> “What is it that is escaping me, how did the level of the Aryans’ voluntary surrender to evil reach the level of perversity that it has reached today?”

1. Some will say, genetics.
2. I would, however, focus on the tactical (child influence) and operational (subversion & fall of Rome) successes of Christianity.
3. But why did Rome itself disappear? Chechar focuses on “sins”. I would focus on a geographical inevitability – an empire merciful enough was destined to miscegenate both its blood and its spirit.
4. Why was Rome so merciful, however? Now that is a curious part. I wouldn’t delve too deep – it seems enough to say that the level of Roman mercy was sufficient for Italy, suicidal for the Mediterranean.

Yes, a desire for riches was at the crux, but why did it appear in the first place, and why wasn’t it weeded out? Because it was healthy. It’s the different geography that doomed it in different circumstances – exactly like the Prusso-Hitlerian Bewegungskrieg worked in France, yet failed to account for Soviet Russian mobilisation strength.

> “I don’t deny the existence of the subversive Jew. But I focus on the white assholes who believe and obey the Jew for the simple fact that this family of whites also have agency.”

Do they? It might be a failing on Chechar’s part, to see every family as separate. I would prefer to focus on grand cultural “climates”, ineffable and barely explicable. Culture war. Most people are idiotic and powerless – but intelligent and powerful enough to obey their surrounding pheromones, their memes. Thus, it is the memes that have to come under attack, the memes that have to be appreciated.

Of course, said culture war may take many forms – creating a cult, indoctrinating children, an armed rebellion, a mass media campaign, logical debates, or waiting for a conducive shift in popular consciousness due to stormy material conditions. But unmistakingly, the Schwerpunk of the attack must be the ideology/religion/philosophy/culture. Not people and not temporal power.

For truly, America is the antipode of Juche Korea – precisely as one dies, the other lives by culture alone.

Contra genetics, contra psychology!

2 thoughts on “Two or three Russian dolls?

    1. Thanks. It is always a pleasure to reply to a genuine Checharian insight, however. The questions are all right, and the only true answer will be the judgement of History.


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