It is always amusing to see Chechar write intelligent pieces contra philosophy. I concur. Even more, I will say that everything coming from the West – everything created by the Aryan – is cuckold pornography. Even LotR – has everyone forgotten that the message of LotR lies in proclaiming nigger Halflings saviours of the proud Nordic Adûnâim?

And then to Sam’s surprise and utter confusion he [Aragorn] bowed his knee before them; and taking them by the hand, Frodo upon his right and Sam upon his left, he led them to the throne, and setting them upon it, he turned to the men and captains who stood by and spoke, so that his voice rang over all the host, crying:
‘Praise them with great praise!’

© J.R.R. Tolkien; The Lord of the Rings, Book Six, Chapter IV – The Field of Cormallen

Wasn’t the main drive behind Hitler’s impatience in his surety he would raise his children as faggots? I clearly remember reading roughly that (along the lines of “the future generations will lack the strength I have to do what I must”, cannot find the exact quote found it after two hours of searching, see below). Isn’t it an admission of defeat? Or a Christian sense of falling from grace? Contrast this with the Mongoloid Korea, where President Kim Il Sung knew the country would remain safe in the hands of the great leader Comrade Kim Jong Il for decades to come.

As the Armeno-Judaean élite of Putinian Russia doesn’t hide, “they cannot be sure we will not change course again”. There is no permanence with the Aryan. He will betray his own blood for a couple of shekels, in every country his race calls home, be it Germany, America, Latvia or Russia, yesterday or tomorrow, for the sake of Jews or Turks – collective suicide is the Aryan’s only faith.

P.S. In his previous blog entry, Chechar wrote,
…in 1930s Germany no one could suspect that if Germany waged and lost the war all the whites of the world would go into an ethnosuicidal zeitgeist…

Which I cannot pass by. As I have long posited, with a clear eye, any onlooker could have seen the fate of the Aryan in the conquered Philippines – where the triumphant Americans instilled a country for the proliferation of the Asians. The same way the Christians would later behave in Japan, in Iraq, in Afghanistan. It goes without saying that the very demilitarisation of the American society in 1945-50 (cosmetically stemmed by the Korean War) was cucked beyond the wildest imagination.

Philippine population (1903) – 7.6 mil.
Philippine population (1939) – 16 mil. (+8.4 mil.).

Indeed, a culture & a race unable to hold onto its own mastery of the planet has nothing relevant to say. The dead are silent.

P.P.S. The Führer’s indirect quote.

After a few hours of searching, I have found it! The key word is hypochondria. The underlined text is mine. (Quora & Wikiquote.)

In Hitler 1936–1945: Nemesis by Ian Kershaw (2000), on pp. 36–37, it is said the following,
From late 1937 onwards, his increasing hypochondria made him ever more reliant on Morell’s pills, drugs, and injections. [196] And the fear of cancer (which had caused his mother’s death) never left him. At the end of October, he told a meeting of propaganda leaders that both his parents had died young, and that he probably did not have long to live. ‘It was necessary, therefore, to solve the problems that had to be solved (living-space) as soon as possible, so that this could still take place in his lifetime. Later generations would no longer be able to accomplish it. Only his person was in the position to bring it about.’ [197]

Source [197] is “Domarus, 745”. Now, word to Domarus (The Complete Hitler: A Digital Desktop Reference to His Speeches & Proclamations, 1932-1945),
Late in October and early in November 1937, Hitler deemed it “absolutely necessary” to reveal to a small group his new religious convictions and his plans for a policy of aggression. [221] He did this in two ‘secret speeches,’ one in Berlin before the propaganda leaders of the Party, the other before an assembly of the Commanders in Chief of the branches of the Wehrmacht and in the presence of the Reich Foreign Minister. [222]
While speaking before the propaganda leaders, Hitler’s topics included the following: [223]

  1. He, Hitler, would not live much longer, at least as far as this was accessible to the human mind. In his family, men did not grow old. Also both his parents had died young.
  2. It was hence necessary to face the problems which absolutely had to be resolved (Lebensraum) as quickly as possible—so that this would occur while he was still alive. Later generations were not capable of accomplishing this. His person alone was in a position to do this.
  3. After long and bitter mental battles, he finally had divorced himself from the religious convictions that still existed from his childhood. “Now I feel as fresh as a colt in the pasture.”

Source [223] is
Notes taken by the author on October 31, 1937, according to information related by the Gau Propagandaleiter Waldemar Vogt (Würzburg, later Berlin).

Herein lies the answer to my question in the most pristine form. For indeed, Hitler was an impotent, lifeless cuck, certain his children would turn out to be inferior faggots. And he was the best Aryan ever to have lived! Another point to the case that winning peace is more relevant to winning war.

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The broken lyre — The West’s Darkest Hour

5 thoughts on “On cuck impermanence (ft. the Führer’s indirect quote)

    1. A book about thugs? Ironically, my main opposition to the current state of the Intermarium Slavs is that we are bandits. Our violence is as rootless as that of those sissy cowboys. Again, no permanence. This is why I respect Juche Korea – a country that has a decent shot at lasting 10 thousand years.

      We, the vanishing Aryans of the East, are like the relatively anarchic sand niggers of West Asia, but without the organising and dick-mutilating force of Islam. This is why the Mongoloid race will inherit the planet – with their orderly culture of zealot-priests.

      Do you know, perchance, whether the Amerigays had already started calling Indians “native Americans” by the 1980s? It fascinates me how swiftly they change their words,
      Peking > Beijing,
      vegetarianism > veganism,
      nudism > naturism,
      Siamese twins > conjoined twins.


  1. “Comrade Kim Jong Il for decades to come.”
    That fat mongoloid would LOVE to be have his miserable country Westernized like everybody else while remaining in power. He’s realistic and smart, not some deranged internet warrior.
    Isn’t that clear? Are you that naive and delusional?


  2. “I clearly remember reading roughly that (along the lines of “the future generations will lack the strength I have to do what I must”….
    Isn’t it an admission of defeat? Or a Christian sense of falling from grace?”

    Nope, admission for reality. Every individual, every society, every nation, pampered by peace and wealth, degenerates in body and mind. Isn’t that clear? Are you some kid?


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