> “…a halt in the downward march that the course of our Cycle represents, especially in the Dark Age…”

It is curious that César Tort never mentions how this explicit part of Savitri’s ideology clashes with his – for Savitri does not believe in psychoclasses, in the progress of gentleness over the centuries.

> “The world of the Indus Valley still had, even in its decline, something else to give to its successors than recipes for production. It is said that they learned at least some forms of Yoga.”

Is it so pitiful, however? Isn’t the magic of technology more illustrious than the arcane sorcery of impotent cults? Aren’t the chthonic fires the very essence of Nature? How can the barren labyrinth of the mind ever compare to the flesh-and-blood, metal-and-stone, achievement?

> “…the Luciferian dream of the indefinite prolongation of corporeal life…”

This is my response. Anything not rooted in a yea to life, in amor fati, turns into suicidal idealism, into anti-natalism without a future. Only two vectors exist – one towards death, the other to the ever-increasing exercise of power. Nothing beyond.

This is why I do not shy away from Marxism, as I designate it worship of the Machine. Must Man not return to the primordial primum movens of our Solar Union, to harness to power of the Red Star?

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