> “It is not possible to give the same education to young people whom Nature has destined to different and complementary functions.”

I rarely talk about myself, but in my case, the obedient boy would have grown [metaphorically] gay had it not been for the mixed-sex schooling. I am a totalitarian at heart, and I would appreciate a state-mandated political fighter GF.

> “Similarly, one cannot teach the same things, and in the same spirit, even to young people of the same sex who, later on, will have to engage in unrelated activities.”

Isn’t this how Germany operates, with their Realschulen und Gymnasien? I never understood how a distinction at such a young age can be fair at all.

> “To do so would be to burden their memory with a heap of information which they, for the most part, have no use for…”

Savitri seems to be a fan of the stupid fat Amerimutts who can’t point Australia on the map. Who needs the knowledge of the map? Who needs poetry? Who needs history? Yes, the traditional societies were indeed oh-so-erudite!

> “…or of those provoked by the teaching of the French literature programme of the baccalaureate to 20th century Khmers, who are, for the most part, ignorant of their own culture.”

I thought, a cultural genocide of non-Aryans was desirable? I guess, not to her.

> “He considered the superficial study of foreign languages and the sciences to be particularly useless for the great majority of the sons (and even more so for the daughters) of the folk.”

To my understanding, the education as it is is necessary for the functioning of the technological state (see the USSR).

> “…education, culture and a fortiori the practical probability of advanced spiritual development[,] had to regain the secret character—properly initiatory—which they had had in the most remote antiquity, among the Aryan peoples…”

The Confucian state-exam system was not “initiatory” but thorough, with such subjects as poetry, calligraphy, painting, and the knowledge of the classics reflected.

Or from more recent times (Gaokao):
The exams last about nine hours over a period of two or three days, depending on the province. The Standard Chinese language and mathematics are included in all tests. […] In addition, students must choose between two concentrations in most regions, either the social-science-oriented area (文科倾向) or the natural-science-oriented area (理科倾向). Students who choose social sciences receive further testing in history, political science, and geography (文科综合), while those who choose natural sciences are tested in physics, chemistry, and biology (理科综合).

> “But these soldiers of the first hour were to form, little by little, together with the young people rigorously selected and hardened in the ‘Burgs’ of the SS Order in the asceticism of the body, of the will and knowledge, to form an aristocracy, henceforth hereditary and strongly rooted—owner of vast family estates in the conquered areas—and itself hierarchical. These members of the elite corps par excellence, among whom the most beautiful and valuable sons of peasants, the most brilliant academics of good breeding, and many young representatives of the old and rigid German nobility, were to gradually merge into a true caste: an inexhaustible reservoir of candidates for superhumanity.”

This is not necessarily a bad idea, although I do consider a complete indoctrination of the entire people preferable. Case in point: out of Juche Korea’s population of ca. 25.5 mil., 6.5 mil. are members of the WPK – a quarter of the total. This is why I admire the DPRK so much – the country where you can hear songs about the Führer in the streets every morning, where they manage to preserve their race in a deeply-echeloned defence.

Isn’t this traditionalism? Isn’t the knowledge of one’s limits the common virtue in mythology? Didn’t the NSDAP overplay its hand? Does Shambhala go out of its way to conquer the outside world?

> “‘For the Great Reich’ but also for the return of the whole Earth to a life based on traditional truth; ‘for the Great Reich’ because he alone could be the instrument of this recovery in extremis, if any somewhat lasting recovery was not already impossible.”

In many ways, this is Occidental hubris. The failure of Europe does not negate the existence of Asia. How can man know the divine truth to begin with? Clearly, it is expressed with the stride of history. Even the Christians best destroy themselves.

I remember hearing about the mastery of oneself. That which is falling deserves no aid.

P.S. I rarely see dreams, but this day, I dreamt of school. How fittingly idealist of me.

Reflections of an Aryan woman, 63 — The West’s Darkest Hour

Editor’s note: What Savitri says below about the extreme imbecility of identical education for all kids is fundamental. It is right in the school where the unpolluted minds of white children and adolescents are being corrupted to the extent of producing, as a factory, millions upon millions of identical cogs that the System will then […]

This reblog was created using the function in the Reader list, for apparently Chechar has disabled the function.

6 thoughts on “On education (a critique of Savitri)

  1. Given these human groups: Europeans, Mongoloid Asiatics, Negroes, Hindus, Moslems and Amerindians, if I had the chance to holocaust from the face of the earth one group among them I had no doubt that I would exterminate the mongoloid Asiatics.
    As I said to a mongoloid Chinese who called me a “nazi” weeks ago for some reason, the worst alleged nazi atrocity is nowhere near what every single humanoid mongoloid asiatic deserves.
    The most logical explanation is that the Creator of this world is a sadist, a psychopath, to have inflicted on this planet such absolute ugly empty garbage.
    Naturally someone insane like.you would venerate those obnoxious dregs of mankind while whining constantly like a retard about “amerimutts.”


    1. 1. My logic is simple – the Mongoloid race is equally civilised to the Aryan, but out of their three great nations, only one committed suicide (quite honourablly at that). The East Asians have China, Korea, and used to include Japan.

      We Aryans had two and a half continents and all the seas to us – Anglo-America, Germania, Russia. The Germs lost a stupid war, the Ruskies sold their empire for lace panties, and the Occidental cucks enjoy bestowing their fair women upon gorillas.

      The geography is quite clear. I cannot ignore the rest of the world with the ease these parochial racists do.

      2. Regarding Chechar, back in 2009, the commenter Wathcing Eagle voiced the perfect counter-point to Chechar’s childrearing idea.

