Behold, the man of the myth and legend, a perfect Nature’s masterpiece – his majesty CUCK in all his Christian glory! Not a single word omitted or embellished. For indeed this is what the laws of physics, the only laws, permit. – Permit for the time being, that is. Unsustainable it is. You might ask, but the roaches? I will say, Man is higher than the roaches.

Now, this mistake of Nature, this ephemeral creature of Western Eurasia which will soon cease to exist, points out to the essence of the Aryan failure, to the depths of Christian madness, to the pinnacle of Jewish triumph. He resembles a Man not, he is closer to the invertebrates crawling in the mud. Pure pacifism, a hatred of all high, a love for all low. He sees truth in death, and lie in life. He blemishes the best, and praises the worst. He will create his own Universe – let them go! The sooner they leave this planet, the merrier. They are already dead.

Now I will quote yours truly from the much more civilised comment exchange.

I. So, you are one of those who blame American for being too harsh? When all America has done in its history has been for the benefit of multiplying brown children? Delusional.

II. How is it a bait when I am stating obvious historical fact? Any Asian power would have built towers of skulls all over the world – with that immense material power. But all America has done has led to an increase in the population of the Philippines, Japan, Iraq and Afghanistan – the territories under their occupation and at their mercy.

III. > “Is it any wonder why Europe has perpetually lost colonies and has always been fragile in asserting itself without new conflicts erupting!?”
《Throughout the meeting, Hitler remained in a foul mood. After lunch, Halifax brought up his experiences as viceroy of India, where he had urged a policy of conciliation. Hitler, who had just related how Lives of a Bengal Lancer was his favorite film, and compulsory viewing for the SS to show “how a superior race must behave,” rudely interrupted him.
“Shoot Gandhi!”
A startled Halifax fell silent, as Hitler went into a rant:
“Shoot Gandhi! And if that does not suffice to reduce them to submission, shoot a dozen leading members of Congress; and if that does not suffice, shoot 200 and so on until order is established.”》
© Pat Buchanan – The Unnecessary War (sources: Roberts, Smith)
> “It seems you are very much for the Anglo-American Imperial Model, when at least the German system has been a lot more fair when it had established offshore colonialism.”
The population of Poland was reduced by 11 million, the USSR – by 27 million.
The population of the Philippines, India, Iraq, Japan and Afghanistan only grew by tens of millions each. No, I do not support this real Anglo mercy, nor your imagined German cuckoldry. The Germans were warriors, and died, sword in hand.

IV. Why do you feel the need to justify genocide by invoking reciprocity? Every single Asian considers all infidels his enemy by default. Why should foreigners expect mercy from the triumphant Germans?Hitler didn’t care about the Volksdeutschen. He left South Tyroleans to Mussolini for the sake of political expediency.

V. How in the white world can you equate the destruction of Afghanistan with the refugees in Europe? Don’t you understand that the policy of closed borders has nothing to do with the destruction of foreign countries? This boggles my dear mind. I know that civic right-wingers say such stuff, but good lord, it is a stupid idea. Close the borders = no refugees, war, no war, or flying elephants. Did Japan’s war in China create a stream of Chinese men into the archipelago that would rape Japanese women? Did Germany’s war in Poland invite Polish men to rape Saxon women? No and no. Establishing a connection between such facts is so outlandish, it is a testament to [cumskin stupidity].

VI. First, America could have genocided the entire continent of Asia, from Russia to Laos, making it free for White colonisation in the coming centuries. America has done nothing of the sort, actively working to cure the diseases of the Asians and bring the Asians food so that Asians procreate prolifically. Now, America is bringing Asians inside their own borders, all the Levantines, the Hindus, the Pinoy, to rape their own White women. Nothing of this constitutes war. This is pure collective suicide on the part of the American Empire, pure and simple. Not a single non-Christian, Asian country would have lost such a historical chance, in such a defensible position. Second, that all said, the Pax Americana based on the threat of the use of a mere permille of America’s awesome power is the only, albeit shaky, foundation of the ephemeral Western prosperity. I have no idea why you of all people would celebrate that. When America’s rotting corpse stench finally clears, history will return, “thunderous and bellicose” (© Guillaume Faye).

VII. [I despise] when folks on the right talk about topics such as the voting preferences of women – for it is akin to analysing the stench of a corpse. Blaming women is as pointless as blaming the Jews. The European man had all the power in the world in 1914. This is the direction he chose. The path of self-mutilation.

P.S. This post has been written on 2021-10-19.

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