Ten years have I spent in the fabric of the English cyberspace. And in these ten years, have I constantly felt the solitude of multiculturalism. Partially it stems from my personal peculiarities, my disagreeable and critical character. Yet in large part, this has been the experience of peering through a cultural iron curtain, from a foreign civilisation.

The world of the Anglo is a rootless one. The Anglo is dumb, fat and stupid. He has no erudition, no respect for the state; anarchic squalour is his place. The English-speaker has never looked at the map; countries and continents don’t exist in his braindead Christian mind. The Westerner knows no concept of history or geography, can pronounce no foreign names, the very language is anti-European.

The American denies sovereignty to every nation in Asia, but also to himself. Just like he does not respect or care about his own state, so does he view the foreign land as the domain of the American morality and law. In truth, the Christian never recognises the very existence of varied competing peoples. He only knows America – yet this USA is not a country either, but a world onto itself, a universalist, mindless, barren place beyond time, without borders, without a past, a fake secondary creation.

The Occidental troon of to-day views the whole history as a brain-rotting morality play. He has heard of Hitler, but has no idea what the man was in space and time. Hitler to him is a word to salivate at – Hitler is “evil” to the liberal, Hitler is “good” to the neo-Nazi, but their understanding does not go beyond this childish value judgement. This is what I have had in mind for a long time – a Russian’s attitude is utterly different, for his nation exists, and used to deal with fascism in real battles over real land. The Anglo lives in the Bible.

Or take another example – Byzantium. I am not denying that Americans have perfected their sciences; Western academics will tell you every minute detail about the functioning of the ancient empire, about the battles of the Iconoclasts. What of the knowledgeable normies, however? To the Galilean, Byzantium will be “a Christian stand against Islam”, to the racist neo-Nazi, “a melting-pot mutt land”. But their views will not go beyond a detached, surface-level jumble of facts.

Meanwhile, every Russian knows from the venerated school lessons that their religion and alphabet came from the Greeks; that their princes of old used to take the fight up to Constantinople beyond the sea; that their emperors would later go on to free the Greek people from the Turkish yoke, first in the romantic Corfu expedition of 1799, then in the many Turkish wars over the century; that in the recent times, the Greek patriarch on the CIA-Turkish payroll has severed the Ukraine from the Russian patriarchy. To the Russian, history is a lived experience grounded in reality, not a theoretical exercise.

Coincidentally, modern Americans have such a precise Negro-detector that they have taken a liking to calling Byzantium, historically known as the Greek Empire… as Rome! Isn’t their racial sense of smell incredible? And yet the alt-lightheads will take the Greeks as Aryan – when even the tranny kids know they’re swarthy, and thus take to worship them, by using their amusing endonym, Romaioi.

Or consider this hilarious Twitter blog entry by a gay. It tries to critique America (from a gay position) – yet it lacks any semblance of sentience! The creatura is talking about “war” – even though the planet has been living through the longest peace since the beginning of time, founded upon a nuclear parity of Powers.

This is why I feel much more at home among the insane Marxist reasonings. The Amerimutt lacks any systemic thinking whatever – the Marxist at least has built a concise, coherent, consistent worldview. The Marxist will talk about the dangers of “American imperialism towards the capitalist periphery” – yes, even a Russian Marxist! That said, I am not denying that the Russian does not know true hatred – the Russian is still part of the Aryan race, thus a sick, dying creature. But his words are livelier!

I cannot read Arabic (hello, MemriTV), but it is obvious that in the 1990s the Muslim world had Saddam Hussein, in the 2000s – Usama bin Laden, in the 2010s – Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi. Every decade keeps on giving great men, believing their adorably schizo religions, yet all firmly grounded in the reality of strife and hatred of things American.

This is why I do not take any Anglophones seriously. All English-speakers are cucks! The racist neo-Nazis are no better – they live in a morality parable likewise, with evil Jews and aethereal Germans. This is what I have always said – even though brother wars must stop when faced with a living foreigner (unlike the year 1914), fratricide itself is part and parcel of survival. The Saxons sold their angelic kin to Roman slavery until the 11th ct. The Hindus and the Moslems are tearing India apart. The Eritreans are murdering their Tigrayan brothers in the name of geopolitical expediency.

