My short summary of the three kindred faiths of old Europe (Racism, Marxism, Liberalism).

Racism. Man is begotten by forests and rivers, creeks and ravines, belongs as an unalienable part of Nature, and must be judged as any other animal – per objective standards of beauty & survival. All the rules are already written, it is from the past that the course must be charted, the will of the Cosmos divined. Comes naturally to any Asiatic tribe; in Christian Europe, was only explicitly professed by Germany from the late XIX ct. to 1945. The Hitlerian racists felt pressed for time; livid from the defeat in the Great War, haughty from their stature as the scion of Europe, recklessly they charged into battle, and were felled with swords, bringing about the downfall of their gods once again.

Marxism. Man must be liberated from oppression by man, for there is good in man, a potential for growth and improvement. Fancying not the dark past, the Marxist’s eyes are peering into the brilliant future. Science & technology offer the answer, and when freed from mercantile interests, will serve as a guide and a teacher to humanity. Labour ennobles the soul. Paradoxically, Marxists took power in the mostly-rural Russia. There, they toiled to mend the wounds of terrible internecine strife, adjoining together Slavic kin. Uprooting traditional Christianity, they built their own spiritual edifice of Communism. The Marxists were greeted with the sun of victory in the Great Patriotic War, yet grew magnanimous and unsuspecting afterwards, protected by the great army, with Asia still sleeping around them. The finally lost sight of their destiny to the trickery by the Occidental liberals in 1991. The dreams of the Soviet Eloi yielded to the hopeless Morlocks.

Liberalism. The splendour of the carefree moment! Nothing exists but the simplest desires in the here & now. Hunger, lust, vanity – those are the values of the liberal. There is no direction, neither foresight nor sorrow; in childlike wonder, the liberal stretches his arms to all the races of mankind, bestowing gifts. He can afford it – the stronghold of liberalism in the New World is guarded by great oceans. The direct descendant of Christianity, the liberal never seems to notice the contradictions between hard science and his gospel of universal love. Under the double sign of the dollar and the cross, the Anglo is frolicking over the planet, often with joyful laughter, sometimes with bewildered tears, until the basilisk of Asia hatches and devours him.

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