Chechar in his prime! This prose is what years ago made me admire him at once. Balancing on the edge of semi-distinct cultures, just as do I. Still, there are a few points up for clarification that I would discuss with him, were he honest enough to permit.

> “It is no coincidence that, until very recently, the Aryans have dominated culture, science, technology, and the political world.”

Here, Chechar is defining superiority as real achievement in the realm of survival and advancement compared to other races? And yet, later he writes,

> “Any honest Italian can see that the mixed people of Sicily with the Turks [sic!] in the south belong to an inferior culture than the whiter Italians in the north of the peninsula.”

How does this cohere to the previous definition of supremacy? How is the cucked death of the northerners congruent with their inherent superiority? Do I need to explain what untimely demise means?

Ah, but I know Chechar’s response – culture! Ditto. The potential of the Aryan is stifled by the incorrect religion. Yet if we take a memetic approach, where does the racist determinism remain? (Yes, our aircraft has the wrong fuel in its tanks, but there is no mechanic.)

This is an issue with such absolutist worldviews. True, natural racism (which Chechar goes on rightfully to praise) does not deal in Christian absolutes, it lives in love for its own kind, sufficiently so. Instinctive racism feels no need to prove itself – unless before Nature herself, when seeking more efficient ways to kill foreigners, the way it is in Juche Korea.

Overall, it is curious to behold this amusing contradiction between Chechar’s stance against biological psychiatry – preferring to focus on the content of the mind as opposed to its hardware – and his vindication of biological determinism vis-à-vis cultural evolution. Mildly schizophrenic. My position is – why not both? The struggle and unity of memes and genes. Simple Marxist Taoism.


Nicola Abbagnano:
> “Racismo (English racialism [sic!]…”

Nicola Abbagnano:
> “The superior race is the Aryan, which from the North spread in antiquity through Egypt, India, Persia, Greece and Rome, and produced the ancient civilisations: civilisations that declined because the Aryans mingled with inferior races.” [The isolated Mongoloids not mentioned.]

Nicola Abbagnano:
> “…a Roman-Judaic [sic!] corruption of the teaching of the Aryan Jesus.”

> “Jews were over-represented not only among Lenin’s willing executioners…” [the Februarists destroyed Russia, not the Octobrists]

> “…the Holocaust of Germans perpetrated, after 1945, by the Allies…” [a cucked joke compared to Generalplan Ost]


Nicola Abbagnano:
> “…it is an extremely pernicious prejudice, because it contradicts and hinders the moral tendency of humanity towards universalist integration and because it turns human values, beginning with truth, into arbitrary facts that express the vital force of race and thus have no substance of their own and can be arbitrarily manipulated for the most violent or heinous ends.” [emphasis mine]

Sublimely stated! The Italian is right here, you know. The anti-rationalist stance, or, better said, pre-rational. For there is no reason without blood – conversely, reason is but a tool to kill foreigners.

P.S. This post has been written with the help of the following song.

P.P.S. On reflection, I must admit I’ve been jaded by all these intellectual debates. There are two groups of thinkers – powerless morons, and morons with power. What’s so bad about Marxism or Islam if they are as equally dishonest as any kitchen philosopher, but also wield strength in material reality? Better amuse oneself with Soloviev than ponder at the idiocy on LessWrong.

2 thoughts on “‘Philosophy’

  1. I was in Odessa and I can say I go to clubs which have a musical relevance and education in electronic music, and there and in all the club culture in Ukraine, so in general actually, in the women of this country, I saw a certain… dance, or a slut attitude that I haven’t seen in other countries. They are more often hot than not, and seem very promiscuous. But they dance in a way like sexual predators. Why are women more whoreish in Ukraine? Or at least, seem so. Also, the culture of these women from Ukraine posting on instagram is all of them sitting on kitchen tables with their pussy up and legs behind their shoulders etc. like they are some sex spider freaks. What is it about this culture? Even stupid gold diggers are of this kind, but also the “hipsters” “the models”, “the punks”.

