A sublime blog entry! Still, a question arises – does Chechar himself not draw inspiration from the crucified rabbi’s myth when bewailing the fall of Germania? This pathological fixation on blaming outside forces, the locus of control moved without. In the case of Germany, it seems rational to me to discard the Anglo as a lost cause, and instead blame the Prussia-esque NSDAP for foolishly starting and losing the world war (and not accepting a separate peace with either England or the USSR in 1940, 1941 or 1943).

And yet another curious post.

> “…putting oneself at the mercy of a woman…”

Sounds kinky bedroom-wise, and sounds American politics-wise. Of course, Asians never have to hear females to begin with – such as on the Russian Jew Soloviev’s talk show which is replete with Armenians, Marxists, Armenian Marxists… and with no woman in sight (aside from a wild Maria Zakharova and that Armenian mutt).

The issue here is that it is hopeless to try to see any sense of ground in an American. They are all stupid! Period! They have no feeling of history or geography! They live in a lala land. Let them be. Turkey will sooner save the White race than the Amerimutt wakes up to its mutt senses.

Yes, I’m saying Turkey, because Turkey is a real country with real people. It is not an idea, it is matter. But the Amerimutt deals in theology. To the Amerimutt, Israel is the size of a continent, and Turkey doesn’t exist at all. America is the most foreign land to me. Christianity fits it like a glove.

It feels more natural to listen to a broad-faced Armenian bellow about Holy Sophia and the Pamir than to count the Jews on the head of a pin.

7 thoughts on “A response to Ives

  1. Finally, after many days, you’re reproducing Chechar’s articles again.
    Unfortunately Chechar’s soft brain was occupied by trolls for two weeks.
    That Arrian trolll really hates you, isn’t it?


    1. I read all Chechar’s thoughts – it’s just that they are rarely as good or curious or quotable as here.

      Regarding the trolls – Chechar’s obsession with usernames is typical boomer behaviour. You are debating ideas, not people. Mind you, I’m fond of the lack of usernames as on 4chan, but they are only useful to keep track of the discussion parties.

      To me, it is obvious that one debates to hone his knowledge of himself, to hone his knowledge of the opponent, to influence the audience, but never to influence the opponent (unless the addressee is an idiot or a genuine free spirit).

      Of course, in the past, when I debated Chechar (“killing all carnivores will disrupt the food chains” or “Solzhenitsyn was a shameless liar on the CIA payroll”), I couldn’t help trying to poke holes in his worldview – which serves whom exactly? Apparently, people are too dishonest to face reality.

      A Christian would call it idolatry. I for one avoid creating idols. I view the different geographic areas as having different percentages of cancer – America is >95%, Juche Korea <5%, the rest of Asia inbetween.

      Of course, one of the things about speaking the English language is that Anglophones have no concept of geography, thus to them, nothing exists beyond their island, be it England or America. The Anglophones are inherently "racist", in the most pathetic way imaginable – just like the Germans are hateful of Hitler, their greatest leader, or the Ukrainians disparaging of Stalin, their most wondrous benefactor. I have a suspicious feeling that Christians possess an inherent disgust of life and strength… quod erat demonstrandum!

      Don’t Russian Communists respect Ivan the Terrible, and Korean Communists admire the Kings Jumong and Sejong?


      1. I mentioned Chechar and that Arrian troll and you came up with a book mentioning 4chan, Solzhenitsyn, CIA, Hitler, Germans, American, Anglophones, Ukrainians, Stalin, Russia, Ivan the Terrible, and of course “Juche Korea.”
        You’re such a boomer. The internet requires brevity, concision, velocity, focus.

        Regarding 4chan, I visited only a couple of times but I got the impression that that platform is for kids.
        I have an account on Zero Hedge, that space is mostly for american boomers, they love Trump and hate Mr. Biden and China, they call him “Xiden.”
        After learning the extent of white americans’ stupidity. infantilism naivety, it’s hard to take them seriously so I’m just a troll, and I don’t post frequently.
        I was (or have been) banned 4-5 times in two years there. My current avatar is Dr. Astebán Chihuahua.
        Dr. Chihuahua is a Hispanic doctor. he’s racist and anti-Christian but also shill for the “elites,” Dr. Fauci, Bill Gates, vaccines, lockdowns, transhumanism, and drastic depopulation
        Have an account there and try to sell to those american boomers your “Juche Korea” ideas.


      2. > “I mentioned Chechar and that Arrian troll and you came up with a book…”

        Because I’m not necessarily talking to you, some schizo Latino mutt. I wish you were worth talking to, but I see no tragedy in things being otherwise. Precisely unlike the boomer Chechar so invested in his followers, and in his ideas.

        > “I have an account on Zero Hedge, that space is mostly for american boomers”

        …Ironically, this casts you in the most favourable light I have ever seen of you. (I almost want to eat my previous words.) Still, if you indeed recognise the stupidity of the Amerimutt, don’t you have some other cultures to fall back? The Latino culture? Doesn’t your ilk feature far more fire and ire? From what I personally know, the Socialists are quite war-like in the South. Or go the anti-Chechar route and glorify child sacrifices unironically.