      > “Additionally, I have a question about the “bad parenting” thesis– Muslims are ready to fight, die, and kill the ‘other’, and are loyal to their ‘tribe’ –They must be doing SOMETHING RIGHT in their parenting. Meanwhile, the ‘progressive’ leaders in the West are trying to TEAR DOWN their societies when they have gotten everything a person could want. Western Parenting must have done something PROFOUNDLY WRONG. More to the point, these Western people were raised in an environment most psychologists would have to agree (if they looked at the facts) that was far more HUMANE than at any other time in history. Why are Westerners raising a generation of milk-toast wimps who concede everything to the ‘other’, or at least not deposing those who do?”

      3. I understand this is 2009, but the fact Chechar used to hate self-sacrifice for one’s own race is telling.

      > “For instance, it occurs to me that, if the model is correct, in the Israeli kibbutz children cannot be easily schizophrenized. The cause of this would be, naturally, that in the kibbutz they are put farther away from potentially schizophrenogenic parents than the children in nuclear families (let alone the Palestinian families that openly promote terrorist self-immolation among their offspring, assisted by their national television).”

      4. Chechar hates terrorism, and is emotionally invested in the lies about the Gulag.

      > “In fact, it’s precisely my readings of the Gulag and the Holocaust literature, that other people find depressive but I find fascinating, what allows me to understand these people better.”

      > “You say that in your book review of the book you mention above. Miller, Lloyd deMause, Robert Godwin and I believe that abusive parenting within the context of Islamic culture is not partially, but the basic etiology of terrorism.”

      5. It is curious that Michael O’Meara said a few kind words about the Wasaw Pact. Of course, Chechar ignores this.

      > “When Thomas Molnar, who played an important role in the US conservative movement of the 1960s and ’70s, returned to his native Hungary after the collapse of the Soviet empire, he found, to his astonishment, that traditional culture and education, which had virtually disappeared in the West, were still very much alive in the former Soviet bloc.”

      6. Still, O’Meara is idiotic when he blames capitalism as the main culprit. If the West loved money that much, it would have been much easier to sterilise the Negroes as they produce a far less efficient civilisation (my point contra Dr. Robert Morgan, too). Clearly, the excesses of the suicidal West can only be understood as the triumph of Christian morality (there was neither Hitler nor Lenin in America).

      > “Corporate capitalism is our main enemy according to O’Meara. As he states on page 93, because the system prioritizes money and greed, the country’s historical racial hierarchy was overturned; the social engineers ethnically cleansed whites through the flooding masses of Negroes; whites being resocialized as mindless, deracinated consumers. The contents of page 91 provide a very vivid illustration of how this corporate capitalism destroyed far more our traditional culture than the terrible totalitarian regimes that the people of the Eastern bloc endured…”

      7. And regarding psychology – I don’t deny its role, but I view psychology as mere tactical means of cultural proliferation, of memetic multiplication. Just as I told Chechar long ago about the film They Live, the means of control are all fine, it’s what that control is used for is the issue.

      Chechar himself substitutes Hitler for Jesus – “Hitler died for your sins”, thus pressing the same psychological buttons as Christianity does – and that’s alright! Of course, it may distort the message (Hitler would have preferred “I fought for your future”), but it’s still largely fine. The content of the meme is what matters, to a farcical extent.

      Geography is enough to identify the cause – you see that the holiest words in the American psyche is “black kids are previous” and “cuckoldry is sanctified”. So the thrust must indeed be about how “black kids should be killed”… and the means of achieving success may well be psychological, or it might not exist at all anymore. Life is not a mathematical problem.

      > “Nevertheless, I am not a psychoreductionist like deMause. Emergent stages such as economics, politics, social movements and especially art seem to move in a logic of their own. This translation of my book should be read in the context of what I call the eagles’ view in counter-jihad: the bloggers whose privileged perspective see what is happening in the world from a cloudless sky. The eagles are like geographers: they can describe the seas, the rivers, the land, the forests and even a mountain from the above. But they cannot explain why a rising volcano, or an earthquake, came up just there in their visual field. I on the other hand understand myself as a sort of geologist of the psyche. The plate tectonics of the inner, unconscious selves or daimons, explains how the mountain was formed or why the world is about to explode among the fury of pyroclastic flows and megatons of vomited magma.”


      1. Chechar repeatedly states that the Roman Catholic Church was the driving force for the miscegenation of Iberians in “Latin” America and that nobody was able to give him another explanation.
        So about 2 years ago I found his site
        and gave him much better explanations, since I know South America much better than him, and demonstrated to him that his idea is childish and idiotic.

        Instead of allowing my comment and learn something he banned me and go on with the lie that “nobody was able to give him another explanation for the Iberians to have ‘ruined’ their blood” in “Latin” America.
        Iberians are carrying “ruined” blood for thousands of years for a start, incompetent people who in the last century only exist to ape the “anglos”.or to defy them with their ludicrous leftist “revolutions.”

        Since I’m sane I take him even less seriously than I take you. So naturally Dr. Morales became a troll since he’s dealing with lunatics


  2. I believe it was me who forced Chechar to disable the share and like button. It’s idiotic but it’s funny.
    After Dr. Morales’ hoax about John Martinez’s death it became much more difficult to dupe that Mexican nazi with new avatars


  3. “King Hu” who? Even the language of that despicable scum is not human.
    It’s really difficult but I have accepted that “God” is a psychopath. The existence of soulless empty evil mongoloids like you only make sense as a sadistic creation of a psychopath.


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