A question may be raised as to whether a culture may be considered malignant. In one way, all cultures that will not inherit Earth are destined to be viewed as faulty. In another, it is impossible to determine which behaviour is beneficial to the population’s survival with certainty beforehand. Psychological metaphors may be amusing, but psychology is but a blind carving tool of Natural selection.

Am I saying that Christianity may be viewed positively? I’m saying that a race that has failed to assimilate a foreign ideology has forfeit its right to exist. Neither Buddhism nor Communism have managed to sap the life of the Mongoloid race. Dead Jews possess no agency – ideas belong to the people; corrigibility may vary.

History professor Michael Sugrue is a normie who reproaches Nietzsche, using Newspeak terms such as ‘anti-Semitism’, ‘racism’ and ‘misogyny’. But his speech could be useful for other normies who would like to be introduced to Nietzsche’s philosophy. After the 22nd minute of the above-linked speech, Sugrue said something very profound that is worth mentioning. I […]

Nietzsche for dummies — The West’s Darkest Hour

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