The first two paragraphs by Savitri are sublime! An epitaph on the Aryan’s tomb definitely. I wonder what comes next if part 43 is already so perfect.

César’s trust of random commenters is suspect, however. Far from expecting Germany to lead the rebirth, I wouldn’t lose sight of the subdued heat in the German heart either – especially to the east of the Elbe, where Marxism used to safeguard the last remnants of Aryandom. For Germans are still European, like the Slav savages, unlike the French uglos.

> “…the natural equilibrium between man and his environment was to be ensured not by any limitation of births (or pregnancies), but by the abolition of any intervention tending to encourage the survival of the weak or the ill-constituted by the quasi-permanent state of war on the ever-expanding frontiers of the Great Aryan Reich…”

A Russian National Socialist must celebrate the Victory of the 9th of May more fervently for it was precisely the Christian substrate that conferred upon the Warsaw Pact its death wish.

It pains me to no end, the realisation that every effort of the European thinkers and terrorists proved in vain. Why, oh why did the Russian civilisation disintegrate without a shot fired? To hell with the freedom-cattle. It is Germany and Russia which misjudged and misstepped. Now madness and cuckoldry reign.

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