will be filled with smoke
Finally, with the blessing of this martyr’s blood
The White House will be destroyed with fire
The enemy will be pulled out from their hideouts
We will wallow their lineage in the blood
The good news is that will finally be free
Hayder – Hayder
Quds (Jerusalem) with your blood, Inshallah
Although, you went and there is sorrow, but
the flag is in the hand of Sayed Ali (Khamenei)
If our leader will order
We will fight with this heart and head
Hayder – Hayder

A Triumph of Victory that Resonates Continuously (DPRK)

Our reliable nuclear science warriors
In a meaningful September when the Republic was founded
The earth was shaken in its entirety
The height of the translational energy reaches heaven
Again, the cannon fire of victory filled the air
Oh, in my heart that believes in the infinite power of the Republic
Great joy is vibrating hot
The victory of Juche Korea in a tearful embrace
Following the launch of the strategic Hwasong Artillery ballistic missile
The U.S. aggravated abominable sanctions
The super hard explosions of the power of Mt. Paektu
A triumph of victory proclaimed throughout the world
With our sacred highest dignity
Aiming for a system like our life
Enemies who sharpen the bloody sword
Ready to launch it at you at any time
Look at our powerful nuclear weapons
Shiver with horror
Independent nuclear power
Eastern nuclear power
The delusion of swallowing Juche Korea
How stupid it is
You’re going to regret it after all
Yesterday and today, every moment
The time of destiny that brought to you
Bankruptcy of anti-Korea hostile policy
It’s just a miserable end that comes after the painful struggle
Today and tomorrow, forever
Only the gunfire of victory sounds
The name will be roared in all directions
A mighty country that doesn’t know failures and setbacks
The great Paektusan country that only knows victory
Praise this name to the whole world

To tell the truth, I have been appalled at how difficult it is to find anything worthwhile on Iran. The Jewish Wikipedia mentions Iranian hip hop artists resident in England (admittedly, Khomeini himself came from France). A perfect storm of an apparently non-musical Iranian culture with American censorship and shahist opposition à la Trotsky/Navalny.

Another thing is that I find the melody at 02:00 (Our missiles will rain down on our enemies) quite recognisably Islamic, and yet cannot find anything remotely close – it is either drawn out Byzantine-esque chorales, or resigned Sunni Jihadi singing. (I crave the wild lelele.)

Thus, in that search, I also encountered the following Turkish Männerbund chant.

7 thoughts on “On Asian poetry

  1. Why did you stop posting on Chechar’s Nordic blog? Despite all his anti-troll measures like anti-proxy software it’s not that difficult.
    A Nordic troll named Karl Kôepke with a Nordic IP just posted there, he liked the troll very much.


    1. I’m too attached to my name, and Chechar has shown his blind dishonesty regarding the role of Stalin in Russia’s salvation/the treatment of Germans after 1945, and his stupidity regarding civil discussion. I cannot respect a person disinterested in anti-American opposition in Cuba, or obsessed with people’s names over their professed ideas.

      Currently, the Jewish Russia is on the brink of dethroning America, and Chechar remains silent. What a fool.

      Chechar is part and parcel of Christian America. All he can think about is a philosophical journey. Why not appreciate what exists? And why not cut one’s losses? America is gone; if the Aryans ever rise again, it will be either in Poland and/or in Russia.

      Overall, Chechar doesn’t seem to hate the Anglo, he identifies with the Anglo. Such a position has its place, but is annoying and nonconstructive.


      1. Iberians venerate the so-called Anglos, they look up to them as if they were demi-gods.
        The “royal” weddings in Britistan are huge events to the TVs and public among the Spanish and Portuguese in South America, like the last one when that ridiculous fool married a mulatta.
        It’s just sad, pathetic and hopeless.


      2. > “Iberians venerate the so-called Anglos, they look up to them as if they were demi-gods.”

        That is true to the entirety of Christendom. The only independent ideologies were Hitlerism and Leninism, and they both perished, one after another. The beating heart of the Christian culture lies in America.

        This is why I’m praying for Putin to have the balls to kick the door by launching a salvo against Romania. Remove the Anglo – and a chance may appear.


      3. “Remove the Anglo – and a chance may appear.” now you’re talking common sense.
        The three most vile and destructive enemies to Europe and Europeans, the Anglo. the Jew, and the Priest.
        Maybe the main problem with Hitlerism is that Hitler blew up his brain still naively viewing the Anglos as friends because of that Aryan childish idiocy.
        The Anglo is a spiritual Jew, a long tradition of being water carriers for their betters.
        The self-righteousness is the same, the hypocrisy, the chosen mentality, and total lack of self-awareness.


    2. Good to know.

      Actually, I didn’t take the trouble to run the anti-proxy software because
      his (“Karl Köepke”) comment seemed legit at first sight. (Nor did he write me an email…)


      1. Men willingly believe what they wish.
        — Julius Caesar

        You talk a good amount about other peoples’ behaviors and psychology and you don’t even understand yourself. Very naive man


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