Accept the human condition, bucko!

> “It doesn’t matter how convoluted their talk, how straight their faces while they preach their ideas, or under how many pages of supposedly profound wisdom the Christians try to bury this horrific picture.”

Only an Anglo can be so self-agrandisingly myopic. The issue here is that John Martínez fails to appreciate the opposition and unity of genetics and memetics. Mocking religion is as idiotic as mocking the pheromones with which ants communicate. Yes, they are a bad tool for conducting an intelligent debate. No, debating is not what drives history forward – history is made by killing and fucking. The two matters religious folks excel at.

In effect, “madness” does not exist. What exists is human behaviours – some are conducive to survival, others adverse. These behaviours use memes to entrench themselves in the population – and said memes do not apparently adhere to your concepts of sanity. So be it! Only success matters.

I admit, he later praises the Mongoloid race’s cultures – superficially. Because he, in a typical Christian fashion, denies reality and… admires Confucianism and Shintoism! When they both failed, and instead Maoist Communism and Juche Socialism ought to be venerated! The hubris of the Anglo indeed knows no bounds!

(What an utter moron, seriously, like look at the map, retard, LOL!)

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