The cross section of the Aryan death. The completeness of my philosophy. This song I have encountered encapsulates it all – composed by the future chance founder of the National Bolshevist Party of Russia Yegor Letov in 1988, it conveys the mortal desperation of the final twilight of Bolshevik Russia. When the last dignity was lost, borders broken, patriarchs besmirched, women defiled, state insignia dropped to the mad hounds. All in preparation for the closing act of the racial self-murder.

The border’s key’s been broken in half
Our Father Lenin is wholly dead
Decayed to mold and linden honey
And the Perestroika is ever going on and on according to plan
And all the dirt has turned to bare ice
And everything is going according to plan
Everything is going according to plan

And my destiny wished to have some rest
I promised her not to join the war game
But my cap bears the hammer and sickle and the star
How touching it is – the hammer, sickle and the star
The lost lantern of expectation is flailing
And everything is going according to plan
Everything is going according to plan

And the crowd was fed with my wife
The world fist has torn her flesh
Popular freedom has stomped her breast
So bury her in Christ –
for everything is going according to plan
Everything is going according to plan

Now, Father Lenin was one good leader
And the rest remaining – such utter shit
And the rest – the enemies and such bastards
Our native homeland was covered in mad snow

I bought Korea magazine – they have it good, too
They have Comrade Kim Il Sung, they have it the same
I’m sure they have it all the same
And everything is going according to plan
Everything is going according to plan

And under Communism all will be fucking good
It will come soon enough, we just need to wait
Everything will be free, there all will be high
There probably will be no need to die
I woke up at midnight and saw that
everything is going according to plan
everything is going according to plan
everything is going according to plan

© Adûnâi

The key to our borders has been broken in two
And Our Father Lenin has withered away —
He’s decayed into mold and wild honey.
And the Perestroika is still going and going according to plan.
And the mud has turned into bare ice, and everything is going according to plan.

And my destiny wants some rest.
I’ve promised it not to join the game of war.
But on my army cap, there is a hammer and a sickle and a star
How touching — a hammer, a sickle and a star.
The wild lantern of anticipation is flailing
And everything is going according to plan.

And they fed my wife to the crowds.
With the fist of the world they pounded in her chest.
With worldwide liberty they tore her flesh.
So bury her in Christ – and everything shall go according to plan.

Only our grandfather Lenin was a good leader
All the other ones are such shit.
All the others are enemies and such fucking assholes.
Over the homeland, the land of our fathers, an insane snow was falling.
I bought a “Korea” magazine — they have it good too.

They have Comrade Kim Il-sung, they have the same as we do.
I am sure that they have the same thing and everything is going according to plan.

Well, when we get communism it’ll all be fucking great.
It will come soon, we just have to wait.
Everything will be free there, everything will be an upper.
We’ll probably not even have to die.
I woke up in the middle of the night and realized that everything is going according to the plan.

© Nimbie

10 thoughts on “The death rattle of the Bolshevik star

    1. It is sub-optimal, but it is better than hyper-Christian liberalism. Lenin played the role of the protector of Russia, and thus a Russian anti-Leninist sentiment is bigger cuckoldry than a veneration thereof. It is similar to how the Crusades and non-replacement colonialism might have been silly ventures, yet still better than suicidal pacifism. A matter of gradation.

      The Soviet Union was the second Russian Empire, and thus being anti-Soviet translated into being pro-weakness and Russophobic. The vector for the race points downward, so defending anarchic forms seems sensible during the wait for the death of Christian America.

      Yes, America is the centerpiece. Without the Anglo, there would have been no losers in 1945. But the insanity in the religion of the Occident is sufficiently potent these days to cause a super-quick degeneration.


    1. Quite cute. Is your point the promotion of cripple procreation? Because in Communist societies such as the DPRK, cripples are usually associated with military honours (and taking into account their preventative medicine, genetic cripples must not survive often).

      Still, for the sake of the argument, even if we take the idea of cripple procreation, it is not all bad – because the genetic damage is compensated by a memetic improvement in the cultural war against thots. Incidentally, this also channels the strife for female empowerment into the feminine care for men in need – all sufficiently wholesome. A stone’s throw away from state-mandated GFs.

      Of course, the propaganda snippet ends with a shot of the Sun, our eternal Red Star.

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  1. A new scandal in clown world. See Peng Shuai. If the Chinese had balls, they would have executed her publicly. There is no future for your race when a woman can talk back to a man.


    1. > “See Peng Shuai.”

      I swear, this seems reminiscent of the Belarusian Kurd magic. The Eurasian asymmetric warfare tactics are getting out of hand.

      That said, I fail to see your pessimism. The Chinese have censored the whore no problem. I do consider this a dangerous game, but provided they don’t outright lose to a stupid libtard revolution, they’ll be fine. America is on its last legs, the whole strategy is to let it die quietly.


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