What of Juche Korea, then? Juche Korean women are allowed to enroll in their universities, and they are holding the front line just fine.

More to the home, however – I am a Galician Little Russian, and I know two women in their 20s who studied at a university and swiftly married (and I don’t know many people at all, I’m quite anti-social).

The latter point may have something to do with the local parochial culture, but that is precisely it – culture. America is the most unique society in the history of the planet so far, and taking lessons from America is a moot point for Communists, Muslims or other Asians… that is to say, for any real men, not the hyper-Christian cucks with their veins long cut open.

I’m sorry if I sound too harsh, but Prussia used to exist in Europe, back when the continent wasn’t conquered by the American hyper-Christians. My rule of thumb – if it looks white and American, it has to be left to die in peace.

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