        For example, I’m a Russian Asian, and I feel much more at home in their wilderness – no matter how schizo it is, it is still separated from the Anglo. Just yesterday, I saw this amazing Socialist blog, and in the comments Russians discuss the Turk infestation in Moscow, how they are getting humiliated by the swarthy apes in their own streets (with 800 upvotes). Nothing of the sort can be seen in the staunchest neo-Nazi gatherings in America. But in Russia, it is endemic. And Russia is still a cucked whiteboi nation compared to the real big dick Asians.



      3. At least you allow my comments, you have a vast enormous readership and curiously have allowed my comments.
        I have been banned or censored in 7-8 sites, Dailystormer, Occidental Dissent, Zero Hedge, Chechar, etc Generally I last 3-4 comments, or not even allowed the first one.
        The last was “Unz Review,” my first comment was not allowed. It seems a Jew owns that Far-Right Nordicist site, how ironic.
        It was an article about Rome (I have certain knowledge about ancient Rome) and with around 30 comments I decided to waste my time and read. Unsurprisingly it was Nordicist crap, I have huge tolerance to Nordic crap but sometimes it’s too much.
        The author was named “Raches” and writing a comment he remembered that some american writer stated that the last Romans, culturally and racially were Trajan and Tacitus, that was preposterous and easy to see why the American simpleton chose those two.
        I replied to “Raches” pointing out the ridiculousness of the assertion and informed him that Tacitus was not Roman, he was ethnically a Celt from Gallia Narbonensis, further I advised the imbecile to leave ancient Rome alone. My first and only comment was “moderated” and not allowed.
        The Master Race has very fragile egos.

        I am NOT Italian. I’m a Venetian for better or worst, curious that in South America the Veneti are called and we call ourselves “gringos” and I don’t know why. Some old Venetians still call Iberians “Nigri” meaning negroes.

        The only thing I know about Ukraine is that it has a rich soil, wich raises the question, why the country was so poor and irrelevant historically?
        The Veneti exploit every inch of the soil with the latest technologies wherever we are, even in a ruined continent like South America. We know how to work that’s for sure.
        In the last 3 thousand years we were in a bad situation only in the 5-6th century CE due to the barbarians, the 19th and first half of the 20th century.
        This century though can be catastrophic and the worst of all due to proliferation and immigration of biotrash.
        Even in South A. unbelievable that in the small Venetian city I have house we have Egyptians, Moroccans. etc. on the streets.
        There’s an economic boom and the trash somehow arrives.
        Funny is that the Egyptians were offering little copies of the “Quran” to the crude Venetians and learned that they accepted the gift only to burn it later.
        The culprits are the “Anglos” for all this lunacy, though Shitler and the autistic Germans are also to blame.


    2. You’re talking to me because nobody else bothers with you.
      And from where did you get the idea about “Latino mutt?” and “schizo” is projection, psycho.

      “Ironically, this casts you in the most favourable light I have ever seen of you.’ The last thing I have in mind is to be seen by in a “favourable light” by you.
      Both you and Chechar have the ridiculous delusions that your opinions matter, that you lunatics have found the “truth.” A old Mexican, and some deranged Ukrainian fool, your huts have no windows, no doors, and certainly no mirrors.

      “Still, if you indeed recognise the stupidity of the Amerimutt, don’t you have some other cultures to fall back? The Latino culture? Doesn’t your ilk feature far more fire and ire.”
      I live in South America since I was four, Argentina mostly, but also Southern Brazil and Uruguay, working with farming.
      My ethnicity is Veneti, 100%, with possibly a distant Lombard ancestor from Cremona.
      While I absolutely recognize the many problems that the Veneti have, like insatiable greed and pettiness, there’s absolutely no comparison with Mexican and Ukrainian history and culture. A brick from Verona or Venice have more value than your entire useless peoples.
      The childish barbarians that til yesterday couldn’t even read should get down on their knees and learn.
      The veneration towards “Anglos” and Germans is quite pathetic, utter barbarians venerating people that left barbarism less than a millennium ago, in the case of “Anglos” being ruled by Jews. (((British Empire))) being modeled in the crime syndicate that was the Venetian Republic.

      Pathetic dregs of mankind taking seriously internet random comments because that’s the only thing they have


      1. > “I live in South America since I was four […] My ethnicity is Veneti, 100%”

        So, you are benefiting the local Amerimutts with your hard work – isn’t that cucked? Why not return to your fatherland, to Italy?

        > “A brick from Verona or Venice have more value than your entire useless peoples.”

        Last time I checked, the Italians were dying out, being replaced with niggers. How does that reconcile with Venetian superiority?

        > “(((British Empire))) being modeled in the crime syndicate that was the Venetian Republic.”

        That’s actually what the conspirologist Andrei Fursov posits, too. He says the gold went from Venice through the Dutch to The City. Apparently, bypassing the Hispanics.

        > “utter barbarians venerating people that left barbarism less than a millennium ago”

        Yes, Marconi invented the radio, not Popov. Content? Bickering over the irrelevant seems to be important to historical losers. Reminds me of neo-Nazis’ calling warriors of Tawhid “sandniggers” while those are making their women happy.


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