1. When I read tales like this, I see them for what they are – (masculine gamer power fantasy where skill mattered) the romantic anarchy of the Middle Ages with boys being chads. This is the times when Ukrainians took Dunkirk where Hitler would later falter. The time when Michael VIII Palaiologos was tricking the Sicilian Vikings and the Egyptian Mongols. The time when Piotr Konaszewicz-Sahajdaczny may or may not have burned Caffa to the ground (what happens in the Black Sea, stays in the Black Sea).

2. Mauricio is correct in his employment of the Great Infallible Incel Theory, however. I’ll add that putting femoids on a pedestal, while a cute strategy in moderation, reeks of the conflation of femdom and feminism on the other side of the autistic spectrum. David bLane lost, as did all the other whitebois.

3. Now that I postponed the writing of this reblog, it has finally struck me that Chechar here is literally worshipping the BNWO, as the Romanian Count Alucard was a non-White protagonist cucking the Eurogays yet again. The Romanians are Turks, in fact, look at any map of the period.

P.S. An obligatory mention of Rosenrot by Rammstein (ft. Catalina Lavric & priests), with the video set in the Siebenbürgen.

P.P.S. A customary inclusion of the tale of the German priest, Korad von Marburg, vis-à-vis his maso[chist] sub[missive] S[ain]t. Elizabeth of Hungary.

Apologies for citing Paediwikia; as one can see, the feminists have utterly neglected the male pages. (Barely found this name, I was thinking it either to be Meister Eckhart or Heinrich Kramer, but no, ’tis a tale from the 13th ct., coincidental with the first mention of the Romanians.)


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