    To show you and example:

    This is how women post themselves on social media in Ukraine. Does this happen in Poland and Russia too, is it a slavic thing? Or more so in Ukraine. Also I’d like to understand that current that all the youth has there of tattooing ugly, demonic-like shit all over their skin even on their foreheads, looking like bats and wearing matrix clothes. Is it because they are so Christian but want to be seen like some revolted satanic hipsters?

    Ukrainian “alt” something. They also wanna be Jewsa-style-communists and gays basically dressing up as some scary satanists, right? But why?


    1. Interesting. Do you consider the “mazzhyk” girl attractive? To me, she exemplifies the ugliness of what I assume to be the Pontid race. (I never learned to distinguish the facial structure’s features, here’s hope my term is correct.) And what of her lips? What is it with the West Asian whores that makes them puff their lips unnaturally?

      The cliché response would be that you are searching in the whorehouses. A more nuanced approach, however, would be Odessa, the Judaised and now Americanised part of Russia. And from my experience, I have heard of at least two girls in their 20s who married – which does befuddle me, but maybe that’s the Greek Catholic heritage in Galicia?

      That said, here are some Donbass ladies marching as best they can to celebrate the downfall of Germany in 1945. They all look like a variation on the Slavic type. And they’re the ones who stood their grounds instead of fleeing the American zombies.

      > “…tattooing ugly, demonic-like shit all over their skin even on their foreheads, looking like bats and wearing matrix clothes.”

      Incidentally, this is precisely what the traditional Orthodox nationalist Mikheev on Soloviev’s stream bemoans – to him, there is a choice between wherewolves and vampires, but no normal people remain.

      But no, I haven’t noticed it – if I take a stroll across the street, all I see is long-legged women with impressively-long hair of various [natural] colour. Who cross themselves when they pass by the church (of which there are plenty). Again, maybe that’s the parochial nature of this particular region. Merely from looking at the map, this must be the best it can get for the Whites – not in NATO, but also removed from the increasingly Turkish Russians. Although the racial type here is all over the place, and culturally, schizophrenia abounds.

      > “They also wanna be Jewsa-style-communists and gays…”

      1. All non-Donbass Ukrainians worship America (or their mind’s outdated image thereof).
      2. Ukrainians generally do not hold strong opinions on Jews (unless brainless pro-American neo-Nazis).
      3. Ukrainians exhibit an irrational phobia of Communism and the USSR – even though they will lament its downfall in indirect ways (they will admit the industry was good, but they will not recognise the role of the Party in the strength of the country).
      4. All Ukrainians are ambivalent/hostile towards gays (even the recent converts to liberalist hyper-Christianity will let out terrible Freudian slips).
      5. And no Ukrainian will ever connect Communism to homosexualism, I’m surprised you have. It’s a purely American meme. I used to troll on YouTube with “not a single Communist country has legalised gay” (although technically, the GDR was close, but then again, the Germs are kinky).

      On a side-note, remember this map?

      Also, it’s interesting how Google utterly censors everything on race. Meanwhile, the Russian language is permitted freely to discuss it.Уральская_раса

      And regarding East Slavic hoes, here is a number of exemplars – Karina, Olyashaa, Leya Gornaya (aka MyLittleRain). All three camthots, with cute frames and adorable mannerisms. The latter two even feature almost a Mongoloid-esque youthfulness. Their behaviour is slutty, of course, yet in a whimsical manner – for one, I once saw Leya Gornaya’s sculpting a cactus on stream in the visage of a phallus, and another time tying her lesbian friend with ropes. Their birthplaces – Belgorod, Moscow, Kiev respectively.

      P.S. Quite a decent write-up above (a Russian would say “occurred” or “managed”). Do you happen to know any places conducive to such discussions? And regarding the original entry – its name is Philosophy, oddly fitting.


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