> “No purely political program can have any real value for us in the long run unless we get our souls back, unless we learn once again how to be true to our inner nature, unless we learn to heed the divine spark inside us and base all our decisions on a clear and comprehensive philosophy illuminated by that spark.”

> “Throughout my talk to the class, a blond girl and the only Negro in the class were sitting next to each other in the front row and kissing and fondling each other in an obviously planned effort to distract me.”

…This is why I’m at a loss for words when faced with the American Anglo creature. William Luther Pierce, ladies and gentlemen, in his own words, and in the 1970s.

Am I to blame for disregarding everything to the West of the Elbe? What a cuck Chechar is for not doing likewise!

> Chechar: “I wish all of this “Christian Identity” masturbation was true…”

Hahaha, how can a person even say that he wishes he were a Jew?!

2 thoughts on “God and white nationalism

    1. The issue is not exactly with White Americans. It is with the Russians and the Poles who gave away their Warsaw Treaty alliance in 1991. An argument can definitely be made that without America’s Christianity, the madness wouldn’t have been as great (either Germany would have won WW2, or the actually living USA would have won WW3). Still, even taken on its own, the USSR wasn’t exactly the paragon of Aryan eternity. It was a good shield – a shield that the Europeans threw away, either by the virtue of the American superiority in ideas, or due to their native Christian rot.

      Indeed, my idea is that trying to salvage anything in the epicentre of the outbreak is futile.

      (Although I am still speaking English and reading English… The language of the superpower that never was? I will not deny that English is good for the clarity of thought.)


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