> “But the absence of news photographs showing Pierce parading in a ‘Nazi’ uniform meant that doors would be open to him in the years ahead that would not have been open had such photos existed.”

Optics is the lifeblood of the neo-Nazi movement indeed. So much use.

> “At the same time, however, he saw that Hitler’s defeat in 1945 had changed the world forever. The geo-political realities that were obtained before the War had been permanently altered. Before the War, the perception in NS and related circles was that each Aryan nation was menaced internally by Jewish Capitalism, and externally by Soviet-based Jewish-Bolshevism.”

The real changes of 1945 were:
1) the demise of Germany, one of the three pillars of Europe (the others being Russia and America);
2) the advent of the Pax Atomica;
3) the split of Europe by the Iron Curtain.

And all three points are irrelevant, as Christianity had been clearly destroying both Russia and America for decades by then, growing ever more accelerated by new technology.

> “Accordingly, it was up to each separate Aryan folk or nation to defend itself, or, as Hitler put it, to ‘devise its form of national resurrection’.”

Yes, attacking the anti-Semitic Poland was all part of helping separate Aryan folks.

> “So, for Rockwell, the political focus was on race, with national concerns being secondary, whereas, in Hitler’s conception, the good of the nation came first.”

Rockwell was a nascent American politician. Race is an issue unique to America – so to say, the Whites are in the greatest peril there, for they are surrounded by literal demons from hell. But it does not stop being a national American issue.

> “Exacerbating this neglect was the fact that the ANP was considered – and considered itself – as a far-right organization. Among the right, efforts at social reform and economic justice were considered the purview of the left. The people Rockwell targeted and whom he attracted had little or no concern with such issues.”

There is nothing wrong about neglecting economic questions. Obsession with economics is a particular whiteboi meme, but it is but one of the ideas to build a worldview around. It is precisely Marxist and rotten to put economy as the basis of all. Neither Islamist Asians nor Juche Koreans will agree, and yet they have been successful in enacting anti-Christian revolutions. Meanwhile, the Marxist USSR gave way to a Christian death-wish.

> “Much has been written on Rockwell’s effort to forge a link with the Nation of Islam and other Black separatists, but in fact, nothing concrete was ever achieved on this front, although theoretically trans-racial alliances between National Socialists and non-Whites are certainly possible.”

Yikes. This is cringe. If life is war between races, how can you ever befriend foreigners? This is precisely why I see nothing wrong when Iran or Juche Korea support the suicide of Aryan America – they are interested in our death, and that’s to be expected. Liberal = anti-White, and the real, existing non-Whites do revel in it. (Aside from the Saudis and the Japanese, they’re fucked.)

> “It was a tragic but foreseeable end to Rockwell’s life. As early as 1962, he had predicted his assassination, writing, ‘I knew that I would not live to see the victory which I would make possible, but I would not die before I had made that victory certain’.”

Just like the coalskin Luther aka MLK, both killed in 1967-68.

> “The debate still rages today whether open advocacy of National Socialism or a slightly modified ‘Americanized’ approach is most effective.”

The same as Germany’s position in 1944, some problems do not have solutions. Life is not chess.

> “But through the courage, genius and Herculean effort of one man, National Socialism was reborn.”

Apparently, Christendom considered the movement too small to matter, unlike Communism (which it fought and destroyed utterly in America).

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