The triune fate of Western Eurasia has given the Aryan ample chance to seek his destiny. Time and time, he refused. It was not in the Hitlerian Germany that he would find his future – for his rashness, he got cut down with swords. It was not in the Marxist Russia of Stalin and Andropov that he would realise his dry economist dreams – for he sold out his motherland in the culture war with the Western Orc. But it is in the conclusion of Christianity in America where the European race will find its death. Defeated by its own hand, fallen to madness.

Cockroaches are noble animals. They have prevailed for countless aeons. But I love Man above the roach.

I intend to live longer than the roaches themselves. Juche Korea is eternal. Man’s potential is infinite. The words of Kim Il Sung-taewonsu will resound when the Sun has darkened, when the planet is disassembled into atoms.

This could have been the Aryan’s future. Instead, Earth will be inherited by the Mongoloid race. I dearly hope they will prove to be as merciless as when they boil their famed screaming and howling dogs alive, when they munch the struggling mutilated squids, bringing them immense pain for simple enjoyment. Amor fati! Kim Il Sung manse! Manse!

(Great President Comrade Kim Il Sung Will Live Forever in the Hearts of Our People, Our Nation, and All Humankind

Truth be told, I myself was never aroused by wanton cruelty. I will confess that I never payed any heed to the depictions of cruelty in video or in text. But this mukbang case is perfection! This is such a confluence of history! For I recognise in this the face of the future! Cosmic beauty and cosmic cruelty!

Aber das ist die Realität des Universums. Das ist der Triumph der Zukunft.

This is why China and Korea are set to inherit the world. Be hard! (And read de Sade.)


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