> “See this exact moment in a performance with Siegfried Jerusalem, Eva Randova…”

The senile Chechar is watching Jews now. How the mighty have fallen. I can’t take seriously any non-Muslim with a Jewish name. Hitler married a Jewess, too.

> “[Penrose:] …(remember Stephen Hawking’s phrase: ‘black holes are not so black’), leaving only protons in an expanding universe, if time ceases to make sense—then space, in our Newtonian sense, will cease to make sense.”

Whiteboi brains are mush. Quod erat demonstrandum.

Unironically, I am too Asian ever to understand why the fate of the Universe has any bearing on Earth. Trillions of years are too long a time to matter.

> “This is why soulless computers, which cannot be indoctrinated by PC nuts, have chosen the white race as the most beautiful.”

Necrophiliacs. Although the news report is quite amusing, if filtering out the English fag language.

> “When a woke bitch says that beauty is subjective…”

This line right here proves that Chechar still thinks like an American. There is no use in listening to Americans. They are a decaying corpse.

Just like Hitler was the King of the Prussians, remaining in Berlin, so is Chechar the want-to-be President of the Amerimutts. Whereas what the Aryan race needs is a Schwerpunkt along the Pripet Marshes.

> “…those who fantasise about creating, say in a decade, artificial intelligence by mere computation will be in for a fiasco because consciousness is not algorithmic.”

Say those words again to my future AI waifu.

3 thoughts on “‘Time here becomes space’

  1. > Unironically, I am too Asian ever to understand why the fate of the Universe has any bearing on Earth. Trillions of years are too long a time to matter.

    So true. What is the point of pondering on infinity?

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    1. 1. Ukraine is a hyper-Christian tumour on the body of Russia. Ukraine is a swamp of Russian sin. Ukraine is a symbol of Russian madness.
      2. The men themselves are benign soldiers – yet they serve the interests of Anglo and the Jew.
      3. Defending Ukraine from the East is geographically impossible – especially with a half of the Ukrainian army trapped in the Donbass balcony. My own pet theory, however, is a Russian amphibious assault on Odessa.
      4. The entire idea of Ukrainian independence may also be viewed as Russia’s strategic retreat à la during Fall Blau in 1942. As water receding before the inevitable tsunami. Or as the final Turkish nail in the Russian coffin.

      P.S. That all said, I do not inherently view fratricidal war as anything “evil”. Fratricide is part and parcel of life – Prussia vs Austria, Algeria vs Morocco, Eritrea vs Tigray, indeed, England vs Germany. Yet bringing the Anglo demons from hell into a civil war is beyond the pale – the way Sviatopolk I the Accursed invited the Turks and the Poles to the 11th century Russia, or how Diarmait na nGall led the Anglo into the 12th century Ireland.


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