1. One of the clearest examples of Savitri’s ideology – here, on the question of technology.

> “…the mechanisation of life would gradually cease and in which the traditional spirit, in the esoteric sense of the word, would take root more and more.”

2. Something may be said of learning from Occidental losers (as opposed to Oriental waiting), but here, I do agree with the idea of simplification – this is exactly the opposition I encountered when drawing my maps. Simplification _is_ racism!

> “He advised them to ‘simplify the problems’ as he himself simplified them; to ‘make light of everything that is complicated and doctrinaire’.”

> “And he kept saying that ‘technicians never have an instinct’, entangled as they are in their theories ‘like spiders in their webs’ and ‘incapable of weaving anything else’.”

3. And regarding Paulus – isn’t it ironic that the Bewegungskrieg of the Prussians proved the bane of Germany and of the NSDAP, yet in this case, it was precisely what was lacking?

Indy Neidell @ YouTube (165 – Showdown at El Alamein – WW2 – October 23, 1942)

© Michael Jones, “Stalingrad, how the Red Army Triumphed”

> Had Paulus thrown in the new division into the battle raging for the Tractor Factory there is a high probability that victory would’ve been his in October 1942. Chuikov had known it. But the German commander’s cautious and methodical approach dictated that reserves should be held back and that these fresh troops should then be used to consolidate the position after the Tractor Factory and Barrikady had been reduced. Such a systematic way of thinking has its strengths. Here, it resulted in delay until the moment of truth had already passed.

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