> “…the ‘preventive’ hygienic measures of today and yesterday, which have so lamentably contributed to the overpopulation of the continent, and soon of the planet…”

Here, Savitri sounds cucked. The planet is not overpopulated, certainly not by humans. Yes, I will celebrate my vaunted Kardashev 1 just as I do not disparage the building of stone houses and the writing of books. Neither will I connect the suicidal mercy of the West to its technology. The machine is a tool; love comes from Christ.

> “And Descartes himself, with his frenzied anthropocentrism—his famous theory of ‘machine animals’—as well as his eagerness to examine everything, to dissect everything, to want to know everything by the sole means of ‘reason’, and Francis Bacon, for whom science is above all the means that ensures the ‘triumph of man’ over Nature and so many others who, between the 1500s and 1750s, thought and felt the same…”

Here, Savitri is besmirching the men who gave the Aryan the power of the star, lordship over the planet, the men who should be worshipped for their service to the Aryan man.

In my childhood, I thought to myself that dogs are worse than a street mugger, for at least a mugger is my kin and utilises reason (in theory), whereas a dog is a dumb automaton by definition, lower than a drunkard. Self-evident. Man possesses potential, a dog does not.

> “…the decline of Christianity at the dawn of the Modern Age.”

There were only two alternatives to Christianity – racial Fascism and economist Marxism. Both emerged in the 20th ct. CE. There was no “decline” in Christianity whatever in the 18th ct., there was a critique of the Church for being not Christian enough – just as modern hysterical Americans shriek at their pathetic men for not being cucked enough.

The only theoretical opposition to Christianity came from racial science, which in turn only emerged in the middle of the 19th ct. as a weak voice of meek discourse. This was the sole potential competitor to Judaism in the realm of ideas. Talking about a failure of Christianity before ca. 2050 is a folly (when the last Aryan carrier of the virus dies). The first and last application of racism occurred during the Twelve Years in the genocidal Germany.

Theoretical Marxism sided with the Christians at first, but their incarnated introductions proved out to be reasonably blood & soil whenever tried in practice – this is why liberal hyper-Christians howl in terror at the sight of Lenin, Stalin and the USSR.

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