> “The correct way would have been, as I have said, to found a publishing house for books like Hellstorm: The Death of Nazi Germany, 1944-1947, which decades later Tom Goodrich would write.”

Of course, not. People at the time weren’t as delusional as Chechar, with Hitlerians’ flagrant aggression still fresh in mind.

> “What he had in mind was a dynamic racial movement, something more political than the Ku Klux Klan and more racially focused than Christian Nationalism.”

Klan-cucks and Christ-cucks. Sometimes I forget how cucked they really are. Apolitical/asexual apes.

> “Hudson shared Madoles’s interests in racial nationalist politics, space travel, science fiction and the occult. […] Madole’s goal was to build a new Aryan super-civilisation in North America, not just to save the Constitution from the Jews. He was anti-rightwing, anti-capitalist and anti-Christian, all of which earned him the hostility of the Christian Nationalists and their allies, such as the Ku Klux Klan. […] Madole shared Yockey’s assessment that Stalin had broken the power of the Jewish-Bolsheviks in the USSR, and was steering the Soviet Union ever-closer to the traditional Russia of the czars. […] This nuanced appraisal of the USSR was lost on the American Right of the 1950s, who decided that Madole was just a racist, anti-Semitic communist.”

Madole seems to be my alter ego. Now, I can ask you with hindsight, Ameritards, the USSR is no more – yet are you happy? The Amerimutt land has taken a steep dive towards suicide since 1991.

> “Editor’s note: This flaw would also appear among some white nationalists of the next century with their mad infatuation with Putin’s Russia.”

Wrong comparison, Chechar. The good goy Putin is an American slave, a filthy capitalist and a traitor. His cult veneration in the West is limited to delusional, idealistic Christcucks. Meanwhile, cold facts tell that neither Brezhnev nor even the clown Khrushchev would have stopped in 2014, or let the Western puppets such as Navalny et alia operate.

> “The immediate outcome of the convention was the formation of the United White Party, which was reorganized the following year as the National States Rights Party. […] To keep these members from drifting away, Fields would confide to them that the NSRP’s initials secretly stood for ‘National Socialist Revolutionary Party’.”

Yikes. An exercise in name creation. The original alphabet agencies.

> “He gave a presentation to the convention outlining a plan to relocate the Black population of the US to Africa. He called it the ‘Lincoln Plan’.”

As Dr. Robert Morgan on the Unz Review keeps tirelessly reminding, the real Lincoln had no such intentions.

> “George Lincoln Rockwell had abandoned his philosophy major at Brown University in 1941 because he, like many other Americans, could sense that war was on the horizon.”

Perhaps, conquer Japan and settle their lands with Aryans? No? (Oh wait, it’s the Amricucks I’m dealing with, sorry).

> “Rockwell was called back to active duty during the Korean War. He was eventually promoted to full commander.”

Korea is not Japan, true. The Ameriturds got fucked in Korea, twice. Butthurt ever since. (Although I’m again forgetting I’m reading an American, those are not lands in his mind, but mere names.)

> “Softness in the face of Communist aggression abroad, cultural Marxism at home, feminism, and what was euphemistically termed ‘civil rights’ were features of post-War America.”

Indeed, the Christian used to fear the Communist once. China, Korea, Vietnam, the Iranian Islamist revolution of 1979 was Socialist in nature, too.

> “While stationed in San Diego during the Korean War, he became involved in the movement to draft Gen. Douglas MacArthur as the 1952 Republican presidential candidate.”

Ludendorff 1925 flashbacks.

> “And that was the end of Lincoln Rockwell, the ‘nice guy’ – the ‘dumb goy’ – and the beginning of an entirely different person.”

Any racist could merely have looked at the fate of the Philippines and of Japan to see the demise of the white boy in order. By the gods, why were they so idiotic?

> “On March 8, 1959, Rockwell received a package sent to him by James K. Warner, a young admirer. In it was a large, Third Reich-era Swastika banner. A tingling ran up Rockwell’s spine: He suddenly saw the way forward.”

The LARPer could indeed have tried something in the economic downturn of the 1970s, after the Yom Kippur War of 1973. Apparently, the demand simply wasn’t there after his 1967 assassination.

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