On IQ studies — The West’s Darkest Hour

1. The most amusing meta-perspective of this article is in its abandonment of the old racial classification, instead calling the Mongoloid race “Asians”. The Christian fears the geographer!

2. The meta-perspective cornucopia keeps on giving. Calling Mongoloids “imitative” is precisely an imitation of that old dead meme which means nothing at this point. The East Asians have developed 4 distinct forms of religious worship – the yang-yin antipodal Juche and Christianity in Korea, the constitutional-Shogunate Shinto in Japan, and the adaptable Maoism in China.

3. Judgement! Isn’t it precisely the judgement that is lacking among the Aryans? Even without falling into a cause-and-effect nihilism, it is clear that Christianity fits the Aryan like a glove – it is the homeostasis to which this wretched race has returned every time.

4. The pre-occupation with female intelligence is feminism. It may be true that penis abstractions are unnecessary to the female. It is also true that survival abstractions are repugnant to the Aryan man. The Communist Russians abandoned their Empire, desecrated the statues of their savour Lenin – and now have conflagrations of Asian dragons blazing all around their internal borders: in Armenia, in Donbass, in Kazakhstan. If that is not female logic par excellence, I don’t know what is. The only explanation is subterranean – a death wish.

And the Russians are far closer to the Asians. Unlike the Anglos, the Russians do have such a word as FatherlandOtechestvo (Отечество) – Biladi (بلادي) – Joguk (조국). There are terms that come naturally to an Asian – such as the Juche Korean baekjeonbaekseung (백전백승) – ever-victorious. Where else can the worship of weakness and of one’s own demise be seen clearer?

On IQ studies — The West’s Darkest Hour

4 thoughts on “On creativity, homeostasis and language

    1. When I think of Soviet films, Alexander Nevsky and Ivan the Terrible come to mind.

      When I think of Bolshevik racial policies, the 40%-Russian Kazakhstan and 2 million+ dead Afghans come to mind.

      Are you hyped for the upcoming Judaeo-Russian war, however? Fingers crossed for a nuclear strike on Judaeo-Romania ^_-


  1. By the way, what is the point of this little war? What does Russia want to do with the territory/people of Ukraine? Is ZOG bored? Another shitshow? Why not launch all nuclear missiles to Jewsa?


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