Had Americans existed as a nation – or had the neo-Nazis been critiquing this fault of the cosmopolitan American society – they would not have looked upon Hitler as anything other than an arbitrary foreigner, instead taking pride in their own polity and their own history, their leaders, their songs, their language, their empire. But the Anglo is an eternal cuck, the crown of whiteboi evolution! Forever will he latch onto universalist stage-plays full of the ephemeral “Truth”, of the faggy Logos – forever, until his eventual biological extinction. Do you honestly believe Adolf Hitler als Führer Amerikas would not have sought a Lebensraum in the East, via a genocide of the Germans?

4 thoughts on “All Anglophones are cucks

    1. From the chronicles of the Anglo.

      1. A living proof of how Anglos talk. Yes, this is a humorous question, but more of an example of how normie Anglos speak in reality:
      > “Much less evil regimes were toppled”;
      > “these guys were bad enough for Al-Qaeda to condemn them”.

      2. I have checked out Kyle Hunt from our Soljenitsin-lover’s quotation about Tom Goodrich.

      And what do I see? A woman in the podcast… Or a tranny, you never know with the Anglos. Yes, a fucking femoid.
      bitchute com/video/8uqRj2JoEyv1/

      My response:

      > I have come here from Chechar’s website – Tom Goodrich mentioned Kyle Hunt in his interview. And what do I see? A tranny/woman in the podcast with Kyle?.. No wonder the whiteboi Anglo race is heading for extinction, what an utter joke.

      > You apparently lack any semblance of racial feeling. Even a Russian cockoo schizo man will not invite a femoid to speak. But I guess, all Anglos are indeed gays.

      If you want to see a real mad man, watch Kurginian, he’s leader of a Russian cult called the Essence of Time and talks gibberish. I can’t help it, I get inspired when I witness old bald men fuck. He actually went to the Donbass, owns a compound with slaves in the woods, is featured on Russian state TV. Fights against witches, no metaphor.



  1. My original comment to Chechar (the deleted parts in square brackets).
    © Adûnâi

    > No, I have not posted anything other than those two times with this account a few weeks ago [(about Savitri’s website’s ownership, and about a typo in your German translation)]. Why would I, if you threaten to doxx me [& are dishonest anyway (accepting Soljenitsin’s claim of 60 mil. dead Russians)]?

    © Arrian

    > […]but Adunai is a real sick psycho who glorifies those North Korean soulless humanoids and enjoys the torture of animals. The best outcome would be to him to realize that there’s only one way out of his misery and do the right thing.

    My reply would be,

    Incidentally, it is another peculiar Anglo trait. The Anglo never cares about success. The Anglo is all about hysteria, about feelings. The Anglo unironically considers Juche Koreans losers even though they don’t have niggers raping their women. Stems from Christianity, obviously, for the Jew Jesus promises the traitorous cucks a heavenly reward. Such hubris, such chutzpah when faced with their own failure!

    © Chechar (C .T.)

    > First, the troll spoke about a purportedly profound and good message in one of the Fight Club dialogues, claiming that such a message might even be ‘exterminationist’ in the sense of the Mauricio’s scale!

    Obviously, that’s not me, for I am not trying to find wisdom in American fiction (with the notable exception of the British Catholic J.R.R. Tolkien). Unlike Chechar, ironically, who’s paraphrasing the fat Italian G.R.R. Martin. And my exterminationism is based on racist reality, not on sensibilities. I for one do not consider animal welfare or child care of any import whatever. Neither do I view man-centredness as contrary to racism. The religions of Asia are Islam and Communism, both humanist philosophies.

    I swear, Asians are far more flexible in their worldview. It is exactly the Eurogay who is dogmatic. The Meiji Restoration, the Kim Il Sung Liberation, the Mao Zedong’s Cultural Revolution – they are all examples of Mongoloid adaptability in adverse circumstances.

    Meanwhile, all the Germs could invent was to lose a second World War, the Russians – lose a second empire, the Americans – suck another Negro cock. How many chances do you need? Sic transit.


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