So, here’s the thing. Russia is another whiteboi nation, a victim of Christianity where this Jewish poison transmuted itself not into femboyism as in the stateless, anarchic Occident but into the hatred of one’s own statehood as befitting an Asian country. Incidentally, this is why I consider the Ukrainian identity a cancer on the Russian body.

Of course, Putin’s current chimp out is nothing of the sort, but it’s getting there. I have no idea why now. Maybe, Putin fears death the way Hitler did. Or maybe Russian rearmament has reached a good enough stage. Either way, the rotting zombie Russian state is on the rise, and it warms my heart.

The objectives? The destruction of all NATO east of the Oder river. Quite a lot to chew, but apparently, Putin believes it is the Western gays who are a colossus with the feet of clay, and the old child-sniffer is bluffing.

The timetable? There are voices calling to postpone the nuclear war until the Chinese Olympics lest Comrade Xi be sad. I concur.

The map? A nuclear strike on Romania/Poland combined with a third Maidan in Ukraine? No clue. They are explicitly keeping silent on the details of their military-technological response. What they have hinted at, however, is a possible cooperation with Cuba/Nicaragua/Venezuela/Iran/DPRK. That said, I fear that an insufficient reaction would implode Russia from within.

The casus belli? The most moronic thing is that Russia clearly states it does not plan on a war in Ukraine – unless the two red lines are crossed: NATO offensive infrastructure in Ukraine, and/or Ukrainian attempted conquest of Donbass. This puts the initiative squarely into the grubby Kievan hands, and that is retarded.

The forecast?
1. I cannot see Russia withstanding a protracted war. The tricolour nation will repeat history (unlike the glorious Red Flag rapist with legendary stamina).
2. A lack of response to an invasion of Donbass will spell doom for the Putinian régime likewise.
3. I don’t believe a modern war can be waged without amassing tanks. All the talks about Wunderwaffen smack of nonsense.
4. Any kind of a partial conquest of Ukraine (1 – Kharkov, 2 – Dnepr, 3 – Vinnitsa) makes no sense, as the Amerigays will be left in possession of Red Russia and Poland.

Therefore, I would rather expect a swift beheading nuclear strike on all the Satanist forces in Poland & Romania, coupled with a third Maidan in Ukraine (granted, the Ukrainians are already in disarray politically). Shock and awe, the way of the Amerigay.

…Obviously, the above is a fantasy conjured out of the sight of the seemingly-enlarged testicles of Sir Lavrov. That observation may be incorrect, and instead, absolutely nothing may happen.

The overall picture: the rotting carcass of the Eastern Aryan nation is gathering material forces under the Armenian-Jewish spiritual leadership to force the hand of fate and draw close the demise of Western Aryan neo-Christendom.

MapChart code.

One thought on “The Russo-American nuclear showdown (2022)

  1. Lol there will be no nuclear showdown (2022). The Jews are just playing their mind games with their puppets and servants. The Ukrainian president is not a Jew himself? Isn’t that ridiculous?


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